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Tear Jerker / Maleficent

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  • Maleficent waking up to discover the loss of her wings. Her confusion and disorientation turns to disbelief, then horror, culminating in a truly heart-rending Howl of Sorrow.
    • Especially since Word of God says it's supposed to be a metaphor for her being raped.
  • When Maleficent tries to revoke Aurora's curse without success. She shouts with increasing desperation as the magics clash, and in the end there's just this sinister green light left. As much as she'd like to pull a heel face turn, there're just some things Maleficent can't take back.
    • When she fails to revoke it, we hear some voices repeating what she said when she cast it; it's almost as if the curse was taunting her.
  • Mixed with heartwarming, but Maleficent's apology to Aurora after the "true love's kiss" failed, leaving her sleeping, is bound to tug at the heart strings.
  • The scene where Aurora thinks Maleficent is her "Fairy Godmother", but realizes that she cursed her, which causes her to run away from Maleficent. She also starts to cry a little when she asks her if her "Fairy Godmother" was Maleficent.
    • Even worse, Maleficent tries to comfort Aurora by taking a step closer to her, only for the latter to jerk back and say "No! Don't touch me!"
      Aurora: "You're the evil that's in the world. It's you!"
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    • As pointed out in the character sheet, Maleficent Hates Being Touched, particularly after Stefan cut her wings off. When Aurora finds out who Maleficent really is, one of her first reactions is to jerk back and tell Maleficent not to touch her. Maleficent basically did to Aurora the very thing Stefan did to her: she broke the heart of a girl who trusted her and loved her.
    • It's even worse when one thinks about how Aurora feels throughout all this: Only about a day ago, she was oblivious of her curse, and was perfectly happy at the thought of moving into the Moors with Maleficent and Diaval. In the span of probably an hour, she learns her entire life is essentially a lie: Not only did her aunts hide the truth about her life and her parents, but the woman she saw as like a mother is the reason she was cursed in the first place. It's not hard to sympathize with her when she essentially has an emotional breakdown.
  • After finding out the truth about her birth, Aurora gets on a horse and rides off to the castle to meet Stefan. However, upon reuniting with her father, Stefan immediately orders her locked away, because she came home a day early (she was supposed to come the day after the curse took effect, as a precaution). Aurora ran away from the people she loved but discovered were lying to her, and when she meets her father, she happily greets him, clearly hoping that things will be a lot happier for her in the castle. But instead, Stefan shows her no emotion; years of planning to kill Maleficent and his obsession over the fairy have eradicated any affection he could have had for his own daughter. Notably, the day she arrives, he's more concerned with Maleficent coming for him, to the point that Aurora is just an afterthought.
    • The Curse of Maleficent, one of the film's novelizations, also adds one more detail: While being taken to her room, Aurora asks the guards where her mother is. The guards then inform her that Leila died not too long ago. Aurora takes it as well as one would expect.
  • The look of desperation on Maleficent's face as she and Diaval rush to the castle to rescue Aurora is sure to ring bells with any mother at risk of losing their child, but what really strikes home is the Thousand-Yard Stare she sports after she senses her magic taking effect.
    Maleficent: (quietly) It's done...
    • Related to the above, the scene where Diaval tries to cheer her up about the curse's fatality by reminding her of the Curse Escape Clause she put in.
    Diaval: True Love's Kiss, remember? It can break the spell!
    Maleficent: [laughing sardonically] True love's kiss? Have you not worked it out yet? I cursed her that way because there is no such thing.
  • It can be heartbreaking to see baby Aurora just crying out of hunger as her three guardians more or less sleep soundly, especially since she takes to drinking the nectar from the flower that Diaval brings her without any hesitation whatsoever: it brings to mind parental neglect, adding another layer to the Adult Fear themes already present in the film.


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