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  • Let's face it, a lot of the shit they do is pretty damn funny.
  • "Do you like sex?" "HELL NAW!!!"
  • Parodying the famous Maxell comercial with Ryan Dunn in Jackass 3D. Only instead of a wind machine they place him in front of a jet engine. The drink disappears within seconds but Dunn grabs after it several seconds later only to make a "damn" gesture.
    Ryan: That felt like someone was blowing a fireball right in my face.
    Johnny: That looked like you were just getting the hell beat out of you!
    Ryan: You can't fucking breathe!
    • And then they start screwing around with it further by throwing things into the wake of the engine; e.g. bags of flour that evaporate, footballs flying at nigh-uncatchable speeds...
  • "Roller Disco Truck", partly for Preston's sadistic glee at driving the truck round the parking lot, but mostly for the cast's sincere attempts to pull some disco-tastic moves while standing on roller skates in an erratically driven truck.
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  • From the first movie: "The Burglars". Not so much the concept (two of the guys fall through an office ceiling dressed as burglars), but for that one black guy who jumps from his chair and runs out of the building before they even get up.
    "Guys in masks? I'm out!"
  • "The Switcheroo": While April Margera is asleep, Bam has his father leave her side and replace him with a bearded Preston Lacy (like Phil, he's only clad in his underwear). Preston then smothers April in the most obnoxious ways (slinging his whole leg over her, taking up most of the bed) until she wakes up and starts to scold "Phil"...and in the dark senses that something is amiss. She suitably freaks out when she realizes it's not her husband... but then finds it pretty funny afterwards herself.
    April: He felt....shorter!
    • The DVD cast commentary during that scene is pretty funny as well, while they're watching Ape trying to fend off "Phil's" advances:
    Dave: What if it'd gone the other way and she was like, "Oh, yeah, Phil, let's DO IT!"
    Preston: Well, I think we all know Ape would've got fucked that night!
  • "Hi, I'm Brad Pitt and I'm going to be abducted." And in front of a stunned public crowd, Brad Pitt is ganged up on and thrown into a van.
  • "Department Store Boxing" from the first movie, which is both Exactly What It Says on the Tin and Refuge in Audacity as it pits Knoxville against... Butterbean. The "fight" goes about as well as you expect, with Johnny moaning at one point "This is the last time I let you kick my ass, man." and Butterbean taking pity on him by giving Knoxville a free shot.
    Butterbean: Come on, at least hit me once. (taps his cheek) Right here.
    (Johnny socks him to no effect)
    Butterbean: There you go! (knocks Johnny out cold)
    • The kicker? After smelling salts are used to wake Knoxville up post-beating, his first words are a woozy "Is Butterbean okay?"
  • It's impossible not to laugh at "High Five!" from the third movie. But the really funny shot is the side view of Bam being knocked backwards like a bowling pin.
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  • The "Bicentennial BMXing" and horse milking scenes in the second movie, which are somehow made ten times funnier by the background music.
  • The visit to Mianus, CT, and the Hurricane of Puns that ensues.
    • Bam gets out a telescope so that he can see Uranus from Mianus.
  • Humping a shark
  • In "Jackass 3.5" at a special screening for fans the rest of the cast reveal in a video that they've been replacing a portion of Knoxville's medicated face lotion with horse semen, which he's been rubbing on his face, for weeks.
  • "Today's Debate: is it wrong to be strong? You be the judge."
  • Before the "Poo Cocktail Supreme", Steve-O mentions that he's not worried about the shit in the skit, but he's terrified of roller coasters, bungee jumping, and the like, to which Knoxville replies, "Looks like you have really irrational fears. 'Cast me out to sea with sharks, I don't care, put the hook through my cheek, but I'm not bungee diving!' What the fuck?"
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  • Speaking of "Poo Cocktail Supreme", the alternate version featuring none other than Britney Spears. As in, she goes inside the port-a-potty.
  • Ehren shouting "That's Bam Margera, dumbshit, he's famous!" when he's in the trunk of the taxi in "Terror Taxi." The cast found it funny enough that they took to introducing him as "Bam Margera - he's famous!" in interviews.
  • Chris hurting his leg on the "Toro Totter" and stopping to inspect it, telling Johnny to hold on.
    Johnny: What do you mean, "hold on?" The bull's not gonna hold on!
  • Everything about "The Brand," but especially the conversation with Bam's parents at the end.
    April: You had the cutest butt ever, and now you ruined it.
    Bam: No, Dick-Farm Dunn ruined it!
    April: Why'd you ruin it?
    Ryan: I tried to do it good, he jumped around. I was scared, I'm burning my own friend!
    April: Why would you burn him in the first place, Dunn?
    Ryan: Because it was funny.
    April: It's not funny!
    • "I'd rather rip my dick off and throw it in the river than do that again."
  • In the credits for 3.5, Steve-O's reasoning for drinking urine from a pregnant donkey.
    Johnny: Why'd you drink that?
  • The Eggnog Challenge. ALL. OF. IT.
  • Fat Lip sliding down a escalator. The way he falls looks like it belongs to a slapstick comedy.
  • The fart mask. Steve-O is wearing a astronaut style glass helmet attached to a hose which Preston farts in. Steve-O ends up puking at least three times inside the helmet and to add insult to injury, Preston reveals that he took a shit while doing it.
  • After Ehren gets one of his tooth pulled by a Lambo in Jackass 3D, we have the following skit. The funny thing is that they eventually used it in thend credits of the unrated version.
    Ehren: (with a sheepish thumbs up) I'm Danger Ehren, and that was the Lamborghini Tooth Pull.
    Knoxville: We're not using that...
    (everyone starts laughing)
    Ehren: I don't care...
  • Knoxville's hilarious dancing at the start of the Roller Buffalo stunt.
  • From 3D, The Blindside. Knoxville plays football against NFL player Jared Allen. It goes as well as you'd expect it to.
    Jeff Tremaine: Quickly review (points to Jared): What's your job?
    Tremaine: (Points to Knoxville) What's your job?
    Knoxville: (Weakly) Catch the ball? (In a gruff voice) I mean, uh, catch the ball!
    • Bam, Wee-Man, and Dunn sum up the point of the sketch real good:
    Off-camera: You think Knoxville's gonna catch the ball?
    Wee-Man: No.
    Bam: Noooo.
    Dunn: Who gives a shit?
  • Johnny wants to test a groin-protecting cup in the, uh, traditional way. Hilarity Ensues.
  • "Electric Avenue", which has the group (minus Johnny and Wee Man) making their way through an extremely narrow hallway, with 15 suspended tasers and two spinning double-ended cattle prods (plus a couple of hurdles, in case it wasn't challenging enough). Remember that the cast was shooting this sober to help Steve-O with his sobriety, and no wonder it took quite a while before they found the courage to run it. Summed up succinctly by Bam, who tripped on a hurdle and tumbled out while having violent spasms from incredible electric shocks.
    Bam (punching a wall in anger): OWWW! FUCK, THAT SUCKED!
  • The Ram Jam from 3, involving Dunn angering a ram using a tuba, with Steve-o coming in with a trumpet to act as a rodeo clown. Unfortunately for Dunn, first the ram begins to attack him before he starts playing. Second, Steve-o gets his pant leg caught and can't get over to him. Third, even when he frees himself and begins playing the ram keeps attacking Dunn.


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