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  • Thanks to Jackass, Knoxville is now legitimately big-time and technically doesn't have to put up with the nonsense anymore, but he still paid (out of his own pocket) a camera crew to follow him around as he did additional stunts after filming for Jackass 2.5 wrapped and the cast once again disbanded to resume their lives and spin-off shows. When discussing this with the media, Knoxville admitted that he loves doing the stunts and that he couldn't bear to resume his legitimately big-time life after filming (what was thought to be) the final Jackass film.
  • Believe it or not, the ending for Jackass 3, which is a look back on the first Jackass seasons, accompanied with pictures of the cast members as children, to the tune of Weezer's "Memories".
    • Retroactively becomes a Tear Jerker, thanks to Ryan Dunn's death the following year.
  • In Jackass 3D, Knoxville is up a tree with Jukka Hilden waiting for it to be felled via chainsaw so they can drop sixty feet to the ground. Hilden asks "... D'you ever get scared in these moments?". Knoxville hesitates and sheepishly answers "Yeah...". Oddly sweet.
    • Before that, Knoxville jumps a jet-ski over a fence, smashing his chest into the handlebars in the process, causing himself no small amount of pain. He jokes he didn't exactly stick the landing, but the others immediately cheer him on saying he did, calling him "The King of Spring Break!" The look of rueful appreciation on his face is what makes it.
  • There's something very heartwarming about all the extra attention using 'Corona' for the theme music has given eighties punk rockers Minutemen, their late guitarist D. Boon, and bass legend Mike Watt. Just look at the play counts for 'Corona' on YouTube and how many of the comments state that they discovered the band through watching Jackass.
    • Unfortunately, "real" fans of Minutemen seem to hate the "Jackass" audience, so you take the good with the bad.
  • The ultimate heartwarmer is that, upon Ryan Dunn's death, the Jackass logo skull became adorned with Ryan's characteristic hairdo and beard.
    • Also the ''MTV Tribute to Ryan Dunn" special where we see Dunn's closet friends and family talk dearly of him, granted, the usual Jackass clip are there, but just the beginning with Knoxville telling that the tribute was to celebrate Dunn and how much they cared for him. AW.
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    • When Knoxville teased a possible fourth movie, Bam supported the same by giving it the working title Jackass 4: We're not Dunn Yet. Despite remaining in Development Hell, he sure knows how to honor his best buddy.
  • When Steve-O was going through rehab and detox, as sign of solidarity no alcohol was allowed on set for Jackass 3.
  • April, the Team Mom, holding Dunn's hand for support during the Super Mighty Glue stunt.


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