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The Jackass drinking game (WARNING! The game is created by trained professionals. So for your safety, protection and the health of those around you, do not attempt to drink abusively on what you are about to read.):

  • A sip whenever someone gets hurt. For "pain montages", one large drink.
  • Take two sips if someone throws up. Three if it's Steve-O.
  • A sip for every swear word.
    • Three sips if someone bellows "Oklahoma!" instead.
    • A full swig if April (Bam's mom) swears.
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  • Drink whenever Dave England acts like a wimp.
  • Drink whenever Bam's fear of snakes is mentioned.
  • Drink whenever they use a shopping cart.
  • Drink whenever they abuse Ehren McGhehey.
  • Drink whenever Chris Pontius's penis is discussed or involved in a stunt.
  • Drink whenever Preston Lacy does a physically challenging stunt, as opposed to a public prank.
  • Drink whenever Bam Margera cries.
  • Drink whenever Ryan Dunn says something sarcastically
  • Drink whenever Bam messes with his parents
  • Drink whenever Steve-O has a shirt on.
  • Drink whenever Wee Man does a stunt that doesn't involve his height.
  • Drink whenever a CKY Crew member (Brandon DiCamillo, Raab Himself, Rake Yohn, Brandon Novak) participates in a stunt.
  • Drink whenever a Big Brother Magazine alum (Rick Kosick, Jeff Tremaine, Dimitry Elyashkevich) participates in a stunt.
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  • Drink whenever Johnny Knoxville interacts with a professional athlete (Butterbean, Mat Hoffman, Tony Hawk, Jared Allen) and gets hurt.
  • Drink whenever someone with a nickname gets called by their real name, Such as calling Johnny Knoxville "PJ", Raab Himself "Chris", or Steve-O "Stephen".
  • Drink whenever Johnny Knoxville narrowly escapes death.
  • Down your drink if the cast do something you have actually attempted yourself.


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