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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Pogs:
    • Joey loathes the things, as quickly becomes apparent when you try using them on items around her.
    • Sometimes using the pogs on an item will result in Joey leaving a couple there; Dammek will be in for some confusion if and when he gets back.
      • Using the pogs on the basement control panel results in Joey trying to slip one in, but accidentally bouncing it off, into her eye; she makes a funny face when this happens.
      • Using them on the trash bag in the kitchen will have the game tell you how much it tempts Joey...and also get you an achievement if you're playing on Steam.
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  • The game is set over two decades in the past, which means that Joey's idea of futuristic technology is sometimes laughable.
  • Once power is restored, using items on the fax machine sometimes results in Joey faxing one to a random number. Faxable items include a pog, a cracker, and one of Byers's feathers.
  • Jude's enthusiasm for his carrier pigeon plan noticeably wanes with each try; on the third attempt, his attitude is more 'I guess?' than anything else.
    • After Langley's betrayal the face he makes should be familiar to Homestuck readers.
    • Same goes for the face he makes after Byers successfully delivers the marbles.
  • Using Byers on objects:
    • Many result in cracks about his intelligence.
    • Joey's oven: Joey says that she doesn't have the ingredients to bake anything for him, which is the only reason you could possibly be trying that combination.
    • Dammek's microwave: the screen goes dark for a second. Joey says that contemplating that thought made her actually black out for a little bit.
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    • The player can earn an achievement for using him on the piano- which he can apparently play surprisingly well.
    • There is another achievement for using him on 30 things. This achievement's description tells you that he has no additional purpose.
    • Using him on the hand in the attic gets you this line:
      "Byers looks at you, and at the hand, and he puts his little wing over your hand, as if to say, 'Joey, you do not have to try to use me on literally everything in your house.'
      Nice try, Byers. Let's see what else is in here."
    • Try using him on the vent in Dammek's room. This will get you an achievement that says you gave him "Some very important character development."
  • Joey and Jude have a plush of The Sufferer, complete with handcuffs and a blue dart that Jude is apparently responsible for.
  • Upon learning that the security software redacts users' passwords, Joey excitedly tries saying hers. Being the password to her computer back on Earth, it does not get redacted- revealing the name of her celebrity crush to Xefros.
  • Dammek comes off as a massive tool to his moirail Xefros, but his lack of respect for boundaries makes for some fine Black Comedy. Among other things, Xefros' auto-tune mic was apparently a present from Dammek.
    That was his way of letting you know he was starting a band and that you were lead singer, and also that your voice could use a little help.
    • Xefros will fondly remember the time Dammek had him reenact their favorite action-movie stunts to push his moirail's limits. He looks back fondly on it despite not remembering it at all, because Dammek likely gave him a concussion.
    • Dammek, allegedly the most brilliant strategist Xefros has ever known, apparently modeled his rebellion after a LARP campaign. In hindsight, his disappearance must have considerably improved Xefros' life expectancy.
  • On a meta level, Toby Fox (one of the composers) apparently didn't realize that he had a song named after his persona until it was pointed out.
    James: Cohen named this one this because it is the basement and Toby was living in Andrews basement at some point while he was working on Undertale. You may not have heard of it. [...]
    Toby: I literally didn’t understand why it was called this until I read James’s comment on it.
    • Further down the Act 1 OST commentary, James Roach (the other composer) really doesn't like the word "leitmotif".
      The thumbnail for James's video, embedded in the commentary: IF I HEAR THE WORD "LEITMOTIF" EVEN ONE MORE TIME I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND
      The comments for the video: Comments are disabled for this video.
      The description of the video: you literally could not be trusted with even the most simple of tasks
  • Speaking of the music team, a poster can be found in Dammek's house with the cover art for Medium on it and three trolls names when translated are Toby, James and Malcom. A fourth troll is present on the poster but his name and appearance are missing due to a huge slash through it, likely a reference to Bill Bolin.
  • During the 1/31 Troll Call, Ardata and Marvus shared the gimmick of keeping their signs a secret. However, a second sprite for the latter was uploaded, inadvertently revealing his sign via the hat he wore. While the slip-up was somewhat amusing on its own, the team's response to the mistake was pretty giggle-worthy.
    whatpumpkin: Marvus briefly had a hat on in the TROLL CALL. That wasn’t his actual sign, though. Marvus is a trickster, AKA, a lying piece of shit. You’ll have to wait ‘till ACT 2 to see his actual sign. Never trust a clown, kids. They’re addicted to pranks.
  • From the same troll call as above, Marvus' description states that he’s “texting your sister”. The following week's troll call had Stelsa's profile say this:
  • One of the new trolls was literally introduced as "Who is this?". Even funnier is that their description broke the no caps No Punctuation Is Funnier rule typically applied to Troll Call descriptions.
    Seriously. I don't know who this is.
  • A lot of the Hiveswap Comics Contest winners fall into this.


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