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  • Ascended Meme: A fanartist on Tumblr who draws a lot of art of Daraya with their plush Lapras seems to have gotten enough attention for Daray's ''Friendsim'' announcement to have a Lapras hidden in the background.
  • Content Leak: Ended up happening on the second feature. The designs of the trolls in Daraya's section ended up getting leaked, which also revealed that the trolls had codenames (e.g. Amisia had the codename of "Art Enthusiast"). This leak may have ended up affecting the showcase order, as the leaked trolls were released at a rather slow rate. Either that or the release order was already planned, and they made no changes to it.
  • Contest Winner Cameo:
    • Mierfa Durgas and Nektan Whelan, the fantrolls of the $10,000 donors to the Kickstarter, are back from their Death by Cameo in Homestuck canon. Whether they will survive longer this time around is yet to be seen.
    • Additionally, there was a comic contest on Tumblr in which the ultimate grand prize at the end was the victor's fantroll appearing in the game. The winner was fefsprites with Idarat Catlaz.
  • Defictionalization: We have an official quiz, "The Extended Zodiac", by the creator himself.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Dammek is often called Strideer by fans. The name originated before his official name was revealed due to his deer-like antlers and similar cool-kid appearance to Dave Strider. As of release, it's somewhat mutated into "Bro Strideer."
    • “Grand Highboob” for Chahut Maenad, stemming from her uncanny resemblance to the Grand Highblood, except with larger-than-average breasts.
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    • Prior to his reveal, Azdaja was called "Jotaro" due to his silhouette's resemblance to the character, with what appeared to be a trench coat and a Nice Hat. However, not only was the alleged hat actually Anime Hair, he turned out to be a Shout-Out to a completely different anime. Said reference has given him the nickname of "Vegeta".
    • The mysterious purple-blooded troll has been nicknamed "Whomst Dafuck" and variations of thereof. Guess why.
    • Similar to "The Vriscourse", any and all arguments surrounding the highly divisive Lanque is collectively called "The Lanqourse".
  • I Knew It!:
    • The Extended Zodiac Quiz confirmed the fan theory that Karkat would've been a limeblood if he wasn't a mutant.
    • The "Troll Call" for Act 2 had a lot of fans guessing the blood colours of the silhouettes shown, often judged by the horns or what they appeared to be wearing. For example, many fans correctly guessed that Elwurd was Cobalt-blooded, Marvus was Purple-blooded, and that Lanque was a Jadeblood with a similar appearance to Kanaya. They also correctly guessed that the silhouette that looked like someone carrying something on their back was actually two trolls (Folykl and Kuprum), especially after the Soleil Twins were revealed.
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    • Some fans thought of the possibility of Lanque being male or non-binary, unlike the other Jadebloods. The former turned out to be true.
    • The lack of Violet trolls had fans think that Act 2 wouldn't feature any, saving them for Act 3 and/or 4. They turned out to be right, and the comment on the last Troll Call implies that the possibility of Act 3 having sea-dwellers is likely.
    • The most popular theory on Aspect opposition (As in, two aspects that directly contrast eachother, Time and Space being an example) that suggests that Blood/Breath, Life/Doom, Hope/Rage, Mind/Heart and Void/Light were the pairings, were proven right on the Extended Zodiac's release.
    • Amisia and Chahut having some sort of relation was a popular Fanon theory before the Friendsim confirmed that Chahut does indeed help Amisia gather paint.
    • Another Fanon theory was that the Blueblood troll in Tagora's route who he is implied to have black feelings for was Galekh, whose route confirmed that it was indeed him, and he may feel the same way.
    • A few people guessed that Tyzias' matesprit could be Stelsa, which the thirteenth volume confirmed.
    • Some of the Friendsim volume titles are released before the characters featured in them are, giving fans enough time to guess which trolls will be involved based on the title:
      • Many people accurately guessed that Vikare was to appear in Volume 4 of the Friendsim, due to the title being "Of Wright and Wronged", with "Wright" referencing the Wright Brothers, who invented the first functioning airplane. Several fans also got the fact that a Tealblood, more specifically Tagora, would appear alongside Vikare, due to "wronged" most likely referencing court matters, which Tealbloods are known to be involved in.
      • Pretty much everyone predicted that Zebruh was going to appear in Volume 5 of the Friendsim, representing the "untrue affection" part of the banner, as well as "unwanted". Many fans also correctly guessed that Polypa would appear in the volume as well, since she'd be the subject of unwanted affections. This is one of the few reasons that people easily guessed that she was actually the unknown "Goldblood" when Volume 5 appeared in the store before it was available for purchase.
      • The fandom also correctly guessed that Kuprum Maxlol was going to appear in Volume 6 of the Friendsim, since he's a Take That! to 4chan, a site that created the infamous greentext, which is referenced in the Friendsim's title. However, not many fans guessed that Folykl was going to share a route with him.
      • Fans also correctly predicted that Volume 8 would feature Chixie because she's a singer who looks stressed, which the title references.
      • When the title of Volume 9 was revealed to be "Of Gazes Cool and Tempers Hot," a lot of people guessed that the "Cool gaze" would apply to Azdaja, whose eyes are different shades of the cool colour blue. They also guessed that after eight volumes and not a single Purpleblood, that the "Hot temper" would apply to one of them, as Purplebloods are known for that. While the other route shows Amisia instead, who already had a route in a previous volume, some people were able to make out a very faint image of Chahut behind her.
      • Volume 10's title mentions "Faraway lands," and people quickly guessed that one of the routes would be Zebede due to the fact that his Troll Call bio says he "lives too far away." They were right.
      • A few people guessed that the eleventh volume would feature Lynera in reference to the "broken promises" part of the title, as she apparently keeps a list of people who may or may not be on her bad side.
      • After volume 12's title was revealed to be "Of Know-Nothings And Know-It-Alls," people guessed that Galekh was likely to be featured because he's stated to "Know too much." Then came the announcement on the morning of the release day, which proved them right.
      • Some people guessed that the thirteenth volume would feature Stelsa because the title mentions "Fashion," and Stelsa's taste in fashion is...rather questionable.
      • Volume 14th's title was discovered to be "Of Cleanliness And Clownliness," and fans quickly assumed that it referred to Marsti and a Purpleblood. Some people also guessed that the Purpleblood in question would be the unknown one she was revealed with in the Troll Call with despite previous volumes not featuring any pairs of trolls that matched the Troll Call reveals, because he seemed the most likely to "Clown around," and also because of a Twitter comment from James Roach when he was making the song used in his routenote .
      • The title for Volume 15 mentions "Creatives," leading people to correctly guess that the trolls in this volume would be Charun, who is described as a "Lost and found artist," and Wanshi, who reads a lot of books and is in at least one fandom.
      • The title of volume 16 mentions a "Cult," which people thought would refer to the purplebloods. A few people also guessed that Fozzer might be featured since his Troll Call refers to him as a "practising orthodox decompositionist," which the "Cult" part of the title may have also been referring to.
      • Many people guessed that Volume 17's title would be referring to Daraya and Nihkee, and with the extended wait for this volume, by the time it was revealed, not many were surprised. Going on from that, loads of people felt that Lanque would be saved for the last volume, just as he was for the last Troll Call.
  • Jossed:
    • Many people assumed that the teal-blooded Tirona was going to be a limeblood due to her hair resembling an axolotl's gills, and the fact that there was a lime sign based off of said animal; more specifically, many people predicted she would actually be Fiamet, one of the trolls in the Prongle screenshot early in development. Similarly, many guessed that Stelsa would be a limeblood due to her nubby horns, which resemble Karkat's, and the fact that her card was last on the Troll Call.
    • It was widely guessed that Chixie was going to be Joey in her troll costume. A less common alternative theory was that she was going to be another two-for-one like the Soleil twins.
    • Some people thought that due to Ardata's sign being hidden, and her horns looking different from the other Cobaltbloods, that she was secretly a different blood caste who was hiding it, possibly even a Limeblood. However, the first Friendsim features her as one of the characters, and due to her blue tear and the picture of her as a grub, this turned out not to be true.
    • Many people thought that Skylla's lusus was going to be a bovine, namely a cow, due to her horns and the fact that the mouth twig apparently came from her lusus. Friendsim revealed her lusus to be a Rough Collie named Ladyy (Due to her quirk).
    • A lot of people guessed that Tyzias' matesprit was Marsti, because Marsti is stated to "practice self-care" and Tyzias drinks a lot of water. It turned out to be Stelsa instead.
    • Like with I Knew It! above, some people have tried to guess which trolls the next Friendsim volume will feature, based either on the title or how many trolls from a certain blood group have already been featured (Which seems to be completely random). However, they have sometimes been wrong:
      • While many fans correctly guessed that a Tealblood was going to appear in Volume 4 of the Friendsim, some fans thought that Tyzias or Tirona were going to appear. It turned out to be Tagora.
      • Some fans believed that either Tegiri or Kuprum were going to appear in the volume five, representing the "unwanted" part of the title, since they're allegedly both "incels". It was actually Zebruh, although some people did guess correctly that it would be him.
      • Since the title of volume six referenced green envy, many fans guessed that another Jadeblood was going to be befriendable, with the most popular guesses being Lynera and Lanque. To everyone's surprise, Elwurd, a Ceruleanblood, represented the "envy" part of the title. Other fans thought that a Jade or Olive troll would be involved, but instead the other route featured the goldblooded Folykl and Kuprum (Although some people guessed the latter would be involved to reference the "green text" part of the title). Then subverted when the Jadeblood Bronya showed up in Elwurd's route.
      • A few people thought that volumes six, seven, or eight would feature a purpleblood route, since every other blood colour from the Troll Call had been featured. But this didn't happen until volume nine.
      • A lot of people thought volume eleven, called "Of pals and promises, made and broken," would feature Tirona since she's described as a "tattleterror," implying that she tells on people a lot, therefore breaking promises. It turned out to be Mallek and Lynera instead, and Tirona was featured in the next volume.
      • Going on from the above, some people thought that the title of Volume 12 meant that Wanshi would be featured, as her Troll Call bio says she "Knows all of it." However, this was actually referring to Galekh (Though he might turn out to be referencing the other part of the title), and not many people expected Tirona to be the other troll. A few people also thought that the "Know Nothings" would refer to the unknown Purpleblood, but he didn't get a route until two volumes later.
      • Volume 13's title is "Of Fate, Fortune, and Fashion," and a lot of people thought that meant Lanque would be featured, as he's one of the more fashionable trolls who hadn't yet had a route. It turned out to be Stelsa, whose sense of fashion is actually the opposite, although some people guessed her as well. And most people didn't expect Boldir to be the other troll.
      • Loads of people guessed Marsti would be in Volume 14 to reference the "Cleanliness" part of the title, but some people dismissed the idea because it seemed too obvious. Then it turned out it was her. Similarly, some people dismissed the idea of the "Clownliness" part of the title referencing the unknown Purpleblood because that's who she was revealed with in the Troll Call, and no other troll has shared a volume with the same troll they shared a Troll Call with until nownote .
      • Many people thought that Marvus would not be featured until the last volume because the first volume had Ardata, whose sign is unknown, and his sign is also unknown and could possibly mirror her. He ended up being featured in Volume 16 instead.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: Homestuck is no stranger to Rule 34 works, and thus, neither is Hiveswap. Notably, even the developers got in on it, as the designer of the Bee-Keeper Troll NPCnote  even drew NSFW art of her own character after it was unveiled. The drawing showed the fans what her symbol was as her debut sprite had it obscured.
  • Schedule Slip: The estimated release date on the original Kickstarter was January 2014. There was no release, and no news other than the leaked and unconfirmed Troubled Production, until 2016, when the game was re-announced for a release in January 2017. News on the game was quiet, but on April 13, 2017, Word of God said they wouldn't be putting out anymore release dates until they were sure the first Act was done. It finally released on September 14th, 2017.
    • Act 2 was announced to be released in Spring 2018. However, due to the changes in staff caused by the transition to Viz Media, it was pushed back to an unknown date, with no news or previews except for the Troll Call. The Friendsim was made as a way to tide over fans and give them a chance to learn more about the new trolls while work on Act 2 was halted. It was eventually announced in May 2019 that Act 2 was back in production, though this time a release date wasn't confirmed, likely to avoid the same complaints about promised release dates as before.
    • Friendsim volumes are usually released every 2 weeks on a Friday. However, because of unforseen changes to Steam's release rules, Volume 11 was released on the Android version but had to be delayed on Steam until the following Monday.
    • Similar to the above, the Friendsim's 17th volume was held back a week because the staff were taking time off for Thanksgiving. This also meant that the 18th volume would be later than anticipated, as they continued the two-week schedule after that.
  • Trolling Creator: Many fans were miffed at the lack of Violet trolls in the Troll Call, to the point where it became a rather touchy subject. Polypa's route in the Friendsim reveals that she has a high bounty on her head due to killing a high-blooded troll. What was said troll's blood color? Violet.
    • People are unsure of the genders of the Soleil Twins (They appear feminine but other trolls such as Marsti and Lanque have been misgendered before based on their appearances). The staff have refused to reveal them, with one member saying that "Everything about them is a mystery," and another saying that they're "Both clowns." Friendsim revealed them to be a girl (Barzum) and a boy (Baizli)... in the last volume.
  • Troubled Production: There are accusations that during production, The Odd Gentlemen stole funds from the Kickstarter campaign and used it to develop King's Quest: A Knight to Remember. Supposedly, due to non-disclosure contracts, Hussie is unable to speak about it publicly, which led to the information getting out through his friends; because of this, the details are unclear. Whatever really happened, though, it led to The Odd Gentlemen no longer developing the game and Hussie putting together a brand new game studio just to develop it, as well as the art style changing and the massive Schedule Slip.
    • After the above event, What Pumpkin was formed as a game studio, working on Hiveswap in 3D. A couple of years later, a lot of staff were laid off, and production was retooled to focus on making the game in 2D instead. This lasted up past the release of Act 1 to March 2018, when at the same time when Hussie joined forces with Viz to officially distribute Homestuck; again, a lot of the staff found themselves laid off, and production was retooled again - to keep focusing on Hiveswap in the long term, but also concentrate on more frequent smaller games in the short term. Eventually in May 2019 it was announced that development on Act 2 had started again.
  • What Could Have Been: An asset reel released during the game's 3D development phase featured several troll designs not officially shown anywhere else. Given that the beekeeper troll was confirmed to have been scrapped by the creators, it’s highly likely that the other trolls featured (sans Xefros, obviously) either met the same fate as her or were redesigned, such as the digger troll that would later become Fozzer. The design for the Beekeeper's hive was later used for Zebede's hive, and the troll known as "Gatherer" later became Charun.


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