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Being a spinoff game of Homestuck, these come naturally.

  • Joey has a poster for The Neverending Story on her wall... only it's titled The Story Keeps Happening.
  • Jane and Halley, Becquerel's paradox ancestor, can be seen in a few of the pictures along the stairway.
    You're sure that dog would never betray anyone.
  • Joey's diary has entries for April 13th (the date that Homestuck Act 1 debuted), June 12th (the date that Homestuck Act 5 debuted), October 25th (the date that the End of Act 5 Flash animation launched), and now November 11th (the date that Homestuck Act 6 debuted).
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  • Joey sees a photo of her Pa and thinks that 'sometimes she wonders if he was born with his spectacles and mustache. Or at least one of the two.' As we see in this Homestuck page, that's exactly what happened.
  • When Joey asks what a lusus is:
  • When naming the trolls' lusii, the default names are Zoosmell and Cornibuster, and the achievement gotten for naming them is "INSUFFERABLE ZOOSMELL".
  • When we first see Trizza, she has a Face Framed in Shadow, exactly like how her ancestor, the Condesce, was always shown in Homestuck.
  • The game of Arena Stickball seems to be a large-scale version of Table Stickball, which was inspired by the hats of the Felt members and has no connection whatsoever to our Earth game of 'pool.'
    • Xefros notes that the Dozer can put players to sleep, but he's rather frightened by the Snowglobe, which contains an explosive that can wipe out everything in the game.
  • One of Dammek's posters shows him and Xefros as silhouettes highlighted with the color of their blood, which is precisely how the ancestors were always shown in Homestuck.
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  • Joey has a MANTHRO CHAP in her room, and its flavor text references the recurring 'what a daring dream' speech.
  • There is a box of Gushers on the kitchen counter, along with a lot of other boxes with the Betty Crocker logo in the basement.
  • Joey and Jude have a My Pet Monster toy styled to look like the Sufferer, that Jude had even shot with a blue dart like E%ecutor Darkleer did.
  • In the Grubbles' song "Broom Temperature", the line "in low-blood fashion, you can suck my chitin chunk" refers back to an early point about Alternian society that even Homestuck itself mostly forgot about: that the weird euphemistic fancy names for everything was considered lowblood dialect, with highbloods tending to just call things by their normal names as we know them.
  • In the final strife, if you attempt to throw spice mix on the monsters while they're distracted by the flare, you initiate the attack "CURRY FAVOUR", to which the monsters respond with "GIRL, QUIT ALL THIS CURRYING AROUND", a Snowclone of one of the recurring lines used by Wayward Vagabond and Lord English.


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