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It's a game show involving celebrities. How can it not result in hilarity?

  • The word is "Craig Ferguson".
    David Arquette: This guy right here. [drags Craig over] Actual person.
    Contestant: OH NO ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! [time runs out, cue laughs and facepalms all around]
    (a few seconds later)
    Craig: I'm not picking favorites, but you guys aren't.
  • Sheryl Crow is trying to give a clue for Denzel Washington.
    Sheryl Crow: His last name is our nation's capital.
    Contestant: ...Sacramento?
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  • Among the many failed guesses for Meat Loaf (whose clues included such gems as "long hair" and "kinda ugly") was "beef stroganoff". Cue Craig joking afterward that "Beef Stroganoff" could be A Good Name for a Rock Band.
  • The word is "Shaft".
    Contestant: I'm a bad mother...
    Mel B: Fucker.
  • One category involved actors who had played prostitutes; Dave Foley pointed out that this applies to him. When his name comes up, the clue giver says "The guy behind me." In a repeat of the aforementioned "Craig Ferguson" incident from the premiere, his partner opens her mouth, and drops down in shame; she doesn't remember his name! The look on Dave's face just screams You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! Craig remarked that was the worst round of the show ever. And Craig has to stop Dave from walking off stage.
  • The category is "I'm Telling", the word is "Deep Throat". Part of the contestant's clue involved miming oral sex.
    Craig: I told you to watch your mouth!
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  • The Dirtiest Round EVER.
  • This round is even WORSE.
  • In a final round, the category was about people named George. At one point, the answer was George Michael, but the contestant answered "Boy George" instead. Later on, when the answer actually is Boy George, Craig mentions that his name was mentioned before...and the contestant (a different one) answered "George Boy" instead! Of course, they immediately realized their error afterwards.
  • For a game-deciding final round clue, Craig describes Odie. After his obvious clues fail to help the contestants, he adds that it starts with the letter "O" (as all of the answers in that round started with the same letter) and that is sounded like that and the fourth letter of the alphabet. After that didn't help, this happened...
    Craig: If I took a great deal of heroin, I would probably...(contestant buzzes in).
    Contestant: Overdose. (cue audience groans and facepalms). NO!
    Craig: The answer was "Odie". O-D.
    • What makes this worse? She gave her opponents the game because of that gaffe.
  • During a bonus round, the second player's clues towards "Morpheus" included it being a character from "those stupid movies". Cut to Craig face palming and walking away.
  • One contestant playing with Wayne Brady was trying to explain Ron Jeremy by saying "He's got a really big penis, he's in porn." Wayne's response was to shout "ME!" while pointing to himself.
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  • There was a running gag on later episodes where Craig's I WILL BE THE CLUE GIVER!!! Catchphrase going into the final round would be accompanied by additional effects, such as evil-looking lightning and the lights flickering, or be accompanied by a song (which sounded like a suspiciously similar version of the theme of The Dating Game) that Craig would do a silly dance number to.
  • The word is "Backstreet Boys".

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