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  • "The Tale of Laughing in the Dark" has some funny moments.
    • "Oh I heard of that, they call it 'bozophobia'."
    • Weegee's little sister hits Josh with a trashcan lid.
    • Not to mention the immortal moment of Josh dropping his bowl of chocolate pudding, making it look like he just bricked himself.
    • When Josh tries to get Zeebo's nose, the clown moves a little, scaring Josh.
    Josh: You're an idiot, Josh! A plastic dummy can't hurt you. Stop being such a wuss and just do it!
  • All of Belle the genie's wishes going wrong on "The Tale of the Time Trap."
    • Belle revealing that she was the cause of the Titanic sinking (someone back in 1912 wished to go on an exciting vacation), Mt. St. Helens' eruption in 1980 (a kid back then wished he could get out of going camping with his parents), and World War I (a reporter wanted a news story that would make him famous), but not World War II, but she does admire the work that went into it.
  • "The Tale of Station 109.1" is possibly the only episode that's more Black Comedy than a pure horror. Most of the moments of funny come from guest star Gilbert Gottfried as DJ Roy:
    • DO NOT KNOCK ON THE WINDOW!! What's the matter? you can't read? Here. "Knock window", "Do not on the". Let's try it together, shall we? DO NOT KNOCK ON THE WINDOW!
    • "Uh, this is an interesting phenomena that's taking place. One person and then there's another one behind them all standing quietly one after the other. How do you suppose that is? IT'S A LINE! THAT'S WHAT IT IS! IT'S A LINE! WHY DON'T YOU TRY WAITING IN THE LINE???!!! Next?"
    • "We're on the air, so to speak. This is Station 109.1, at the end of your radio dial for spirits at the end of their ropes. (Beat) I made that up! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
    • "So I made a mistake and almost sent a small boy to his death! So what? None of you have ever done that before?"
  • At the end of "Dead Man's Float", we see Kiki put a bag over Stig's head. Tucker then leads him away from the campsite, with the bag still over his head.
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  • During the reveal in "Tale of the Mystical Mirror", we learn Ms. Valenti is really a witch whose true form can be revealed in the reflection of ordinary mirrors. It even works on portraits of Ms. Valenti. Although it's never shown, imagine using a mirror on one of Ms. Valenti's pageant pictures.
  • #GaryIsAWeatherman
  • "The Tale of the Night Nurse" when the two girls bake a cake for the ghost Emily, since she died on her birthday. They blow out the candles, sarcastically saying "I wish we could make the ghost appear." Cue the titular nurse popping out of nowhere and the girls dropping the cake. Nikki then orders AJ to clean it up, which she does (all the while licking the icing).
  • Kiki's appearance in a girly dress with her hair done. Rather than She Cleans Up Nicely, it looks hilarious. And when she's trying to dramatically start her story, she has to keep adjusting the skirt of her dress.
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  • In "The Tale of a Door Unlocked", Sardo is asked about a miniature door which seems to show the future. While solemnly examining the door, he suddenly picks up a nearby marionette and gives it a funny voice.
  • The surreally bonkers Jester in "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass" is both unsettling and comical. The Judge solemnly adheres to every message prescribed by the oracular Wisdom Glass - including an announcement of lunchtime.
    Judge Day: Take them away, they - they're spoiling my appetite.

Carnival of Doom

  • Rachel's overly enthusiastic Mom. There's just no end to how she takes too much pride in her daughter, or how she vicariously supports her love life.
  • Graham taking two solid minutes to decide if fishing through the trash for Rachel's drawing is worth it or not.
  • "Is that blood on the slide?" This from Hideo, who wonders what his sister Aikiko is up to.
    • A little boy on the slide nervously calls out "Mommy?", as he's convinced the fake blood on said-slide is real.
  • Graham getting increasingly nervous as Rachel goes on with her story of Mr. Tophat, from the ticket-taker having no eyes to scorpions crawling out Mr. Tophat's pant leg.
    • At one point, the others try to shush him, accidentally giving away that he's Graham in disguise.
  • Graham having to phone Hideo and convince him (in a badly done Irish accent) to check out the Carnival of Doom for the missing Adam.
  • When Rachel manages to convince Hideo in under a minute to go check out the Carnival of Doom, Aikiko (who's convinced nobody can make her brother do anything) asks her in an impressed tone "Teach me this power".
  • Graham falling asleep on Louise's shoulder during the ride to Idaho.

Curse of the Shadows

  • Luke's Dad Crossing the Line Twice using this Double Entendre just to get his sleepyhead son out of bed:
    Dad: I've got some bad news. Did you hear about the kid-napping?
    Luke: (snaps awake) What?
    Dad: Yeah. (smiles) ...I woke him up.
  • Jay geeking out over finding the first issue of "The Ghastly Grinner". When he sees some girls coming by, he hides the comic and claims comic books are for babies to look cool in front of them. After they're gone, he takes out the comic and apologetically tells it "Forgive me", as though it were a sacred reliquary.
  • Jay unintentionally incensing both Hannah and Gabby by assuming that either of them has a bobby pin to use for picking locks just because they're girls. Not helped by the fact that Hannah is an activist. This turns into a running gag of Jay needing a bobby pin whenever they need to unlock a door.
  • Hanna tricking Seth into not following her to a Midnight Society meeting, and then Seth doing the same to their mom later on.
  • Our introduction to Sardo is him demanding a password through a slot, and cutting off our heroes' thought process when they can't provide the password word.
    • And who knows the password? Seth. The way he gives the password is hilarious.
    Seth: (Out loud) Abra... (shoots the others a look to cover their ears, which they oblige, before he whispers the "enigmatic" remainder of the password...) kadabra.
    Sardo: (shakes his head in disapproval that Seth spoiled the most iconic password known to man)
    • Sure enough, the next time the kids come around, they say "Abra Kadabra" The instant he opens the slot.
  • When Gabby worries about having to drive her family car without a license so they can go save Luke, Jai tells her to 'hit the gas and drive it like you stole it!'
  • Luke having to wear a "Girl Power" t-shirt for a pajama shirt. That is all.
  • Seth tying everyone's shoe laces together while they were all unconscious.
  • Seth reading everyone for filth as part of his Midnight Society initiation. Essentially, instead of scaring them with a story, he goes for the minimalistic approach and easily figures out what scares each of them the most. It works so well that it nearly causes Luke to gag.
  • There's a certain element of Black Comedy that when Jay's comic book foretells that the Shadow Man's hand will grab him from within the empty box, it just jumps a little, as though giving an anticlimactic "Beware!" Jay screams a little and nopes out of there.
  • The kids trying to hold a séance with Dream Phone. It was either this or Battle Ship.
    • Later, the kids starting to think that the real mystery is how Connor can own Dream Phone, of all things.
  • When Jay thinks maybe the "newly-returned Connor" is catatonic or sleeping, he reaches out to give him a wet-willy to wake him up. Before he can do it, "Connor" swats his hand away.
    • There's something funny about how the Shadow Man/Mr. Murphy can have the capacity for irritation that they can swat Jay's hand away like a mosquito.
  • This exchange between Sardo and Seth when the latter is trying to figure out what his initiation story will be:
    Seth: A magician reaches into his hat and pulls out a vampire rabbit.
    Sardo: ...Is that the entire plot?
    Seth: What's a plot?
  • "You're too young to be a highschooler, and you're way too old to be a highschooler." Sardo takes offense to that last part.
  • Despite being in possession of magical teapot that can serve any beverage, when Seth requests apple juice and the like, Sardo says they're fresh out.
  • The running gag of the Magic 8 ball saying "Unlikely".
  • Seth pretending to cry in order to distract Luke's dad so he can sneak out and then snapping back to normal as soon as the job's done.