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Headscratchers / Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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  • How did the members of the Midnight Society meet? In the first episode, they mention that they go to different schools and have different friends, and that they frankly have no connections to each other outside of the Midnight Society. Aside from the brothers Gary and Tucker, how did they meet to form the Society in the first place?
    • I always assumed it was kind of a chain reaction, since each new member has to be nominated by a current member, they must know the person who nominates them. So everyone else is (mostly) new to them at their first meeting.
    • As is mentioned below the Midnight Society is some kind of Legacy group, it's even implied that some of the current children's parents were former members. Presumably that combined with current members inviting new members means there is always a Midnight Society. They probably have chapters all over the state/country.
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    • In more than one episode, some of the group mention going to the movie theater or wanting to go to it to watch horror movies. It's not far-fetched to imagine Gary going there to watch a horror movie, noticing other kids his age watching the same movie (or perhaps having noticed the same kids watching horror movies on a constant basis much like himself), and deciding to approach them with the idea of the Midnight Society, eventually all coming together to give it a try.
  • It has always bugged me that these kids are out at night in the dark alone. Where are their parents?!
    • Either the kids lied and said they were having "Sleep-overs" at another friend's house, or there's always the chance that the woods weren't as scary and isolated as they looked. They could have been in a wooded area about 100 yards away from their houses.
    • Or they don't meet that late. It can be dark and be 8:30 in some places.
      • In winter where I live, it can be dark at 6 freaking pm.
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    • Why would the "Midnight" Society meet at 8:30?
    • Because the "8:30 Society" just doesn't have that same ring.
    • If "Silver Sight" is to be believed, then their parents (or at least Gary & Tucker's parents) probably know exactly where they are and what they're doing, because they used to do it too. Besides, they meet at midnight on a Saturday, goof around a bit, listen to a 20-minute story, goof around a little more, and go home.
    • In "The Tale of the Midnight Ride", Gary brings Tucker as a potential new member to the Society, making it clear through his explanation that their parents told him that either he lets Tucker go with him or they'd forbid Gary from attending the meetings, and in "The Tale of the Midnight Madness", Kiki and David arrive to the meeting in a rush because they're eager for the story to be told so they can then go to the movie theater to catch a horror movie triple feature. These instances indicate that the group, despite the word "Midnight" in their name, hold their meetings relatively early in the evening.
  • In the video game: Mary laid a curse on the theater that magic would never again work onstage, and that she'd become the star of the theater. Did she not realize that she just cursed herself to perpetual failure?
    • She really Did Not Think This Through, true. She wanted to be the star of the theater, when it's Orpheo's Theater, therefore the spell turns her into Orpheo and the real Orpheo into a wax statue (killing him in the process). So she's now the star, but as Orpheo — a magician — and thus cursed by her own spell to always fail the trick.
  • Peter is shown in "The Tale Of The Captured Souls" to spy on Danielle and her family through his mirrors as part of his plan to steal their youth. The cameras include views of the tub in the bathroom and the bedroom. Does this mean Peter has watched Danielle and her parents undress when changing, to take a bath, or going to bed? Especially alarming when one considers that he's implied to have disturbing Foe Yay towards Danielle.
    • Also, he has signs outside which have crossings on them to indicate how many lives he's taken to stay young. One sign depicts man outline with 21 tally marks, 15 tally marks for the women, 34 kid tally marks, and 10 dog tally marks.
    • One wonders if he's taken more lives than what was shown to be tallied. Like whether there are tally marks on the back or he's storing already marked sign outlines somewhere.
    • Thinks about Peter's family. He looks annoyed when finding out that Danielle found out "our" plan (which could mean his family) meaning the whole stealing people's life essence to stay young is implied to have been a thing his family's been doing for generations. One also wonders what happened to Peter's family: Did Peter use them to stay young as well or did they use him?
      • Actually, at the end of the episode, once he's an old man, he bids farewell to Danny (he also calls her that for the first time) and says he's "going out back now to join [his] family. It's been far too long." He then tells her to enjoy her youth while she can, and then leaves the scene. So, yes, it's possible that he used them, but not vice versa. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been the episode's antagonist, as he would no longer have existed. Then again, perhaps he did age because of them, but later retaliated and eventually gained the upper hand, which would explain why he ended up all alone. Perhaps he and his family got so greedy in stealing people's souls that, before they knew it, they were trying to steal each other's souls too, and it became a "contest" over who could steal the most souls and end up being the sole survivor.
  • At the end of "Tale of the Bookish Babysitter," after Ricky slays the witch, the ghost enters and turns into a king. It then says "And he was no longer doomed to wander the earth." Most people say that means no longer condemned to wander the earth as a restless spirit, going to Heaven, and other similar responses. If the king didn't come back to life (which is what I thought happened for the longest time), but was free to cross over, why did his appearance change?
  • In "The Tale of the Water Demons", why didn't Captain Westchester simply move away years beforehand? The titular Water Demons seem to always appear out of the lake/ocean their ship sank in, and don't seem to move faster than a brisk walk. If you move inland, you could get a full night's rest without ever letting them get anywhere near you.
  • In the 2019 revival, what is meant when they say that they will never contact Rachel if they do not like her story? Are they saying that the group itself will never contact her or are they saying that the individual members of the group will never speak to her or befriend her even in school or on the street?