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Trafalgar is a Science Fiction series of short stories written by the argentinian author Angélica Gorodischer. This stories are about a Rosarian Intrepid Merchant named Trafalgar Medrano that travel with "el cacharro" ("the rattletrap"... sort of) all along the galaxy, selling stuff for profit and living several adventures. Then, he comes back to Rosario and tells the stories to his friends, specially to the narrator.

This work provides of this tropes

  • Aerith and Bob: Trafalgar Medrano, a very unusual name for an Argentinian. Most of the names are common spanish names, but the main character, Trafalgar Medrano, is named after a battle, and his daughter too.
  • After the End: In "The Sense of the Circle" we see a dying world, populated by zombie-like people that in the past were a widespread galactic society.
  • Alpha Bitch: Almost all the commanding caste of The Thousand of Sekundea.
  • Author Avatar: Trafalgar tells many of his adventures to an avatar of Angélica Gorodischer.
  • Cool Old Lady: Arguably Josefina, as the characters see her as one, but she is also an (arguably) Racist Grandma (and Angélica knows it).
  • Crapsack World: Several, beginning with Sekundea, but also Gonzwaledworkamenjkaleidos.
  • The Dandy: Trafalgar Medrano
  • Evil Old Folks: Up to Eleven in Gonzwaledworkamenjkaleidos. Not only are they old, but also they are angry and very conservative undead people, that hate progress as they want the world being just like when they died
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  • Good Is Boring: Trafalgar thinks this way about several worlds, mostly Aleicarga.
  • Intrepid Merchant: Trafalgar
  • La Résistance: The Bad Kids, against a zombie-like civilization
  • Revenant: an entire planet of them. The dead people in Gonzwaledworkamenjkaleidos automatically turns in this after death.
  • Robosexual: Partly played straight, partly averted, in first story Trafalgar manages to have sex with one of the government maidens in a Crapsack World when she was in his "sex dream machine", and mistakes him with a Mandrake illusion.
  • Shiny-Looking Spaceships: Averted. "El cacharro" is never fully described, but we can see it as a Standard Human Spaceship.
  • The Storyteller: Several, but specially Trafalgar, as he is a natural storyteller.
  • Undead: The death is abolished in Gonzwaledworkamenjkaleidos; every dead people turns in a conservative jerk that dwarfs bullies the living
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  • Utopia: Arguably, Edessbuss. Only that Trafalgar doesn't fit in an Utopia.


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