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Angélica Gorodischer is an Argentinian multi-genre writer. Known primarily for her science fiction and fantasy, she has also written mysteries and crime fiction and more. She was born in Buenos Aires in 1928, but raised in Rosario, which frequently figures in her works. Locally, she is considered one of the most important female genre writers, along with Ursula K. Le Guin (who arranged to have Kalpa Imperial translated into English), Elia Barcelo and Daina Chaviano. Her best known works are Trafalgar and Kalpa Imperial.

She was several times published by Minotauro, a Barcelonian press that also holds the publishing rights of J. R. R. Tolkien, Le Guin and Cordwainer Smith among many other Sci-fi or High Fantasy writers, and was awarded more than once.

Oral narrative techniques are a strong influence in her work, most notably in Kalpa Imperial, a cycle of short stories with a common setting, which since its publication has been considered a major work of modern fantasy narrative.


Works by Angélica Gorodischer with their own pages:

Other works:

  • Opus dos
  • Floreros de alabastro, alfombras de Bokhara
  • Jugo de mango
  • Fábula de la virgen y el bombero
  • Prodigios
  • La noche del innocente
  • Doquier
  • Tumba de jaguares
  • Tres colores
  • Tirabuzón
  • Las señoras de la calle Brenner


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