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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The ending of "The Lonely Ghost", where Beth finally gets her comeuppance. She's trapped inside a closet in the haunted house, calling out for Amanda. This puts Amanda in a position where she can negotiate with her cousin, whilst her posse stands by waiting to see what happens. With the implication that they're just as much victims of Beth's abuse as Amanda is, Amanda asks her rotten cousin to not only treat her nicely from now on, but also her friends as well. And from that day forward, Amanda was made leader of the group and found herself friends to spend the summer with.
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  • The ending of "Jake and the Leprechaun," where Sean O'Shaney confronts Gort the banshee, forcing him to accept a trade; Gort's tail for Jake's life. And after saving the boy, they get a standing ovation from the oblivious audience.
    Jake: Are you really a leprechaun?
    Sean: When the need arises.
  • The "Zombie Dice" ending. Jay Baruchel, whose character is a total wuss, saves himself, his friend and his brother by tricking the villain by competing in a G-rated Drinking Game.
  • The Midnight Society's Power Walk through the fog during "The Tale of the Silver Sight" with Gary front and center, as the Theme Song plays.
    • In the climax when the Silver Sight demon tries to get Gary to use the device to kill the general we get this...
    Gary: (looking intensely at the general) I know who the real enemy is...
    Demon: Yes...
    Gary: The real enemy (snaps towards the demon) Is You!!
    Demon: What?
    (The silver sight device is activated, its imprisoned souls are set free and the demon is being overwhelmed)
    The Demon: (suffering a Villainous Breakdown) No! You can not do that!!!
  • The climax of Tale of the Night Shift, when Felix and Colin destroy the vampire by throwing it's coffin into an incinerator.
  • When Clorice comes face-to-face with the monster in "Dead Man's Float", she is frozen with fear and cannot summon the will to get out of the pool. Zeke then jumps into the pool and acts as a distraction, almost getting himself killed in the process.
    • Doubly awesome since before that, we learned that Zeke had a fear of water after nearly drowning as a child.
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    • Clorice killing the monster was pretty cool as well. "Yo, Red! Catch!"
  • Hooper looking the Ghastly Grinner right in the face and, when his powers don't work on her, actually has the balls (even though she does look scared) to say "Sorry, I don't have much of a sense of humor."

Carnival of Doom

  • In a villainous way, Mr. Tophat is one such moment when he's given his sinister introduction in Rachel's Nightmare Sequence. The way his cane makes a distinctly loud tap, he certainly leaves a mysterious impression. ...especially when it's revealed at the end of the prologue to be standing right outside her house.
  • The very first instant one sees the letter with the seal "T.M.S.", it's awesomely clear which society left it there for Rachel.
  • The Midnight Society. With masks!
  • Rachel having the imagination and Nightmare Fuel to think up a scary story in under a 24 hour deadline!
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  • "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story 'The Tale of Mr. Tophat and the Carnival of Doom'."
  • When the Midnight Society (minus Gavin) need a disguise to get into the Carnival of Doom, Graham presents a very promising Chekhov's Gun: the Midnight Society's cloaks and masks, including one for Rachel.
  • The ending: "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story "The Return of the Ghastly Grinner"...

Curse of the Shadows

  • The fact that the Midnight Society managed to keep at least one member out of the Shadow Man's clutches for nearly a week. That's longer than any poor soul who was cursed by the haunted woods.
    • For that matter, Connor holding out for as long as he did. In one weekend, he decked out his room into a safe haven against the Shadow Man, did his research on the curse and its origins, and almost found a way to reverse it. And to top it off, in the event he was captured by the Shadow Man (which eventually does happen), he left clues for his friends so they would be able to save him.
  • During the seance for June Murphy, Seth narrowly keeping the Shadow Man at bay with what little resources he had at the time.
  • Gabby using her knowledge of physics to break out of the storage closet.
  • Sardo helping the Midnight Society escape the Shadowman/Connor at the dance using a magic trick to draw everyone's attention away while the kids leave. And all the while, the music playing is Sardo's personal favorite, an epic variation of Danse Macabre!
    • Also, Sardo publicly pressing Luke if he ever used the Book of Shadows despite his warnings is his low-key way of letting him know he does not appreciate being lied to.
  • When all seems lost, Luke using magic to enhance the Eternal Light artifact and effectively keep the Shadowman at bay, thanks to the enchanted quartz that allows the user light-magic.
  • A huge one for fans of the original series, the original Sardo appearing in a flashback at his magic store. Nobody saw it coming, but needless to say, everyone was thrilled at seeing the actor reprise his role once more.
    • Generally, Sardo leaving clues for Luke to use the Return Spell, knowing the Shadow Man would kill him in the very-near future.
  • In the most epic sense, the running gag of needing a bobby pin in order to pick a lock paying off when Zoey say she has a bobby pin, helping our heroes escape the Darkhouse. Long live the 90s.
  • Basically every time the Midnight Society faced off against the Shadowman. They're just kids, this is an evil entity whose sole purpose is to kidnap children and drag them into the shadows forever, and scared as they may be, they still face it head-on and work hard to defeat it. Extra points go to Jai pulling a Heroic Sacrifice and Seth who faces the Shadowman with no fear after the creature has killed Sardo, with Seth outright demanding the Shadowman drag Sardo into the shadows so they may be a chance to rescue him alive.
    • Among these awesome moments is the Midnight Society preparing their light-weapons, each fitting of their 'roles' (crossbow, dagger, gauntlet). The highlight of this initial attack is Jay (for utilizing his specialty as the team's sheild) and Seth (who evolves from Annoying Younger Sibling to bone fide "magician" by utilizing his magic ball as light source to help Jay re-plug his light shield.)
    • Just the fact that a group of five teenagers and one child travel to the past through magic, save the life of a girl, defeat the Shadowman and break the curse, changing history so all the children who disappeared are now safe and sound and the woods are not cursed anymore.
    • During the aforementioned change-the-past climax, Seth utilizing his magic wand to set off he breaker that will help the lighthouse start up again, complete with this one-liner: "Abra Kadabra, Shadow Head."
    • Towards the climax, Luke putting his courage to the test and using himself as bait to keep the Shadowman at bay until the lighthouse is lit. Connor following suit and saving his friend also counts, as it marks the moment he goes from being apprehensive of facing the Shadowman again to regaining his fearless leader status.
  • Towards the end, Jay gets two subtle but awesome moments. First he helps Hannah gets signatures on her petition using his charm and good humor. His off-hand "You get more flies with honey than vinegar" remark drives home that activism can only get you so far without being kind or pleasant. Second, his debate with a comic-loving girl over new vs. old has a kernel of truth to it when he says that although you can't replace the classics, "There's nothing wrong with trying something new."