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Headscratchers / The Aquabats! Super Show!

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  • Why didn't The MC Bat Commander want Crash to help him tie a ribbon to the top of an ancient tree? Crash grows!
    • He grows when he gets all emotional. Probably not a state you'd want him to be in when he's holding you up to wrap a ribbon around a tree. Not to mention the ribbon would be too tiny for him to do it himself.
  • What's the deal with the fox? (I think it's a fox.) There's a person in a fox suit in the background of at least a couple episodes ("Mysterious Egg!" and "Uberchaun!") and I was just wondering if that's an inside joke or what?
    • They're in every episode, those are just two of the more obvious appearances, and they're both an Easter Egg along the lines of Emmett Nervend and a pun on the name of one of the production staff. (who also plays him)
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    • MC Bat Commander mistakes The Fox for the monster in "Summer Camp!" and fires on him (he misses) so maybe he'll start playing a more prominent roll in future episodes?
  • At the end of "Laundry Day!", Trusty Dusty offers to buy the Aquabats doughnuts but they're already all so full from eating too many earlier in the episode, except Ricky Fitness who swore off sweets years ago in the name of fitness, that they all look sick and then disintegrate into piles of doughnuts. All of them. Including Ricky. Who didn't eat any doughnuts. Was staring longingly at a one just too much for him?
    • He obviously takes it very seriously.

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