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  • Emilio and Belén are having sex. Alicia walks in on them:
    Belén: Alicia, get out!
    Alicia leaves, but quickly comes in again.
    Alicia: Sorry, I couldn't believe it. (walks out again, dodging a shoe Belén throws at her)
  • Mariano explaining his separation to Emilio:
    It was by mutual agreement: she kicked me out and I said yes.
  • The entire neighborhood becomes hooked up on a telenovela, which they can watch thanks to Roberto helping them steal Lucía's cable, and Paco starts downloading it from the Internet. When Lucía learns about it and cuts off the cable, causing the neighbors to miss the final episode, Paco asks them for a lot of money and an emergency community meeting is held to pass a split contribution to pay him.
    Lucía: Don't you see that we could pay months of cable for everyone with that money?
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  • This incident from Mariano's brief foray into stand-up comedy:
    Mariano: Today I'm going to talk about my sex life. (beat) That's it. Good night, thank you! (pretends to walk off the stage, but quickly goes back up) Now seriously, I lost my virginity when I was 22...
    The crowd laughs for a few seconds, and a woman in the crowd starts laughing uncontrollably.
    Mariano: (to the woman) What are you laughing at? I'm being serious!
    The woman fails to answer as she continues laughing out loud.
    Mariano: Okay, I'll go finish my cocktail. Let me know when you're done. (grabs a nearby glass and takes a long sip, as everyone laughs)
  • Lucía's father angry about Yago ruining his "suit for bribing mayors".
  • Carlos and Lucía trying to not say "wedding" within Marisa, Concha and Vicenta's earshot.
    Carlos: (writes the word "wedding" on a sign) We don't want them to know about the... (points at the sign) Because if they learn about the... (points at the sign) They'll ruin the... (points at the sign)
    • Eventually it's for nothing when he says "altar".
    Marisa: (From her apartment, two floors under Lucía's) He said altar, they're marrying!
    Carlos: We managed to not let them know for a week; it's a new record.
  • On an episode, Carlos starts wondering if he's actually been gay all along after his long string of failures with women. So he decides to ask Mauri for advice on how gay people behave. On one of these visits, Carlos shows up dressed exactly like Mauri.
    Mauri: Carlos, I'm fine with you wanting to come out of the closet, but please, don't take my clothes.
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  • One time, the neighbors hold a rummage sale to get rid of everything they've been shutting away in the attic all these years. At a point, Vicenta describes a small chest she has just managed to sell...
    Marisa: Vicenta, that chest was were we were keeping the earnings!
    Vicenta: Oh... I knew I should have asked for more money for it!
  • On an episode, Roberto gets a job at Rafael's real estate agency. Just a few days in, he's already completely overworked and stressed out, unable to stop customers from stealing furniture from the apartments for sale, and to make matters worse, Lucía (his girlfriend and Rafael's daughter) flies off to Istanbul on a whim. He hates the job and his new life so much that, when Rafael shows up at his house to fire him, his reaction is to thank him and hug him.
  • Always looking for new ways to spy on their neighbors, Marisa, Concha and Vicenta, gift Mauri with a teddy bear... which has a camera and a microphone hidden in it. Turns out they failed to properly set up the mic and, of course, since Mauri doesn't know there is a camera, he doesn't place the teddy bear where they could have clear visibility, but instead pointing at the cage of his pet Versace.
    Concha: We've spent five-hundred and fourty euros... to watch a rabbit's ass!
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  • Paloma's father's suicide attempts are a major source of Black Comedy for the episode featuring him. Right on his arrival, he already declares his intention to jump on the subway rails to kill himself:
    It's impossible to kill yourself in the town! Everyone knows you!

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