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  • As bad as sexual harassment is, the sexual harassment scene in "Shoulder to Shoulder" Crosses the Line Twice purely on account of Rule of Three, among other reasons. The sequence of events: first, Miss Brahms is harassed by a cleaner who looks like Tom Jones. Mrs. Slocombe isn't as "lucky", as a cleaner who looks like Steptoe beats him to her. Finally, Captain Peacock goes in to chew out the cleaners... and promptly gets similarly harassed by a cleaner who looks like Larry Grayson.
  • The Ballet of the Toys sequence from the episode "Happy Returns" is a treasure trove of comedy gold. Some choice moments:
    • When Mr. Tebbs shows up in his teddy bear costume, he is shown wearing the head piece sideways as a result of him not being able to hear through the ear piece.
    • Due to how small his Little Boy Blue costume is in terms of the tights and smock, Mr. Lucas initially wearing a plastic mac over his costume, resulting in a Running Gag where reveals the issues he has with his costume to the others a la a flasher exposing his privates.
    Mr. Humphries: You've done that before, haven't you?
    • What finally causes Mr. Lucas to finally take off the plastic mac is him seeing Mr. Humphries in his Fairy Prince outfit.
    • As Captain Peacock, dresses as a toy soldier, pulls the reigns of a prop horse that was offered for him to ride on during during the dance number, its tail lifts and hits Mr. Lucas in the crotch.
    • Mr. Lucas asking Mr. Humphries about the Fridge Logic of how Humpty Dumpty is already awake before the Fairy Prince (or, as Mr. Lucas calls him, the Fairy Queen) sprinkles his magic dust on Little Alice, Age 4 .
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    • The reveal at the end that the professional cabaret troupe that young Mr. Grace hired to perform at his birthday celebration had already planned to do The Ballet of the Toys themselves.
  • In "The Father Christmas Affair", the store plans to have electric Father Christmas models in every department during the holidays. When one of the models is demonstrated to staff at Mr. Rumbold's floor, it ends up acting more like a flasher as a result of the hands being sewn onto the jacket.
  • As part of her Faking Amnesia routine in "Memories are Made of These", Mrs. Slocombe, while acting like a little girl, steals a golf cart that was installed on Mr. Rumbold's floor (as a result of the floor serving as a temporary spot for the sports department while most of its employees are sick) and precedes to crash it through the walls of Mr. Rumbold's office.

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