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Proof that Sturgeon's Law can be averted.

Touhou Project fan-made videos. Most visuals are original, with musical arrangements for audio; meaning the majority are Music Anime Doujinshi (MAD). While the original music is spectacular, it contains no lyrics, so fans do what they usually do and create fan vids from the ground up instead. And as evidenced below, there is a gargantuan archive of creations. Two large lists of creators can be found here and here, but are in an unfiltered alphabetical list of a variety of different group types; such as games, music, & videos.


Fanime goes above and beyond, with some OAVs being good enough to make Touhou look like an anime, instead of a Sprite/Polygon Mix video game series; they can be found under the Fan Works index (along with fanfiction, games, & webcomics).

Overlaps with Crossovers & Memes, as there are many Fan Vids that combine other works with Touhou.

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    Video Artists 

Name ______________Links______________ Description

No words:
It's SYOU time!
Sky Girls
You Are Mine!!

Touhou Full Swing vids

English subtitles:
Fastest Highest Shutter Girl (mixed 2D+3D)
No Subs:
Arc of Dream
Fastest Highest Shutter Girl (animatics)
The Maximum Moving About (animatics)
The Maximum Moving About

English subtitles:
Love-Colored Damage Report
This is Feel-Good Keine

Two videos with songs from IOSYS.

Clairvoyance (miyasuke)
English subtitles:
Fastest Highest Shutter Girl
Keine's Staggering Song
Love-Colored Straight Magic
Nekokota Festival
These Two Wings
True Blossom
No subtitles:
Opening Movie
Ultimate Truth

Also made two 2ch Nightmare City flash videos. Has some Touhou fan games.

iimo (sn)

English subtitles:
Absolute One-Way Street
A Living Saint Party
No subtitles:
Lonely in Sado
No words:
Here Again, Once More
Septet for Sakuya

A couple videos feature instrumentals. Here Again, Once More has Renko, Maribel & Yukari.

Kinema Kan

English subtitles:
Chen's Gensokyo
Kinema Kan 1
Kinema Kan 2nd Curtain
Rainy Days
No subtitles:
Touhou Daydream
Touhou Kourindo

Touhou Daydream is a well-animated, medium blended music video with real backgrounds and hand-drawn characters. Touhou Kourindo as is an equally gorgeous glimpse into the life of Rinnosuke, told Back to Front. Chen's Gensokyo contains dangerous levels of cute, as well as a surprise guest appearance.

locker room production


English subtitles:
Beyond that Door
Blazing Heart
A Blossom Day
Border of Death
Chirumiru Cirno
Fragrance of Oriental Sunflower
Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai Festival
Marisa Stole The Precious Thing
Miracle oo Hinacle
Phantasmagoria Mystical Expectation
S Complex
Sub Thai / คำบรรยายไทย:
Touhou Producer
No subtitles:
All Is Fair In Love And Alimari
Lotus Petal / Bloom
Oath of Soul

Marisa Stole The Precious Thing and Overdrive are notable not only for being popular in their own right, but also being the best examples of how the prevalence of parody videos featuring characters from other series in place of the original Touhou characters, also draws viewers back to the original videos, and to the series in general. Thus, they are often the first contact the public has with Touhou. Fragrance of Oriental Sunflower actually depicts the events of a game that doesn't exist.


English subtitles:
Agepoyo Tonight
Playing with Dolls
Rabbit of Happiness
No subtitles:
I Certainly Don't Work Anymore

Rabbit of Happiness uses the same song as the video by snowy place.

Morii Kenshiro

No subtitles:
Love-Coloured Dream
Star River

Hand drawn limited palette animations. He also did a fully-coloured ending theme animation for the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as well as some original short flash videos.


English subtitles:
Cirno's Lovely, Freezing, Hotsprings
Hatate's Bakkoi Murder Case
Heartful Necromancer
The Perverted Tengu and the Maidens' Tragedy
Touhou Sweets
No subtitles:
Glossolalia Syndrome

Songs from IOSYS and the less-than Innocent Key. Heartful Necromancer pays homage to Thriller.

noya macoto
English subtitles:
Ibuki in Break All
Double Scarlet
Holy Water Festival
Locked Girl
Search & Caved
Tewi! EienTewi
Touhou School
Disparate Society
No Subs:
Reverie 0.8

Their videos range from drunken Oni to Keine & Mokou saving the human village. Double Scarlet uses the song Double Lariat.


English subtitles:
Convictor Yamaxanadu
Flame of Love
Remilia @ Full Moon
Reward to the Dog
Yakumo Home's Promise Clause
No subtitles:
Hijiri's Air Muscle
I hate Eggplant!
Sutema Girls
Swinging Night Fantasy
Wonder Drug / Miracle Medicine

If there weren't Loads and Loads of Characters, none would be spared by Convictor Yamaxanadu.


English subtitles:
Love East
Unknown Girl
No subtitles:
Forgotten Shi Karma
Piece of Clown
Ray's End

[details here]

snowy place

English subtitles:
Chen's Festival
Rabbit of Happiness
Spirited Efforts of the Tiger Mouse

Rabbit of Happiness uses the same song as the video by macrown.


English subtitles:
Abunai Sisters
Artificial Children
Cucumber-Flavored Beer
Erin's Clinic
Make Us Your Brides
Neko Miko Reimu
Oeyama Giant Swing

Super Deformed / chibi art style is prevalent.



English subtitles:
Cirno Cirno Cirno
Love-Colored Girl
Setsuna Light
Unknown Girl
Sub español:
Pick Me Up In The Dancehall

[details here]


English subtitles:
495 GO! Little Sister Emotion
Cirno's Perfect Math Class
Hero WanWan Momiji
Kapanet Nitori
Karakasa Struggle
Kero (9) Destiny
MY Life
Optical Cellophane
Orin's Hell Restaurant
No subtitles:
S Complex

A number of videos with a wide cast of Touhou characters. Two of their videos, Kero ⑨ Destiny and ♪S Complex use the same song as two other music videos.


English subtitles:
Endless Tewi-Ma Park
Romantic Sanae Love

Illustrator and singer, collaborates with IOSYS. Has a non-Touhou fanvid and also does art for a Shinto temple dedicated to Benzaiten and Kishimojin, as show in this crossover.

( ゚д゚ )

English subtitles:
Scarlet Police on Ghetto Patrol 2400
The Unbelievable Alice Assault
The Unbelievable Alice Assault (background)
No English subtitles:
Daiyousei Lunch Box

Some music from 『紫雨UNITED』

Shoujo Fractal

No English subtitles:
Loitering Darkness

[details here]

    Music Groups 

Name ____________Links____________ Description

English / español subtitles:
Jigoku Kakurenbo (apple peel art)
Machibito wa Kozu
Sora no Aru Bashohe
English subtitles:
Futatsu no Cinema

Also has two entries in the MAD Collections folder. Video arist is member Ranko no Ane 『ランコの姉』.

English subtitles:
Help me, ERINNNNNN!!
The Song of a Broken Youkai Who Loved a Human

"Usatewi" is a collaboration with IOSYS and locker room production. "Help me, ERIN!" is a collaboration between IOSYS, Clairvoyance, LRP, and TETLA POT.

East New Sound

English subtitles:
Charming Color of Sakura Shadow
Fractal Cage
Lucent Wish
Lucid Dream
Nuclear Fusion
No subtitles:
Dear me!
Flower in the End of Fantasy
Fudo Seika Reimei no Kei
Song of Stars Guided Upon the Wind
Symphony of Death
U.N Owen & remix

This group appears enamored with rainbow frequency bars and alien geometry.

Innocent Key

English Subtitles:
The Homework Never Ends
Lunatic Red Eyes
No subtitles:
Hansamu Matsuri
Subterranean Rose

Despite their name, most of their songs are far from innocent.


English subtitles:
Belief Attack Resurrection
Ecstasy Masochistic
Hinarin's Relation of Misfortune
Midnight Lightning Bolt
Midnight Lightning Bolt (alt)
No subtitles:
Bad Apple & Good Orange

List of promotional videos.

ARM is a singer / composer part of IOSYS.

English subtitles:
Help me, ERINNNNNN!!
Remilia * Destiny

Has annual releases featuring a number of artists.

Yellow Zebra
No subtitles:
I Know
World's End

[info here]


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