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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Shrek, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


Authors and Websites
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  • None so far.

Stories focused on romantic relationships between the cast.

A Small Crime by Katy-Kale

  • Recommended by deekin
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Artie/OC
  • Synopsis: "What if, instead of Shrek, there was a teenage girl? Things would be a lot more different, that's for sure. Out of the blue, she just turns up at Arthur's Academy. Suddenly, the dull school isn't dull anymore, & Artie's life will never be the same again."
  • Comments: Shrek is replaced by an OC that is humourous (acting as a Foil placed alongside Artie to good effect), entertaining and has her own backstory (which is told using an interesting Jigsaw Puzzle Plot). The events of Shrek the Third are then played out differently. The dialogue for Artie, Puss and Donkey matches their personalities exactly. This Troper would go so far as to say that it's better than the third film of which it is based on.

It's a Happily Ever After, After All by hanny spoon
  • Recommended by N8han11
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Prince Charming/Rapunzel, one-sided (on Charming's end) Charming/Fiona
  • Synopsis: What if Charming's sword didn't miss? AU.
  • Comments: What if Prince Charming successfully managed to kill Shrek at the climax of Shrek the Third? This fic presents a dark yet well-written look at the rise of Charming's reign as king, followed by his fall and eventual redemption. It also has a companion piece in The Second Stay, which goes into detail about Fiona's life and pregnancy after being banished to her tower.
  • Tags: Character Death, Dark Fic

Crossover Fics
Of Ogres and Kings by Snargaluff Pod
  • Recommended by N8han11
  • Crossover with: Harry Potter
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: When King Harold suddenly croaks, Shrek learns he will have to rule the land of Far, Far Away, unless he can find a suitable heir to the throne. The most promising candidate is Fiona's first cousin once removed, Harry. Along with Donkey and Puss in Boots, Shrek sets out to bring Harry back with them, but doing so is a bigger challenge, and a tad more magical, than they expected.
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  • Comments: Basically, this charming fic is what would happen if Fiona's cousin happened to be Harry Potter. Everyone appears to be in character, and while the story hasn't quite begun yet, it's still better written than the actual Shrek the Third.


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