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Nightmare Fuel / Shrek

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Oh, what large teeth you have.

This page is for Nightmare Fuel examples from the first film only, as well as any tie-in specials without their own page. Please put examples for specific films on their designated pages.

  • Shrek's roar. Especially when taken in context. Video here.
  • Dragon's first impression can be rather frightening, with her sheer ferociousness doubled with all the skeletal corpses scattered around her castle.
  • The Gingerbread Man's torture (being dunked in a glass of milk) is played for laughs...but the implication there is that Farquaad was going to eat him alive, piece by piece, until he talked. Hell, even the fact that he broke Gingie's legs off while Gingie was still alive and conscious is horrific. Imagine this happening to one of the more humanoid characters like Shrek—it'd be torture horror on the level of Saw.
    • Farquaad clearly has no compunctions about executing fairy tale creatures; after capturing The Three Bears he killed Mama Bear and turned her into a rug, deporting the other two to Shrek's swamp to mourn in misery.
    • His Evil Laugh emphasises his cruelty to the extreme.
  • Lord Farquaad's planned punishment for Shrek and Fiona was this, he said that he would be tortured, namely drawn and quartered and that he'll beg for death to save him, while she would be given the same fate she had already endured at the beginning of the film.
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  • Lord Farquaad's demise. Sure, he was a ruthless dictator, an egotistic maniac and a colossal dick, but being Eaten Alive certainly isn't the best way to go, especially when it is heavily implied that he was digested to death. Disney Villain Death, sure, just don't think too much about what happened to him inside Dragon's belly.
  • In the spin-off Puss in Boots Jack and Jill's pigs, which have glowing red eyes. They're significantly terrifying (except for the baby ones, which were cute).



  • Some of the film's technical goofs, which include things like Fiona without a face. Just a pair of floating eyeballs and a mouth. These were considered so terrifying that it was supposedly the reason why they were left off of the film's Blu-ray release.
    • Sadly, this means children aren't getting to see Extremely Fluffy Donkey goofs (every bit of his fuzz sticks straight out from his body to a length of about four feet). Talk about Nightmare Retardant!
    • By far, the creepiest technical goof from a Shrek movie comes from Shrek 2. Many children were terrified by the Uncanny Valley of the hair test.


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