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"One of the things that drew me here was the sense of being away from the pace of the rest of the school, like being in a little pocket of a different place. Today, some of that feeling is missing.
But how much of that is the empty school, and how much of it is Lilly's absence?''"

Developments is an epic Katawa Shoujo Continuation Fic by Dewelar. Stemming from the Lilly route of the Visual Novel, it distinguishes itself from similar stories in the fandom by kicking off shortly before the end of the Bad/Neutral ending, rather than the more popular Good Ending, and carrying on straight through from there.


Rather than being told exclusively from Hisao's perspective, as in the visual novel, this story retains the first-person present tense narration but utilizes a Switching P.O.V., with each chapter following a different character—generally Hisao, Lilly, Emi and Hanako, but with several other perspectives occasionally thrown in to mix things up.

While dealing heavily with the aftermath of Hisao and Lilly's ruined relationship, this is by no means a Fix Fic—there's no long, inevitable march to a predictable reconciliation. Rather, the story becomes even more complex, as other people (including those who had become Out of Focus in the canon route) begin to step into Hisao's life in the wake of his breakup with Lilly, and, gradually, the lines of a Love Triangle begin to materialize... making things more than a little complicated for all parties involved.


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