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Drinking Game / Stephen King

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A Drinking Game you can play while you're watching a Stephen King movie, popularized by Doug Walker.

NOTE: This drinking game has been known to kill people. TV Tropes is not responsible for any injuries or death caused by playing this drinking game. Please drink responsibly.

  • An unexplained evil force without justification for its existence.
  • A disabled child with magic powers.
    • Bonus points for those powers to be psychic.
  • A major character who has some other form of disability, or some other long-term medical condition which comes up repeatedly, such as asthma or diabetes.
  • The setting of the story taking place in Maine at some point.
    • Bonus points if it takes place specifically in Derry or Castle Rock.
  • The setting of the story taking place in a rural small town at some point.
  • An antagonist without any redeeming qualities.
  • Details that teeter on the perverted.
  • A racist remark.
  • An atheist.
  • Evil religious people espousing morality, especially when it comes to sex.
    • Said evil religious people die.
  • Abusive Parents.
    • Bonus points if said parent is using their religious convictions to justify the abuse (see above).
  • Flashbacks. You can skip this if you're watching It.
  • Depraved Homosexuals. Bonus if they die.
  • Animals being hurt or killed.
  • A major character is either addicted to or recovering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs.
  • A major character is a writer/poet/storyteller.
    • Take an extra shot if it's the main character.
    • Finish your drink if there are two main characters and both are writers.
  • A obnoxious nerdy character, usually wearing glasses, is an antagonist, villain, or other obstacle to endanger the main characters.
    • Take another shot if said character is fat, and their weight is used as extra reason to hate them.
  • A reference to a previous King work.
  • An Internal Monologue which devolves into stream-of-consciousness.
  • A particular word or phrase is repeated endlessly by the main character or characters.
    • Take another shot if the word or phrase is utterly meaningless outside of its context within the story.
  • A sociologist appears to tell us about the consequences of the disaster at hand.
    • The sociologist dies.
  • Gratuitous violence.
  • A cameo by King himself.
  • Obscenely brutal bullies, either currently affecting a character or in a character's backstory.
    • Bonus points if being a bully is a part of the backstory of the villain (or one of them).
  • There is a cool older character that helps the main character in some way.
    • Bonus if they have psychic powers.
      • Extra bonus if they either die before or during the climax of the story, or are stated nonchalantly to have died after the main story has concluded itself.
  • There's an overweight female character who is one of the villains or at least a nuisance to the main characters.
    • Take a few more shots if she is also The Fundamentalist who uses her warped religious views to justify her actions.
    • Take a sip if she's not a villain, but is otherwise described as pathetic and pitiful.