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Drinking Game / Superhero Films

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A Drinking Game generally applicable across superhero films as a genre. For extra fun/organ damage, try playing this in addition to the drinking game of a specific film!

  • Drink every time someone dies for someone else's character development.
  • Drink every time the original canon is broken (be careful which films you play this rule with).
  • Drink every time someone's mask conveniently rips or gets torn off.
  • Drink for every use of The Adjectival Superhero's adjective (eg. Spiderman being referred to as 'amazing').
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  • Drink every time the Love Interest is in danger.
  • Drink every time someone monologues instead of just shooting the other guy.
  • Drink every time someone appears to forget that they have superpowers.
  • Drink every time someone fails to recognise a Secret Identity that they probably should have done.
    • Drink if something stupid then tips them off, like recognising their kiss rather than the sound of their voice.
    • On the flipside, drink every time someone gives away their secret identity in a really stupid way.
  • Drink for every Heroic Vow.
  • Drink for every time a codename is used outside the film's title when it isn't a formal in-universe name (e.g., referring to Emil Blonsky as being 'an abomination').
  • Drink every time the hero and villain are equally matched.
    • Drink again if this requires some sort of contrived action to make the fight end.
  • Drink every time the hero is late to some sort of event or function because they were crime-fighting.
  • Chug for every Creator Cameo.
  • Drink every time if the hero or the villain are not as compelling as their comic book counterparts.


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