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Drinking Game / Maken-ki!

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Separated by character

In General
  • Prepare to take a shot each time the anime shoehorns fanservice into any scene, especially during season 2 and the OVA episodes.
  • And another for whenever the camera (or the other characters) call attention to the gargantuan size of Ms. Aki's breasts.


  • Take a swig every time he "accidentally" grabs a girl's breast, or pulls down their skirt, or somehow ends up in a compromising position with them.
    • Take two if the girl is either Haruko, or Himegami.
    • Take another each time they punish him for it.
    • Take one extra if Usui is also involved.
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  • Take a shot each time he gets a nosebleed.



  • If reading the manga, take a shot for each upskirt panel of her panties.
    • If watching the anime, take two if it's zoomed in on her camel toenote .
  • Knock one back every time someone makes a comment about how small her breasts are.
  • Take one sip each time she either grinds her foot in Takeru's face, or stomps on him.
  • One for each time you see her in her lingerie, or trying on new ones.


Love Espada

  • Take a sip each time she gets horny.
    • Add a chaser if she either starts drooling, blushing, or panting (make it a triple shot if she does all three at once).
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    • Just make it a full glass if she gets horny enough to soak her panties.
  • Take one each time she seduces another girl off-panel.

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