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Heartwarming / Maken-ki!

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Chapter 19

  • Celia breaks down in tears when Takeru's Maken ability overloads her Inversion, causing her to revert to male form, because she thought he would hate her now that he knew the truth. So she apologizes and says she wasn't trying to deceive him. Takeru puts her fears to rest by saying he's okay with it and that he never stopped thinking of her as a friend.

Chapter 25

  • The Venus students haven't had the luxury of normal childhoods, with Aililu and Lilu being the youngest among them. But the brief time they spent at Tenbi allowed them to see what it was like to bond with girls their own age.
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  • Prior to her time at Tenbi, Demitra had only known life as a mercenary and regarded her emotions as a weakness. Her outlook began to change thanks to Haruko's kindness towards her. The Venus Arc concludes with Haruko giving her a bookmark as a token of their friendship. Demitra finally smiles.

Chapter 48

  • Otohime reveals the traumatic event that left Takaki androphobic, causing her to become a lesbian. As she's mocking her for it, a flashback shows Yuuka sacrificed herself by taking Takaki's place as one of Ouken's concubines.
    Yuuka: (during flashback) "Don't worry. It's okay. I'm protecting you because... you're my important person... Furan."
  • The memory, along with seeing Yuuka and the others rally to protect her from Gouken, was enough to finally make her face her fear and return the favor.
    Takaki: (with Habaya in hand) Everyone... aren't you forgetting something? I am Tenbi Academy's student council president — Takaki Furan! My duty is not "to be protected by others". It is to protect the students of Tenbi Academy."

Chapter 56

Chapter: 58

  • After having ground her foot in Takeru's face several times throughout the series, how does Himegami let him know she's come back to life? By stepping on his head.
  • Followed by Takeru feeling her up, to be sure he wasn't imagining it. When she fries him for it, he sheds tears, knowing it's really her.

Chapter 65

  • Usui was unsure what to think after being told he was a Takeru Yamato clone, or how it might effect his standing with Himegami. Because of his feelings, he refused to hide it from her, believing she deserved to know the truth. Just when it seemed he had lost her respect she told him nothing had changed between them; moving him to tears.
    Usui: (tearing up) "Himegami... Sempai... I KNEW YOU LOVED ME."
    Himegami: (playfully avoids hug) "Of course. You're Usui Kengo, the perverted creep who gets elated way too easily... only that."
  • Followed by Himegami telling him that his chances of getting together with her might not be as hopeless as he thought.
    Himegami: (to Usui) "Well, I am grateful for you having helped me. The chances might not be zero."
    Himegami: (warm smile) "Build your character as a man, Kengo."

Chapter 81

  • The reunion between Takaki and Yuuka. Takaki's so overcome with emotion, that she sheds tears at seeing her safe return.

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