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Nightmare Fuel / Maken-ki!

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While the series focuses mainly on conspiracy and action, with liberal amounts of fanservice, it also includes disturbing scenes and frightening imagery.

  • During the scene where Takeru Yamato first takes possession of Gouken's body, his eyes change from white to black and he moves like marionette - complete with one of the most unsettling grins ever.
  • Or the scene in chapter 57, where Takeru becomes so enraged that he beats Gouken to death; not caring that he was possessed, or that the act was futile. All played horrifically straight.
  • The scene where Takeru Yamato threatens to kill Yuuka is easily the worst one yet, due to the frightening imagery and Tesshin describing the dark Element surrounding them as the air becoming "heavy". The most terrifying part being, he and Yuuka both knew she couldn't escape him, despite her speed. All it took was a single "step" for him to close the distance between them — while walking towards her!
    • If Tesshin hadn't conceded and accepted his terms, she'd be dead.
    Takeru Yamato: (at Tesshin) "I am going to kill you, then I'll play with that girl's life. It won't even serve as a match."