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Alongside being a Darker and Edgier spinoff to Doctor Who, Torchwood also has some moments that didn’t want to stay at Wales in the first place.

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  • MrThorfan64: The story in Torchwood: Children of Earth about a Catholic Woman who committed suicide after she realised aliens existed and left a note saying "Science won." Are we still going upon this route that the Church hates science and they have always been at war? There are even Vatican officials who support looking for alien life and they even run a centre looking for this. At best, it's an absurd line by poor researchers; at worst, a piece of bigotry. And of course the line in Miracle Day: "I used to be a Catholic. I got better." Not at all bigotry! For more go here. It's like that line in "The End of the World" where we hear religion is banned in the future, which rather than showing they have Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions creates some very Unfortunate Implications. I get religion has encouraged some very intolerant things but that doesn't give the writers a right to be just as intolerant themselves.
    • JadeEyes1: Children of Earth had so many poorly-written moments that it's hard to pick just one. I'm going to go with Gwen's line in Episode 3: "Sometimes the Doctor must look at this planet, and look away in shame." This is supposed to be the canon explanation for why the Doctor doesn't show up to intervene during the 456 crisis. Yes, we're supposed to believe that the same Doctor who routinely stands up for the marginalized and downtrodden — and who has such a soft spot for children that he has paused in his travels to assist a single, frightened, crying child — would allow hundreds of children from low-income families to be sent to A Fate Worse Than Death, in order to punish the classist, morally bankrupt grown-ups running the government. A government which, by the way, wouldn't be in power in the first place if the Doctor hadn't ousted Harriet Jones from power and made way for The Master to take over. Sure.
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  • Murdock129: Torchwood: Miracle Day. Torchwood is set in the Whoniverse; everything that happens in Torchwood is Canon in Doctor Who and vice versa. So we are supposed to believe that the entire human race went through this horrific stuff, at a point in time which the Doctor visits exceptionally frequently, and he never once got involved or tried to sort out the fact that no humans were dying at all; in fact, given how it is never brought up, it appears he didn't even realize it had happened. And at the same time, we're meant to believe that no alien races decided to invade in any capacity during this point, not to mention overarching situations such as the Silence being scattered around the planet during this period. Torchwood Miracle Day is an all right concept, but it simply cannot work in the canon of the Doctor Who universe, and not many things can truly say that. This is even worse than the Orgasm Monster from "Day One" in terms of Torchwood's DMOS
  • LondonKdS: The moment in "Day One" where Jack, Owen and Tosh see Gwen in the clutches of an alien monster that shags humans to death and sit back to watch the lesbo action. Unambiguously establishes the depiction of the crew in the first season as a bunch of incompetent sociopaths who don't even give a crap about one another, let alone anything else.


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