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Peter Wyngarde note  (23 August 1927 note  15 January 2018) was a British actor.

He was best known for playing Jason King, a bestselling novelist turned sleuth, in two television series: Department S (196970) and Jason King (197172). His flamboyant dress sense and stylish performances in those two series led to popular success, and he was considered a style icon in Britain and elsewhere in the early 1970s.

Comic book fans will know Wyngarde and his character Jason King for serving as inspiration for the name and visual appearance of Jason Wyngarde/Mastermind, an adversary of the X-Men (his characterization comes from Wyngarde's guest-starring role in The Avengers episode "A Touch of Brimstone"). Wyngarde also had a notable performance in Flash Gordon as Klytus.

Mike Myers credited Wyngarde with inspiring the character of Austin Powers, and author Kim Newman paid homage to him with the character of Richard Jeperson in his Diogenes Club stories.

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