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Bowen Yang (November 6, 1990) is an Australian-born American actor, comedian, and podcaster best known for being a cast member on Saturday Night Live. He joined as a writer for season 44 and was later promoted to featured cast in season 45. (Yang was actually voted "most likely to be a Saturday Night Live cast member" in high school.)

Yang's inclusion to SNL is somewhat historic, as he's the first Chinese-American cast member note , as well as the first gay man of color in the cast note . As of the 46th season, Bowen Yang became the first gay male cast member and second LGBTQ cast member overall (after Kate McKinnon) to stay on the show for more than a season. note  Furthermore, he became the first featured cast member note  to be nominated for an Emmy Award in 2021, and the first Chinese-American to be nominated for an Emmy in any category.

In additional to SNL, Yang is also known for co-hosting the Las Culturistas podcast with Matt Rogers since it began in 2016.