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By the 23rd century, life on Earth has changed drastically. Virtual reality is not just possible but ubiquitous. Most people live primarily online, in fantasy worlds called "lairs" that fit anybody's desires, from Space Opera to fantasy to "some kind of crazy happy Super-Deformed anime style."

Telly is a 14-year-old girl of the Elysium lair, who has only two friends in the world: Nekokat, and the eponymous kimmie66, a genius of high caliber. The latter, however, has just sent Telly a note — a suicide note. As she doesn't know anything about who kimmie is offline, she and Nekokat are left in the dark before kimmie begins mysteriously appearing all throughout the network.


A short 2007 graphic novel by Aaron Alexovich, the author of Serenity Rose. Part of DC Comics' Minx imprint aimed at teenaged girls, Kimmie 66 is an an intriguing look at the future of society and its effects on regular people.

This comic provides examples of: