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Jimmy Tornado is a French Canadian comic series written by Frédéric Antoine and drawn by Jean-François Vachon. It follows the globe-trotting adventures of the talking gorilla Jimmy Tornado and his human scientist sister, Guadalupé "Lupé" Tornado.


  1. The Shadow of Steel (2017) (Atlas ne répond plustranslation )
  2. Danger at the Bottom of the Sea (2017) (Péril au fond des mers)
  3. Aux portes d'Agartha (2020) ("At the gates of Agartha")

The first two volumes were originally published as Jimmy & Lupe Tornado in youth science magazine Les Débrouillards. The comic has also run in Super Pif and OWL.

Contains examples of:

  • Age Lift: In the magazine version, Lupé is described as being 17 years old. The album version raises her age to 19 while keeping Jimmy the same age (15).
  • Brains and Brawn: Jimmy is the muscle of the duo, clobbering baddies with his gorilla strength, while Lupé, as a scientist, is the brains.
  • Brother–Sister Team: Jimmy and Lupé travel the world on adventures together.
  • Inconsistent Spelling: Lupé's name is written without the accent in the magazine version, but with the accent in the album version.
  • Put Their Heads Together: In one story, Jimmy knocks a couple of bad guys' heads together.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: Lupé is a brainy scientist who wears glasses.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Title: When the comic went from magazine to album, it was rechristened from Jimmy & Lupe Tornado to just Jimmy Tornado. According to the creators, this was out of a need for a punchier title and not wanting to drop the impact of "Tornado".
  • Teen Genius: At 19, Lupé is a brilliant and respected multidisciplinary scientist.

Alternative Title(s): Jimmy And Lupe Tornado