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Comic Book / JFK Secret Ops

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"He ain't dead yet."

JFK Secret Ops is a Comic Book by Craig Frank.

What if John F. Kennedy survived the bullet he took to the head courtesy of Lee Harvey Oswald? What would he do? What would he want? What would he think needs to be done?

In this story, the answer is hunt down everyone involved in his assassination attempt. All he really wants to do is go home to his family, but he knows it's for the best for the nation if he goes after his attempted murderers. His hunt will take him to every corner of the country, getting info any way he can to track down everyone who almost killed him.

The comic was funded on Kickstarter on May 25th, 2013. It was released later in the year.


JFK Secret Ops contains examples of:

  • The '60s: The comic is set not long after Kennedy's original death.
  • Alternate History: In this timeline, John F. Kennedy survived the attempt on his life and is now hunting down everyone who was involved in the plot at the behest of his government.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The comic is printed in greys. The only examples of colour appear on outlines.
  • Historical Domain Character: John F. Kennedy, naturally.