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Comic Book / Joe the Barbarian

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Meet Joe. He's having trouble keeping a grip on reality.

An eight issue limited series published by Vertigo, written by Grant Morrison, and drawn by Sean Murphy.

Joe is a boy with problems. His father died in the Iraq war, It's likely that he and his mom are going to get kicked out of their house due to trouble at the bank, he doesn't fit in at school, he's bullied because of this and his artistic talent, and he suffers from Type 1 diabetes. His only form of solace seems to be his pet rat Jack, and his incredibly vivid imagination.

It's only after one evening when bullies steal a candy bar that Joe needs to maintain his sugar levels he began to hallucinate an entirely new world, one of soldier toys, cowardly wizards and nautical dwarves, and a prophesy that speaks of "The Dying Boy". He comes into such a world that is rapidly dying from the encroachment of a darkness that he knows in a way.


With nothing but a zap gun and and his pet (now a towering warrior rat in armor and wielding a BFS), Joe goes on a journey to restore light to the land and climb out of his blood-sugar induced hallucinations.

Morrison stated that in the other wiki that when writing the story he was aiming for a "real proper kind of 'Lord of the Rings,''Alice in Wonderland' all-ages story for today."

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