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Charlie's family thinks that their son has a good, normal life. What they don't realize is that Charlie has two secret identities: One, Charlie is an Alteration, or Differently Powered Individual. Two, Charlie is a trans woman and starting hormone therapy to transition, and her alter ego- Chalice- represents the person Charlie knows she is.

Shortly after Charlie debuts, they are recruited by The Gateway Army, a group of superheroes dedicated to protecting people and helping other alters, whether by training them or protecting them and their family from the terrorist group led by Matter Man. Matter Man has demanded that all Alters join him, or perish.

This series began on September 2016, and is produced by Aftershock Comics.


This comic provides examples of:

  • The Adjectival Man: The Matter Man
  • Badass Cape: Chalice's costume has this.
  • Big Good: Doctor Octavian is the leader of the Gateway Army responsible for opposing Matter Man and his terrorist group.
  • Eats Babies: Matter Man admits to it during his first encounter with Chalice.
  • Enemy Mine: Patient Nein and the rest of Matter Man's Alter minions briefly band with Chalice to stop Matter Man in order to prevent him from wiping out the East Coast.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Matter Man, or at the very least he claims to be. He admits to eating a baby, and actually specifies that he won't cannibalize Teddy during his battle with Chalice.
  • Secret Keeper: Charlie comes out to her brother Teddy about her transition. In turn, Charlie keeps Teddy's Alteration a secret.
  • Western Terrorists: Matter Man is the head of a terrorist organization in the East Coast.

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