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Characters / The Second Reproduction

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This page is for tropes related to characters appearing in The Second Reproduction.

May contain spoilers for the game

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     Christina Ranzaad 

The heroine, Christina Ranzaad, is the third princess and current champion of Almenan. She's been raised and trained all her life to kill demons, until she is sent on a mission to assassinate the demon lord in revenge for the destruction of the Kingdom of Crofts. She is stubborn and hot headed, and hates demons...until she realizes some things she knew might not be so true.

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Gardis is the demon lord of Deathryde that Christina is sent to assassinate. He's believed to be evil, but is actually kind and devoted to his people.

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Lezette is Christina's knight who follows her everywhere. He is extremely loyal to Christina, and would do anything to protect her.

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Jin is the prime minster of Deathryde, and the right hand of Gardis. He is quiet and well spoken, but is actually quite a pervert. He is extremely loyal to both Deathryde and Gardis.

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