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Visual Novel / The Second Reproduction

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The Second Reproduction (also known as Queen of Darkness ~The Second Reproduction~) is an otome game created by doujin circle Heterodoxy in 2008, set in the same universe as Queen of Darkness, the circle's first game, as well as serving as a sort of sequel. The Second Reproduction received a Fan Translation by Ate the Moon translations in 2012, but its prequel has yet to be translated.

This game follows heroine Christina, the third princess of Almenan. She holds a strong military position and is what comes to mind when you think of your princess.

She and her knight, Lezette, are sent by the queen to kill the demon king, Gardis, who welcomes them with open arms. He even goes so far as to allow them to stay in the castle and try to kill him as many times as they'd like. Now living together, the humans learn that there's far more to the demons then they were ever taught.


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