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Main Lalaloopsies

    Jewel Sparkles 
An upper-class prim girl who has good manners.
Voiced by: Selia Sangra, Ava Demary (Search For Pillow), Kira Buckland (Welcome To LALA Prep School), Kazumi Evans (We're Lalaloopsy)
Singing by: Kaylee Johnston (We're Lalaloopsy)
    Bea Spells-A-Lot 
The resident smart girl of the gang.
Voiced by: Hayley Stone, Milena Elias-Reyes (Search For Pillow), Janice Roman Roku (Welcome To LALA Prep School)
  • Adorkable: She enjoys reading, is intelligent, and cute.
  • Bookworm: Seen curled up with a good book in her spare time.
  • Brainy Baby: Her baby self in "Lalaloopsy Babies" had the intellect her older self did.
  • Literal-Minded: Once when Bea was told to put the record for most berries stuffed in one pancakes, she actually put the aforementioned pancake in a book.
  • Meganekko: Her teenage self in Welcome To LALA Prep School has glasses.
  • The Smart Girl: The smartest of the Lalaloopsies.
    Pillow Featherbed 
Likes to sleep.
Voiced by: Zoe Marlett, Sophia Roth (Search For Pillow)
    Peanut Big Top 
A performer and ring mistress.
Voiced by: Malia Ashley Kerr, Jordana Keller (Search For Pillow, Welcome to LALA Prep School)
    Spot Splatter Splash 
An artist.
Voiced by: Tate Mcrae, Kyla Warshowsky (Search For Pillow), Cristina Vee (Welcome to LALA Prep School), Sabrina Pitre (We're Lalaloopsy)
Singing by: Arielle Tuliao (We're Lalaloopsy)
    Dot Starlight 
Specializes in astronomy.
Voiced by: Marissa Tawiah, Madison Zamor, (Search For Pillow, Welcome To LALA Prep School), Maryke Hendrikse (We're Lalaloopsy)
Singing by: Shylo Sharity (We're Lalaloopsy)
    Crumbs Sugar Cookie 
The town baker.
Voiced by: Calista Schmidt, Sydney Mccann (Search For Pillow), Stephanie Sheh (Welcome To LALA Prep School), Jocelyne Loewen (We're Lalaloopsy)
Singing by: Maria Diy (We're Lalaloopsy)
  • Feminine Women Can Cook: Acts feminine, and is great at baking.
  • Nice Girl: Just as sweet as her name.
  • Sweet Tooth: Not as much as Sprinkle, but she does like eating sweets as much as baking them.
  • Team Chef: Her defining trait is her interest for baking and cooking.
    Rosy Bumps N' Bruises 
A nurse.
Voiced by: Emma Duke, Diana Kaarina (We're Lalaloopsy)
Singing by: Arielle Tuliao (We're Lalaloopsy)
    Mittens Fluff N' Stuff 
A lover of all things related to snow.
Voiced by:' Paige Stone, Kaylen Ponce (Search For Pillow, Welcome to LALA Prep School)
    Forest Evergreen 
A lumberjack who lives in a hut in the woods.
Voiced by: Keaton Whitbread, Samuel Vincent (We're Lalaloopsy)
  • Canada, Eh?: Behaves like a stereotypical Canadian in We're Lalaloopsy, complete with the accent, "Eh" Verbal Tic, and love for lumberjacking.
  • Unexplained Accent: Even though everybody speaks with American accents (besides Tippy Tumbelina, who's British, and Suzette Lasweet, who's French), he speaks with a Canadian accent in We're Lalaloopsy.
  • Verbal Tic: "Eh?"
  • Vocal Evolution: He inexplicably has a Canadian accent in We're Lalaloopsy.
    Ace Fender Bender 
A mechanic.
Voiced by: Griffin Kingston, Matt Hill (We're Lalaloopsy)
    Storm E. Sky 
Voiced by: Olivia Charles (Welcome To LALA Prep School), Mariee Devereux (We're Lalaloopsy)
Singing by: Paige Morgan
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has quite a lot of these moments.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With Jewel. They were constantly fighting with one another and couldn't stand each other at first. However, they got on better terms.
  • Perky Goth: In the Netflix series. She was more of the gloomier type in Welcome to L.A.L.A Prep School.

Lalaloopsy Littles

    Bundles Snuggles Stuff 
The little sister of Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff.

  • Baby Talk: In "The Search for Pillow", she speaks like this. It goes away after this movie, though.

    Sprinkle Spice Cookie 

  • Big Eater: In the first Littles commercial, she is described as such.
    "Sprinkle Spice Cookie eats her sister's yummy treats!"
  • Pink Means Feminine: Has a primarily pink outfit.

    Specs Reads-A-Lot 

  • Bookworm: Just like her sister. It's in her name after all.
  • The Voiceless: Only in the first movie, though.

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