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    How Lalaloopsies Were Made 
The Lalaloopsys were once humans, but died in their childhood.
Think about this. The universe where the Lalaloopsies lived in their human life was cursed by a witch who hated bad behavior in children, and so she killed each of the children who had done wrong and their (usually) innocent siblings. They were then reincarnated as colorful rag dolls who are perpetually innocent, that is until they remember their past lives. Here are some examples of the bad deeds, ranging from minor to major in random order:
  • Pillow Featherbed had slept in class. Her younger sister Blanket had always kept Pillow up every night with her incessant laughing. They both died from a carbon monoxide leak in their house.
  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie never ate her vegetables. She got diabetes and then died of pancreatic cancer. Her parents, not knowing how to deal with her sister Sprinkle becoming diabetic, killed her to spare her the fate Crumbs got before killing themselves out of grief.
  • Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff and her sister Bundles didn't listen to their mother when they were told to come inside because of snow. They went missing and were found a few days later dead in the snow from hypothermia.
  • Peanut Big Top and sister Squirt ran away to join the circus, abusing the animals there. They caught and succumbed to swine flu from one of the boars in the acts.
  • Spot Splatter Splash did graffiti in the urban area of her town. She was then beaten to death by gang members. They went to her house after hiding her body and then killed her family.
  • Jewel Sparkles thought more highly of herself than of anyone else she knew and used her family's riches to get what she wanted, often rubbing it in others' faces. She committed suicide and took her sister Trinket with her after getting coal for Christmas.
  • Dot Starlight made nuclear weapons. One of the said weapons malfunctioned and killed her.
  • Bea Spells-A-Lot cheated on a test. She was in a class trip accident with her younger sister and their parents.
  • Blossom Flowerpot and her sister Petal picked flowers from another person's garden without permission. They died from contact with a poisonous flower.
  • Tippy Tumblelina and her sister were arrogant when it came to ballet. They suffered the side effects on the feet that come with ballet dancing and, growing insane from having to deal with the pain, committed suicide during a performance by jumping off the highest part of the stage.
  • Sunny Side Up and Berry Jars 'N' Jam grew and hoarded marijuana. After they got addicted to it, they started thinking that everything was out to get them, which gradually drove them insane, eventually leading to them committing suicide.
  • Patch Treasurechest and Peggy Seven Seas were kids on a pirate ship. When the pirates found the buried treasure, the two got greedy and wanted the treasure for themselves. They killed each other out of rage.
  • Charlotte Charades and her little sister Sherri were street mimes that stole from people. They stowed away on a boat to England around the same time the Gunpowder Plot happened, volunteered to help in exchange for the treasure of the English Parliament, and were among the plotters killed by the English authorities.
  • Ember Flicker Flame and her little sister Red had pyromaniac tendencies such as an obsession with using matches and the stove to burn their school supplies and stuff they hated. They died from smoke inhalation when one such attempt led to their house getting set on fire.
  • Prairie Dusty Trails and her sister Trouble were gunslingers who, in an attempt to be Wild West heroes, tried to use Cold-Blooded Torture on a bandit troop. They were brutally shot.
  • Marina Anchors and her brother Matey showed up on a cruise trip uninvited. They died from oxygen deprivation when the ship crashed.
  • Ace Fender Bender tried to drive away in his dad's car. It's safe to say that he crashed.
  • Forest Evergreen carved his initials into trees. One unsteady one fell onto him.
  • April Sunsplash didn't listen to her mother when she was told to come inside the house due to rain. She later succumbed to pneumonia.
  • Mango Tiki Wiki and her sister Kiwi were pineapple smugglers. They were killed by the headhunters.
  • Confetti Carnivale and her little sister crashed into a private masquerade party. They were quickly beaten to death by angry party guests.
  • Harmony B. Sharp ran away from home to become a street singer and musician. She was later killed in a fatal tour bus accident.
  • Peppy Pom Poms thought of nothing but herself cheering for her high school football team. She died from a severely broken neck after falling off the pyramid formation and landing on the steel bleachers.
  • Dyna Might and her sister Tiny were uber-fans of comic books and bashed anyone who dared state opinions they disagreed with. One night, they wore their superhero costumes and went off to defend their town without protection, only to be killed by neighborhood criminals during the fight.
  • Swirly Figure Eight took her sister Twirly to run away to the ice skate show. They died in an unfortunate accident one night during it.
  • Teddy Honey Pots stole honey from a private honey tree. She died due to her allergic reaction to multiple bee stings.
  • Pepper Pots 'N' Pans prepared food that was despised by food critics due to being either burnt or undercooked. She never listened to said critics, and was killed by a fire that flared up when cooking one day.
  • Pickles B.L.T. only ate fast food in her life. She suffered congestive heart failure later on.
  • Scarlet Riding Hood was a werewolf who lacked the Alternate Identity Amnesia most werewolves in media have and purposefully hunted humans. She and her sister Cape (a harmless werepup) were shot by silver bullets.
  • Suzette La Sweet and her sister Mimi hailed from the 2nd Estate and disrespected the French Revolution. They were executed by the guillotine.
  • Kat Jungle Roar and her sister Whiskers often broke into the enclosures of zoo exhibits while disobeying their mother. One day, a hungry lion attacked them upon entering the exhibit of said animal.
  • Lady Stillwaiting was a royal bitch who only cared for herself. Sir Battlescarred was a peasant who was hopelessly in love with her, to the point he'd break into her estate just to see her. They both died at a civil war that broke out.
  • Misty Mysterious did some sadistic magic tricks, such as hanging, mutilating and stabbing people. On a show where she was to cooperate with another magician who wanted to bring justice, said magician killed her by making her brain disappear. Her sister Tricky, who was to participate in their act, used her sister's mutilation trick on herself out of sheer grief.
  • Sahara Mirage pranked people looking for an oasis into going to the middle of the desert. She and her sister Pita got buried in a sandstorm and suffocated.
  • Holly Sleighbells and Noelle Northpole went to Santa's Workshop to steal their presents. They planned to hide in his sleigh and jump off with parachutes when he was close to their respective homes, but ended up forgetting the parachutes and fell to their deaths.
  • Feather Tell-a-Tale always hid in the forest of Virginia so nobody in her tribe would find her and ignored them. She was killed by the British when they saw her.
  • Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises left people in the hospital for no reason at all, even locking their door. She died when she got multiple severe diseases from a patient. Her sister caught the diseases not long after.
  • Furry Grrs-A-Lot did illegal experiments to try and mutate herself into a horrific monster like the ones she saw in movies. She was successful, but her DNA became so genetically unstable she died not long after her transformation was complete.
  • Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn tried making new creatures via electricity and such. She got badly electrocuted bringing a dead body to life.
  • Cloud E. and Breeze E. Sky played with dangerous gases. They later suffered lung asphyxiation.
  • Cloud E. and Breeze E.'s distant sister Storm E. Sky made disturbingly loud and super offensive punk/metal music and did extremely messed up performances a la GG Allin. She went the same way as the aforementioned punk rocker: died from a heroin overdose.
  • Little Bah Peep and her sister Bow stole meat from the slaughterhouse. They were killed in a gruesome freak accident there.
  • Bubbles Smack 'N' Pop constantly chewed gum and spat it in people's faces. One day she popped a really big gum bubble, and it covered her whole face, causing her to suffocate.
  • Cherie Prim 'N' Proper played too roughly with dogs. She contracted rabies.
  • Fluffy Pouncy Paws was a member of the darkest side of the Furry Fandom. This included drawing/writing NSFW content of underage furry characters and online sexual harassment. She was reported to the FBI and committed suicide just before they broke into her house.
  • Pix E. and Twinkle N. Flutters were full-blown rabid fanatics when it came to The Fair Folk and old myths. One dark night they tried finding mythical creatures and ended up getting killed by a troll.
  • Coral Sea Shells and Sand E. Starfish didn't listen to their parents when they went swimming at a beach. Coral was stung by a deadly jellyfish and Sand E. drowned.
  • Toffee Cocoa Cuddles would seduce people and break their hearts, also committing sexual harassment. She groped someone and they killed her in self-defense.
  • Tress Twist 'N' Braid purposefully gave people bad haircuts. An out of control electric razor skinned her alive and she succumbed to blood loss.
  • Candle Slice O' Cake and Wishes lied about their ages to go to an adults-only party. They got drunk after downing bottles of alcohol and after the party, they drove a car home and crashed.
  • Smile E. Wishes and her sister Dream E. stole loose teeth from children and did sadistic dental work such as pulling out and drilling holes into their teeth. They were killed by an out of control drill during an appointment.
  • Yuki Kimono was the daughter of a corrupt daimyo. Robbers broke into her home and killed her family. She committed seppuku out of grief and fear of dying to them.
  • Snowy Fairest and her sister Beauty picked apples from another person's yard. They ate a tainted apple.
  • Allegra Leaps 'N' Bounds was a street ballet dancer who did suggestive dancing. She died from an accidental cocaine overdose.
  • Cinder Slippers and her sister Ribbon often showed up at parties uninvited and would usually tear up the place. They accidentally stepped on broken glass during one and suffered nasty infections.
  • Prince Handsome was a fratbro who treated women like garbage. All the women he harrassed killed him in revenge.
  • Whistle Kick 'N' Score used steroids before every soccer game. The aforementioned drug would later kill her.
  • Ocean Seabreeze and Pearly Seafoam were sirens who lured and killed the innocent. They were captured and gutted by fishermen.
  • Tuffet Miss Muffet killed spiders as a hobby. She was bitten by a black widow.
  • Charms Seven Carat, Clarity Glitter Gazer, Bijou Treasure Trove, and Dazzle 'N' Gleam were a group of infamous jewel robbers. They were shot and killed by cops during what would be their final heist.
  • Haley Galaxy was an alien invader bent on conquering Earth. She was captured by the government and her body was used for studies and experiments.
  • Curls 'N' Locks broke into and vandalized other's homes. During one of her 'visits', she decided to stay for the night, the family the house belonged to came home and attacked and killed her in the darkness.
  • Alice in Lalaloopsyland and Wacky Hatter took illegal hallucinogenic drugs. They succumbed to the side effects.
  • Cotton Hoppalong liked to kill helpless bunnies for fun and gorge herself on stolen Easter candy. She later died from taking in too much sugar.
  • Pete R. saw Peter Pan, snuck out of his home, and jumped off the roof trying to fly like the character. His bones broke instantly, killing him.
  • Bun Bun Sticky Icing went to the Cinnabon at the local mall and shoplifted a bunch of cinnamon rolls. She later fell down the escalator and was crushed.
  • Cake Dunk N Crumble did the same thing as Bun Bun, but with donuts and Dunkin' Donuts. She later died in a car accident.
  • Cherry Crisp Crust liked to kill blackbirds and bake them into her pies. She later succumbed to a poisoned cherry.
  • Choco Whirl Swirl liked to feed chocolate to dogs. She was then eaten by dogs like Jezebel was in the Bible.
  • Fancy Frost N Glaze was a stuck up brat who wouldn’t invite unpopular kids to her tea parties. She choked on a Walmart sugar cookie.
  • Ivory Ice Crystals was a spoiled little girl who lived up in the north. She drowned in the broken ice on the frozen pond.
  • Jelly Wiggle Jiggle liked to laugh at horrible, offensive jokes. She lost her breath laughing too hard.
  • Scoops Waffle Cone and her sister Spoons liked to open ice cream tubs in the Walmart freezer aisle, lick it, and leave it there for clueless customers to buy. They suffered a severe and somehow fatal brain freeze.
  • Sprouts Sunshine was lynched by evangelicals for celebrating a sacrilegious Easter.
  • Sugar Fruit Drops was a drama queen who liked to spread malicious gossip about others at school. She and her sister Giggly were run over by a school bus.
  • Toasty Sweet Fluff and her sister Mallow were pyromaniacs who liked to barge camping trips and make big fires to toast their marshmallows. They burned in a forest fire.
  • Twist E. Twirls was a competitive jump roper. She was boastful and later suffocated after getting tangled in the ropes.
  • Dotty Gale Winds, Baley Sticks N Straws, Tinny Ticker, and Kitty B Brave all pirated The Wizard of Oz off an illegal movie site. A tornado came and killed them.
  • Anna Double Scoops, Patty Burgers 'N' Buns, Fries Curls 'N' Crinkles, and Pizza Cutie Pie all disobeyed work rules and ethics when working at the same fast food joint. Anna fell into the ice cream machine somehow and froze to death. Patty and Fries slipped on grease, leading Patty to fall on the grill and Fries straight into the deep fryer. Pizza was fatally scalded by hot cheese.
  • Similar to Storm E., the Buttonettes (Keys Sharps 'N' Flats, Strings Pick 'N' Strum, and Sticks Boom Crash) did horribly offensive songs and tormented their own fans. The stage they were performing on one night collapsed.
  • Royal T. Honeystripes was the queen bee at high school who hated everyone and took joy in killing bees. She was also allergic to them and just so happened to get stung by one.
  • Boo Scaredy Cat was very superstitious to the point she tormented black cats. The ones abused by her would later gang up on and kill her.
  • Frost I.C. Cone would pee in snow cones and sell them to others, claiming them to be lemon-flavored. She would accidentally consume one of her own and got fatally sick from it.
  • Goldie Luxe was a rich Spoiled Brat. She fell in molten gold.
  • Star Magic Spells cheated in Dungeons & Dragons. She choked on a d20 that landed in her mouth during a session.
  • Winter Snowflake made offensive snowmen. She was crushed by a snowplow on accident.
  • Likewise, Trace E. Doodles and Squiggles 'N' Shapes made offensive chalk drawings and clay statues respectively. Trace E. suffocated in a chalk cloud and Squiggles was crushed by a giant clay middle finger she sculpted.
  • Queenie Red Hearts wanted to imitate the Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and used flamingos as croquet mallets. They killed her in self-defense.
  • The Lala-Oopsies princess ballerinas were tyrannical rulers. They along with their little sisters (who became the fairies) and some innocent swimmers (the mermaids) died in a nuclear war that they initiated, thus why their ragdoll incarnations look rather warped.
  • Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy ran a lemonade stand with her friends and the working conditions were terrible for her employees. Her employees made a poisoned lemon meringue pie for her, and she perished when she ate it.
  • Lucky Lil' Bug liked to scare her friends with superstitions. She was crushed by a ladder she walked under.
  • Pumpkin Candle Light liked to steal pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and taunt scarecrows. One day, the scarecrows came to life and decapitated her.
  • Mona Arch Wings pinned dead butterflies to her collection. She fell into several pins one day and contracted tetanus.
  • The witch herself was eventually found by some families whose children were killed by her spell, arrested, sentenced to execution and reincarnated as a rag doll named Candy Broomsticks after her death.

Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn has the power to create other Lalaloopsys.
Lalaloopsys come to life after they're stitched together, right? Word of God shows that Scraps is one of the few Lalaloopsys with the ability to sew, so conceivably she can create new Lalaloopsys of her own. Ironic, given that Scraps herself is modeled after Frankenstein's Monster. (On the Lala-Oopsie side, there's the possibility that Princess Juniper has a similar ability, since she can knit.)

The whereabouts of the original owners of the fabrics made into the Lalaloopsys.
A lot of the descriptions imply that the fabrics made into the Lalas were owned by people before (a real princess's dress, a baby's blankie, etc.), so where are they now? I only thought of the original 8 so far
  • The blankie used to make Pillow and Blanket belonged to the Dollmaker itself (whoever they might be) since infancy.
  • The school uniform made into Bea and Specs? Also the dollmaker's own. They managed to sneak their high school uniform home to make into dolls. It was not known if that's legal.
  • The clown costume (Peanut and Squirt), painting overalls (Spot and Scribbles), and baking apron (Crumbs and Sprinkle) were donated to the dollmaker.
  • The winter scarf that was made into Mittens and Bundles actually never really belonged to anyone before, it was custom-made and bought by the dollmaker.
  • The princess who wore the dress made into Jewel and Trinket is long dead. Her dress was put into auction and the dollmaker won the bidding.
  • As for the spacesuit made into Dot? I dunno I guess the dollmaker up and robbed NASA or something.
  • The outfits of Sunny Side Up, Berry Jars 'N' Jam, and Blossom Flowerpot along with her sister Petal were handed down from a farmer and his wife who was a gardener, in which both of them were long deceased. Their clothes were put in auction and the dollmaker won the bidding.

The Original Eight were meant to be older than the others.
When they were sewn, The Maker intended the Original Eight to oversee the younger dolls (for example, Bea as the town teacher and Jewel as an acting monarch). As it turns out this backfired, as the Original Eight were sewn at the same timeframe as everyone else. Their plan would’ve worked better if the Original Eight were sewn years before the rest.

The creator of the Lalaloopsies started to use odd materials to make the dolls because they were running low on material.
In the beginning, the Lalaloopsies were sewn from prized fabrics the creator had on hand. When they ran short of said fabrics, they had no other choice but to turn to their surroundings. Even using clouds and a honeycomb.

When a Lalaloopsy dies, their clothes are used to make another doll.
Since there’s the implication of generations of Lalaloopsies existing before the ones we know and love.

For example, if Cloud E (ironic example, I know) was to kick the bucket, her clothes would be used to create a new Lalaloopsy. But their material would be called “An Angel’s Tunic” or the like, instead of Cloud E’s original “Whisps of a Cloud”.

The Lalaloopsies are growing to become human.
The Lalaloopsy Babies dolls have plush bodies and patterns all over. In Lalaloopsy Girls they get smaller heads and lips, making them resemble teenage girls more. And in the 2017 reboot, where they are implied to be adults, they lose their stitched-on cheeks and their dolls had “real” brushable hair, could stand and came in varied poses like other fashion dolls. Also, the series finale shows that Lalaloopsies, at least the pets, can sexually reproduce... yeah. Since the Lalaloopsies’ backstory details they’re rag dolls who gained sentience, perhaps the characters are becoming more human-like as they grow up.
  • Adding to this, perhaps the creators of the Lalaloopsies are their now-human parents, and when the characters grow up and become humans they will sew Lalaloopsy Babies of their own and the cycle continues.

    Character Traits 
Bea Spells-A-Lot has Asperger's Syndrome.
In the brand new television series, Bea and Berry Jars 'N' Jam are in Berry's kitchen, baking pancakes. Berry had just broken the record for the most blueberries stuffed in one pancake. She told Bea to put that in the record book. Bea actually took the pancake and put it into the record book. Taking things literally is a symptom of Asperger's Syndrome. I will keep watching the series to look for more evidence.

Peanut's pet Elephant is more than he seems.
In the episode of the tv show called "Princess Parade", Peanut's elephant is trying as hard as he can to pull the parade floats. There seems to be what looks like a flashback of him being able to lift boulders and toss them around in the air. The whole sequence has an old film effect. Those must have been actual memories from his past. It's unknown if Peanut was around then, but that doesn't matter. What matters, is that all the pets have actual thoughts, as we now know, and aren't just cronies that follow their owners around.

Rosie Bumps 'N' Bruises is a hypochondriac.
As evidenced in the movie and "Spotitis", she really likes bandaging people and keeping them hospital bound. It is justified when Mittens and Bundles are in a sled crash, when they may need care, but keeping people bed-ridden when there is a crime is just overreacting. Or, she's just a little girl. Take your pick.

Cherie Prim 'N' Proper is a werewolf (werepoodle?)
Her doggish appearance and personality says it all.

Storm E. is either a demon or a Fallen Angel.
The best way to contrast with Cloud E. being an angel and all.

Both are tan-skinned and have black button eyes. They also live in the woods, have medieval theming, and have pet dragons. They're made of different material, but that doesn't eliminate the possibility of them being distant relatives/cousins.

Pillow's sheep died between the original series and the Lalaloopsy Girls movie.
Note how we don't find it at all, despite the sheep being more active than Pillow. Pillow could be oversleeping these days due to the grief of Sheep's untimely demise. Or Sheep got just as lazy as her and was sleeping with her (no, not like that).

The Lala-Oopsies princess ballerinas were meant to be sewn from both royal clothes and ballet gear.
It would be really fitting, after all.

All the Lalaloopsies have innate power, but they have yet to hone them.
The Lalaloopsies are all described to be "magical", but only a select few exhibit magical powers. It's pretty obvious characters like Sahara and Pita, Candy, Star, and the fairies and mermaids all possess magic powers.note  However, Mittens possessed ice powers in the earlier webisodes. And Clarity Glitter Gazer is described to be a telepath and clairvoyant, although she is a gemstone Lalaloopsy. Maybe everyone in Lalaloopsyland has a unique special power, but many aren't aware of it. The ones listed are aware they have powers and as such practice them.
  • Pix E. can't fly and her wings are described to be fake, but in Lalaloopsy Girls the wings are real and she has learned flight as a teenager. Who's to say between the time passed between the original cartoon and the movie Pix E. discovered her true powers as a fairy?
  • Dyna Might is a superheroine, but she relies heavily on her gear. Perhaps because she's still a child, she still needs to learn how to use her superpowers without the aid of her goggles.
  • Alternatively, the Lalaloopsies all know their magical abilities, but choose not to use them.
    • Perhaps in that case, we should have ideas for what characters have what abilities?
      • I always got the feeling that Ivory Ice Crystals was An Ice Person. And Goldie Luxe likely has a gold touch.
      • Pete R. is likely immortal. He can fly, but doesn't know it.
      • Cloud E. likely has angel related powers, but we don't see them in Welcome to LALA Prep School.
      • Likewise, Storm E. could have demonic abilities plus control of storms and rain, though she hasn't mastered them.
      • Breeze E. could likely have a mix of both of her sisters'.
      • The flower-themed characters, like Blossom, Petal, Rosebud, Bluebell, Mari, Posy, Seed, and Happy have a Green Thumb.
      • Cherie Prim 'N' Proper, as mentioned in an above guess, could very well have lycanthropy, and the same may or may not apply to Scarlet and Cape Riding Hood.
      • In contrast to Cherie, Scarlet, and Cape, Fluffy Pouncy Paws and Boo Scaredy Cat have ailuranthropy, meaning they're werecats.
      • Pillow and Blanket Featherbed could perhaps control and travel to others' dreams a la Princess Luna.
      • Kat, Whiskers, Snowy, Beauty, Little Bah and Bow can all talk to animals.
      • Bea and Specs have Super Intelligence, but mostly decide to tell about basic school stuff.
      • Ember Flicker Flame, Red Fiery Flame, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, and Sprinkle Spice Cookie could have pyrokinesis, and Ember became a firefighter to see if it could help her control that.
      • The mermaid Lalaloopsies can control water and the oceans. Sew Magical Mermaids Coral and Sand E can turn into human/mermaid at will.
      • April Sunsplash can control the weather.
      • Sir Battlescarred is actually as strong as a Titan, but we never see this because he’s a Cowardly Lion.
      • Jewel and Trinket Sparkles have hypnotic abilities, and could easily use them to have people do as the two command, but they found this "too evil", and therefore never use it.

Mittens stopped using her snow powers for a reason...
She frequently used her powers so much, one day she conjured the Endless Winter in her local area. Mittens has no idea how to lift it, so she sealed off her powers. And when she got older she became a Granola Girl to maintain her temper and stop herself from unleashing another eternal snowstorm.

The first Lalaloopsies are based on the Seven Deadly Sins.
This troper has been thinking this for a while.
  • Peanut: Pride. There are countless times where Peanut boasts her ringmistress skills despite of her clumsiness.
  • Crumbs: Gluttony. To be specific the overconsumption of sweets, we never see Crumbs make anything else other than these.
  • Pillow: Sloth. Pillow is such a Sleepy Head she schedules nap times for every day.
  • Dot: Despair. With the Sky Gate (the barrier between the Earth and space), Dot's dreams of actually going to space are rendered hopeless until the 39 years pass.
    • Reason being this not being Envy is that not only it cannot be applied to Dot, but despair is one of the more obscure sins.
  • Spot: Greed. Spot isn't a greedy person, however there's a stereotype that artists are "greedy" with the high prices they put on their work.
  • Bea: Wrath. Again, Bea isn't temperamental but there's the Stern Teacher trope.
  • Mittens: Lust. There's no child-friendly way to translate this, but Mittens is described to be a "snow lover" (but not in THAT way).
  • Jewel: Vanity. Jewel takes a lot of care into mimicking the mannerisms of a princess, and her mini playset is also a vanity.

Pearly Seafoam and Ocean Seabreeze are mermaid princesses.
Since they have tiaras, perhaps they’re the underwater equivalent to the Princess Club or actual royalty. Sand E. and Coral meanwhile are common mermaid folk, and have less worries about safety. Hence why they’re the only mermaid Lalaloopsies who come to the surface (since Pearly and Ocean were never shown outside water in the Bubbly Mermaid Commercial.)

Confetti Carnivale and Suzette La Sweet are the same person.
After seeing Jewel (who isn’t royalty) hanging out with “common folk” as friends, Suzette felt her lavish life was lacking and wanted to explore more. So she often wears a hot pink wig and goes out with her second pet, a hot pink cat, to more local parties as “Confetti Carnivale”.

Jewel’s fear of spiders is a Coraline reference.
Because Beldam looks like a spider. This could get dark if you think about it too much.

Hilariously, Tuffet Miss Muffet is supposed to represent an alternate Jewel.
Coming off from similar palettes. It can go three ways:
  • If Jewel was never infatuated with a princess fantasy and lived a simple life.
  • If Jewel always had a spider as a pet instead of a cat, therefore never becoming afraid of them.
  • If Jewel underwent a (Played for Laughs) Sanity Slippage while trying to deal with the spider in “Eight Legged Friend” and never went out the house. So when Trinket came back from the Timber Rangers retreat... she came home to Jewel eating porridge with a spider.


     2017 Reboot 
Cloud E. Sky will be in the Netflix reboot series.
Her sister Storm E. is said to be in it, so why not Cloud E.!?
  • Sadly Jossed. The show was canceled after only 13 episodes and Cloud E. never showed up.

The Netflix series will be Darker and Edgier despite its looks.
Because why not?
  • Surprisingly Confirmed! (In a way.) While it has a TV-Y rating, the last 3 episodes are astonishingly bleak and don't get better until the season finale.

The new series will finally reveal who made the Lalaloopsys and how they brought them to life.
This troper has always been wondering it ever since she first heard about them.
  • Jossed. It's still a mystery.

Cloud E. and Storm E. do know they are sisters in this version, but they have a strained relationship.
Maybe Storm E. found Cloud E. too overbearing and smothering to the point she wanted to move out. If the series manages to get Un-Canceled and a second season is made, it would have Cloud E. coming to Lalaloopsy Land and the sisters making amends.

Mittens was Adapted Out in the 2017 reboot due to backlash.
It’s not as prominent as the controversy surrounding the stereotypical characters, however Mittens has been controversial since she’s described to be sewn from “An Es—mo’s Scarf”, using a term considered offensive to the majority of the Inuit. Her love for winter is portrayed as harmless, but with that in mind it becomes stereotypical. Perhaps when rebooting the franchise, the creators took note of that and that’s why Mittens isn’t in the Netflix series. Her only reboot appearance in the Blind Bag Collectables doesn’t mention the material she is sewn from, probably for the better.

Not as bad as Mittens' possible issue, but Bea, Peanut, and Pillow were Adapted Out because MGA thought they were too "childish".
With the rather dramatic story arc and the implications that Storm E's cat got Jewel's cat pregnant the biological way, it is more than likely that MGA wanted to give the reboot a slight Darker and Edgier tone. Bea had a mostly elementary school motif, Peanut was based around circuses, and Pillow's gimmick was naptimes and she was even sewn from a baby's blankie. While there could have been steps to make them suitable for the new show, MGA probably just decided that they didn't fit with the 2017 reboot and did away with them.

While Peanut and Bea came back for the final wave of mystery minis, Pillow was still long gone, most likely because the company still didn't change their mind about her.

  • Y'know, this could also be why Pillow wasn't featured more in Lalaloopsy Girls. Yes, I'm still bitter.
    • It’s honestly odd Pillow (and Blanket) wasn’t used often, while in Lalaloopsy’s sister toyline L.O.L. Surprise! there is a Sleepover Club dedicated to Sleepy Head characters like her. Heck, one of the characters (Sleepy Bones) got an OMG sister (Chillax)!

     2021 Reboot 
Should MGA reboot Lalaloopsy for the 2020s, it will be based on the 2017 reboot.
The Mega Gift Box Surprise uses reboot art of Crumbs Sugar Cookie to represent Lalaloopsy on the box, although the Lalaloopsy-related toys inside are pre-reboot Tinies.

They will be making more minis/Tinies than large dolls if there is a 2021 reboot.
Not only it’s cheaper and quicker, Blind Bag Collectables (something MGA is known for codifying) are becoming more popular. Also during the 2017 reboot, they made a total of 5 large dolls and one wave of Tinies, and ended with a few lines of mystery mini packs.

Predictions on returnees in the 2021 reboot?
  • Jewel Sparkles: It’s a given.
  • Spot Splatter Splash: Another given.
  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie: The third given.
  • Storm E Sky: Since her character was popular in both Girls and the 2017 incarnation, it’s a given.
  • Cloud E Sky: In a twist!
  • Dot Starlight: In response to fans’ pleads for more of her. This time, with more merchandise!
  • Mittens Fluff N Stuff: However because of what was discussed in one of the 2017 Reboot WMGs, they’d adapt out/rename the scarf she’s made from.
  • Bea Spells-A-Lot: In response to her absence in the previous series.
  • Peanut Big Top: Second verse, same as the first.
  • Pillow Featherbed: Just like the other two, but with even stronger pushing from the fanbase because of her prior lack of attention in Lalaloopsy Girls.
  • Rosy Bumps N Bruises: She has been a popular character, even in the reboot.
  • Pix E Flutters: Got the idea she’d return with Cloud E, which would signify MGA pulling inspiration from Lalaloopsy Girls for the reboot once again.

If there is another reboot, there will be a villain-themed Lalaloopsy to counterpart Dyna Might.
However, they'll almost certainly be a Harmless Villain and probably won't actually get down to any villainous shenanigans - at best, we can hope for mischief and pranks.

Despite of hopeful theorizations, there isn’t an actual Lalaloopsy reboot planned for 2021.
The troper is half-being pessimistic and half-lowering their expectations in case it actually DOES happen.

Had Lalaloopsy Girls not ended so soon, it would've gotten an animated series.
It seemed more than just a Lalaloopsy Spin-Off and was more of a sister toy to me, at least. Also, The Movie's title had "Welcome to L.A.L.A Prep School" as a subtitle, indicating that it would've been an introduction to a whole show.

The 2017 reboot continuity is connected to the original continuity... but in a twisted way.
Around the time of Lalaloopsy Girls, a devestating force hit Lalaloopsy Land. The only ones who could combat it were Cloud E. and Breeze E., the latter reveals that they intentionally distanced themselves from Storm E. to hide that they were powerful angels. The two were able to defeat the threat, however many lives were lost and could not be revived. The survivors: the Farmer twins, Ace, Forest, Dot, Rosy, Spot, Crumbs, Jewel and Storm E. were all left traumatized. Wishing them to live a happy life free from pain, Breeze E. and Cloud E. use the remainder of their powers (and as a result giving up their lives) to erase the survivors’ memories and keep Lalaloopsy Land in the small Town Square, away from the rubble. However, Storm E. followed them to the spot where they performed the sacrifice (but still fell under the effect of the memory wipe) and ended up far from Town Square. It’s for this reason that Cloud E. is not present in the 2017 reboot...

However, her pet poodle was sent as a guide to make sure Storm E. and the others live a happy life together, hence why its appearance was a plot point.

  • The 2021 reboot happens after they all find out the poodle’s relation to Cloud E. and they regain their memories. Driven by this, the remaining Lalaloopsies spend a few years searching for any remainders of the angels’ powers. Using these and Dot and Ace’s innovations, they were able to rebirth Lalaloopsy Land again to revive... almost everyone.


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