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  • Amazing Technicolor Population: All the Oopsies have pastel-colored skin complexions.
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  • Fashionable Asymmetry: The predominant design element.
  • Land, Sea, Sky: The Princesses and the Ponies live on the islands, the Mermaids live in the Strawberry Milk River, and the Fairies are capable of flight and sleep in pods hanging from trees.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Unlike the Lalaloopsies, the Oopsies aren't stated to be sewn from anything. They also lack birthdates.
  • One-Shot Character: Lala-Oopsie Land only recieves cartoon focus in "A Sew Magical Tale".
  • Our Fairies Are Different: The Oopsy fairies are as small as the Littles and they live in pods. Lalaloopsy fairies Pix E. and Twinkle, however, live in a house and are the same height as their peers.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: The Oopsy mermaids lack human forms, like toyline exclusives Pearly Seafoam and Ocean Seabreeze.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Every single Oopsy has pink in their design, some even have it as a skintone.
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  • Princesses Rule: The four princesses Nutmeg, Anise, Juniper, and Saffron rule individual kingdoms they share their names with.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: There is a lack of a monarchy in Lalaloopsy Land, despite there being plentiful of Blue Blood Lalas. In Lala-Oopsie Land, the Princesses are stated to rule their own kingdoms.
  • Theme Naming:
    • All the princesses are named after ground spices and plants.
    • All the fairies are named after plants, mostly flowers.
    • All the mermaids have water-related names.
  • Vague Age: Almost all the Oopsies share the same voices as the Lalaloopsies. However, they rule their own kingdoms and seem to live independently. The Oopsie princesses are also taller than normal Lalaloopsies, but their proportions have more in common with them than the teenage Girls designs.
  • Talking Animal: Averted for the Oopsy Ponies. Unlike the Lalaloopsy Ponies, they don't speak.


    Princess Nutmeg
The Princess of Silly, loves dancing and making others smile despite her clumsiness.
Voiced by: Tate McRae

    Princess Anise
The Princess of Knick-Knacks, loves sharing stories about her collection of keepsakes.
Voiced by: Selia Sangra

    Princess Juniper
The Princess of Know-How, a little-miss-fix-it and an adept problem solver.
Voiced by: Hayley Stone

    Princess Saffron
The Princess of Hugs, a sweet princess who loves making treats.
Voiced by: Emma Duke

  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Like Rosy, she's warm, caring, and voiced by Emma Duke. She also loves baking sweet treats and has a pet mouse, just like Crumbs.
  • Team Chef: Loves baking sweets, to be exact.


    Fairy Fern 
A gentle and sweet fairy who loves taking naps.
Voiced by: Taylor Walters

    Fairy Daffodil 
A hardworking fairy who always tries her best, but can't fly as high.
Voiced by: Miika Bryce Whiskeyjack

  • Determinator: She tries her best to fly as high as the other fairies, although she often tumbles.

    Fairy Lilac 
A fairy who flies upside down.
Voiced by: Lauren Ladoceur

    Fairy Tulip 
A fairy who inspires her friends to get things done.
Voiced by: Marcella Lafreniere

  • Face Your Fears: She's afraid of flying over the Strawberry Milk, but she's willing to let that go if she has to.


    Mermaid Tadpole 
A mermaid who loves learning things.
Voiced by: Jordan Anderson

    Mermaid Fin 
A quick-thinking mermaid.
Voiced by: Gabrielle Ann Davis

  • The Smart Guy: She likes to help others find solutions to problems. She's also less athletic, not being the fastest swimmers.

    Mermaid Opal 
A fearless, friendly and curious mermaid.
Voiced by: Cascadas Lucia Fuller

  • Foil: Unlike Water Lily, she likes to jump into things.
  • The Pollyanna: She always looks at the bright side.

    Mermaid Water Lily 
A sensible mermaid who likes to stay cozy at home.
Voiced by: Greer Hunt

  • Foil: Unlike Opal, she's more sensible and practical.
  • Mellow Fellow: She goes with the flow.


A yellow pegasus living in the Kingdom of Anise, inspires imaginations.

    Tea Biscuit 
A blue pony living in the Kingdom of Anise, dreams of princesses and fairies.

A pink unicorn living in the Kingdom of Anise, ready for her next adventure.


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