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  • Just how old ARE the Lalaloopsies? They're voiced by children (and adults since 2017), but the Lalaloopsies themselves seem WAY too smart. (especially Bea and Star), plus, they can drive vehicles, make treats with the oven, and know lots of big words.
    • They're most likely Adorably Precocious Children in the original, as they became teens in Lalaloopsy Girls, and the reboot does away with that and makes them adults, as Jewel's cat manages to give birth, when she had an "older" looking design along with her owner back in Lalaloopsy Girls.
  • There's a line of toys and a video that features the Lalaloopsies as babies, which begs the question: if they're dolls that came to life, then how did they start out as babies? And how did they grow into their current forms?
    • It's possible that whoever made them sewed them as baby dolls, then gave them the magic to grow older. Remember, their tagline was "Sew Magical, Sew Cute."
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  • How did the Littles come into their big sisters' lives exactly? Lalaloopsy Babies shows the existence of a nursery... were the Littles raised there and the sisters took them in? Or did they just magically appeared in front of their porch and they accepted them as their little siblings? (This is not taking the theories that the Lalaloopsies have parents into account.)
  • The food-themed Lalaloopsies. They create/grow and eat the sweets/fruits/meals that they are made from. Isn’t this technically cannibalism!?
    • And what about Squirt’s pet peanut and Mimi’s pet cupcake? Or the food-animal hybrids like Scoops’s ice cream cat? How are they NOT unnerved when their owners eat what they are made of in front of them?
    • The flower-themed Lalaloopsies are not safe from this either. Not only is Blossom a gardener (which means she harvests what they are created from for a living), but 3 out of 4 of them are described to be the best gardeners of their respective flowers. How are they okay with that!? Is this why Mari (the only non-gardener) was the only one who appeared in the series out of this collection, because even the writers had no idea how to make sense of this!?
  • The toy description states that Trace E. Doodles and Squiggles N Shapes are created the same way as everyone else. But in the Nick JR series, Spot creates them into life. So, can Lalaloopsies make their own Lalaloopsies? Is Spot technically their mother? Are Trace E. and Squiggles technically sisters??
    • Trace E. has a more forgivable case, because Chalk Land seemed to be an already existing realm and you could interpret Spot only drew her into Lalaloopsyland (or maybe that poses more questions). But Squiggles was sculpted into life by Spot, Pandora style.
  • Considering all Lalaloopsies live together, how did other languages develop (in the case of Suzette and Mango)? How did accents like Canadian (Forest) and British (Tippy) develop too?
    • Perhaps Lalaloopsy Land actually refers to a continent (at least in the original) with several different cultures.
  • The holiday-themed dolls imply Lalaloopsyland has their versions of Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. How did these holidays develop in Lalaloopsyland? Do they have their own religions?
    • The Lalaloopsy counterpart for Halloween is Knick Knack Knock Knock Day, which is when Scraps Stitched N Sewn knocks on some residents’ doors and leaves handmade gifts for them on their porch. Perhaps Joyful Holiday (the Lalaloopsy Christmas) is just like that, only it’s Holly around leaving personalized gifts and there’s caroling.
  • The Ponies live far from Lalaloopsyland and were pen pals with Peanut, but she didn't know they were ponies. Where exactly did the Ponies come from? And were the ponies the ones writing to Peanut (My Little Pony style)? Or is there another Lala writing for them, perhaps the one who trained them (because they're obviously tamed)? If that's the case, where were they for the whole duration of the movie!?
    • Also, all three Buttonettes recently moved to Lalaloopsy Land. Like the Ponies, where exactly did they come from? Is it the same town as the ponies?
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    • Perhaps Storm E. came from their town as well? Maybe the town they all used to live in was THAT bad?
  • How did Storm E. and Cloud E. not know they were sisters prior to attending LALA Prep? And why is such information studied in class (which was how Cloud E. found out)?
    • Classes on genetics and bloodlines exist. The first question, however, I do not know either. Mayhaps they were separated at a young age.
  • Whatever happened to the one(s) who sewed the Lalaloopsys, and who were they? Was it all one person? Was it a group?
    • Assuming the very ending of their movie actually happened and implies they were Real After All, who created the Oopsies as well? They don't have specified sewn-on dates or materials. Is their creator the same as the Loopsies'?
  • Who was in charge of the Nursery in the Babies movie and where the everloving felt were they?!
    • On a related note, who are the teachers in LALA Prep? Heck, is there any actual staff like a principal, even custodians!?
  • When it comes to the reboot, Storm E. wasn't native to Lalaloopsy Land, and it was obvious she was going somewhere far from her place and wasn't planning to stay in Lalaloopsy Land until the finale, so where did she come from, and where was she planning to go?
  • Marina Anchors has a pet whale. In the original series, when not in the ocean her whale follows her around in a tank. In Lalaloopsy Girls, the pets are bigger. That being said, what's gonna happen when Marina goes to LALA Prep? Is she going to leave her whale behind at home or the closest ocean to the school? Or is the whale going to follow her around campus in a tall tank? Whales also grow to be really big, which doesn't really help here.
  • On the topic of Marina’s whale in a tank: In “Anchors Away”, it’s shown that Marina’s whale swims alongside her boat when she sails. But in “Jewel’s Jewel Chest”, Marina brings her whale, still in the tank, onto her boat... ?
  • Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises is the sole nurse. But she acts more like a combination of a nurse, a general practitioner, a veterinarian, and an optician. She also does all the house calls. What happens when she gets sick/injured? In "Spot-Itis", she gets "infected" but still continues to work. What if she ends up in a condition making her incapable of taking care of herself?
    • Same question goes to Ember Flicker Flame. What happens when her own house is on fire or when she's stuck up somewhere? Will Dyna Might have to take her job? Will Dyna Might do the same for Rosy?
  • Was Coral Sea Shells sewn with legs or with a fishtail? She has a house, so I'm guessing she was made with two legs. But she's usually seen in merchandise as a mermaid, even in her Babies doll!
    • If the case is she turns into a mermaid when she enters the water, was she sewn as a mermaid or with two legs?
    • The same applies to Sand E. In "What A Dive" she's a mermaid, but she's a Sew Magical Mermaid like Coral. Is it the opposite, if she enters the surface she turns into a human?
  • Wait. In the Lalaloopsy Girls movie, Storm E. Sky is said not to be a fan of pink and doesn't know a lot about it... but she has a dark pink ribbon and magenta walls in her side of the dorm room?
    • Maybe she's more of a fan of the darker pinks? And what she means by not knowing a lot about pink, she meant the lighter shades of the color.
  • Peanut, Bea, Ace and Jewel (as seen in “Welcome to LALA Prep”) know how to drive. When did they learn how, and who taught them? Storm E. in the reboot is barred from this, since she’s implied to be an adult and with the implication of other towns outside Lalaloopsyland, she probably learned there.
    • And if Ace was the one who taught everyone, who taught him first?
      • Parents, perhaps? That is assuming they do exist, of course.
  • In most schools, only high school seniors can run for Student Council President. So why did LALA Prep let Jewel and Storm E. (who both are just-enrolled freshmen) run? And if grade level doesn’t actually matter for the position, neither of them aren’t really familiar with the school yet.
    • Also, that scene where they fight in Glitter Science (over a seat). That would’ve made both of them seem immature and unfit, and realistically the school would take their names off the ballots because of that. But they didn’t, although everyone in the classroom saw it go down. Bea, the renowned teacher’s pet and the runner of the gossipy school newspaper, never even brought it up!
  • Judging from the title of the line it's from, LALA Prep is apparently an all-girls school, so... where did Patch, Forest, Ace, Sir, Wacky, Prince and Pete R. (and when he grows up, Matey) go? Is there another school for the boys, which is more-than-likely smaller? Or only the girls receive education in Lalaloopsyland, while the boys stay at home?
  • Assuming because everyone in Lalaloopsyland gets along well, they get things for free. But “Stuck on You” shows the existence of currency, as Jewel’s cat possesses a coin. Do they really have a currency system after all, or is the coin one of those collector coins?
  • The movie “Festival of Sugary Sweets” focuses on Candle Slice O’ Cake and new characters Sugar Fruit Drops and The Hero Whirly Stretchy Locks, while Peppy, Dot, Peanut and Crumbs serve more secondary roles. It doesn’t make sense why Crumbs, a main character in the original series, had a minor role in a film revolving around her motif. Doesn’t really help that Peanut had a more major role instead.
  • If we go by the implication that all the Lalaloopsies were created by one, same dollmaker, wouldn’t that make everyone, even Official Couple Sir Battlescarred and Lady Stillwaiting, technically siblings!?
  • Storm E's entry in the Girls line all but outright says she doesn't believe in unicorns. What about Clarity and Lady's pets, along with half of the Lalaloopsy Ponies?
    • Then again, it was established that Storm E.'s the new girl, so she might just not have been aware of them.

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