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Fridge Brilliance

  • Astronomy-themed Dot Starlight replaces Bea Spells-A-Lot as The Smart Guy in the reboot. Because she's a "rocket scientist".
  • The oft-quarreling Jewel Sparkles and Storm E. Sky are both girls that have cats (who ironically get along quite well). It's a Cat Fight! ...but.. ya know... without the Fanservice, 'cause this is a little girls' show.
  • Storm E. has pink streaks in her Lalaloopsy Girls doll to contrast with Jewel’s hair turning purple in water for her Lalaloopsy Girls doll and Jewel adding purple streaks to her hair at the end of “Welcome to LALA Prep School” after seeing Storm E. in a more positive light.
    • Storm E. is also given a magenta Skunk Stripe in the 2017 reboot. One of the dolls of this era is “Jewel’s Glitter Makeover”, in which Jewel can be given purple streaks, another parallel of their hair colors.
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  • One of the fashion packs for the large dolls is a yellow raincoat, with the character Rosy Bumps N Bruises as the model in the packaging. With Rosy’s dark-colored eyes, short blue hair, and small light pink hair accessories, this might have been an intentional Shout-Out to the film that may or may not have cemented rag dolls as Paranoia Fuel to some people.
  • Storm E. is a guitarist in both Lalaloopsy Girls and the Netflix reboot not only to fit with her Perky Goth characterization, but to also contrast with Cloud E. Because Cloud E.'s mini came with a harp.
  • Cloud E. and Storm E. are siblings, but they don't look alike. Storm E. also doesn't look like Breeze E. (Cloud E.'s little sister). Storm E. has a tan complexion, black button eyes, and purple hair compared to Cloud E. and Breeze E.'s pale complexion, blue button eyes, and platinum-pink hair. But Cloud E. and Breeze E. are made from "Whisps of a Cloud", while Storm E. is made from "Whisps of a Rain Cloud". Of course, normal clouds and rain/storm clouds look different, with normal clouds being lighter and storm clouds being darker. As such, the sisters appear different, and Storm E. has darker colors.
    • And as we see with Berry and Sunny (who have different hair colors), not all sisters in Lalaloopsyland share all their physical traits with each other.
  • Crumbs being excited to see the cafeteria in the Lalaloopsy Girls movie could be just part of her love for culinary stuff, but when you think about it she could also be excited to eat it just as much, if not more, considering that these are teenagers and thus growing girls.
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  • Jewel and Tippy are members of the Princess Club, the closest thing Lalaloopsyland has to a royal court. But Jewel’s dresses aren’t as elaborate as Suzette’s and there’s no indication of Tippy being royalty (unless you count the British accent). Because Jewel is a a young girl dreaming to be a princess, and in Tippy’s case there are a number of ballets that have the main role play a princess.
  • Jewel’s designs in Lalaloopsy Girls and the 2017 reboot are noticeably more plain than her original design. As mentioned before, Jewel is supposed to represent the Princess Phase in a child’s life. In both Lalaloopsy Girls and the Netflix series, although she still wears a tiara and follows the model of princesses, she’s not exactly a little girl anymore in both cartoons.
  • There doesn’t seem to be an economic or governmental system in Lalaloopsyland, so what makes the “royal” Lalas stand out outside of design? What they’re made from, which happen to be materials related to royalty. This would be the equivalent to be descending from Blue Blood.
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  • This doesn’t intend to invalidate everything discussed on the Headscratchers page, as they are good points. But there are many times in Lalaloopsy where things simply don’t make sense. But the Nick Jr cartoon’s theme song tells us that the Lalaloopsies love to have fun and play all day. Essentially, their everyday life is playing in a world where logic doesn’t apply! Because let’s be honest, real world logic is never considered when children play together.
  • Lalaloopsies rarely refer to Dyna Might as simply “Dyna”. Well, she’s a Super Hero. “Dyna” is her actual first name, but “Dyna Might” is most likely her superhero title. It’s possible that they refer to her on a Full-Name Basis when she’s on duty, when the cape and the goggles are on.
  • The roommate pairs in LALA Prep, although selected by the school itself, all have something in common.
    • Bea and Dot are both geniuses.
    • Crumbs and Spot both share a passion for creating, baking and painting/sculpting respectively.
    • Jewel and Pix E both share a love for glitter and sparkles, which pretty much secures their Glitter Science performances.
    • Suzette and Tippy are both members of the Princess Club, and as such share a love for royal and glamorous things.
    • April and Blossom both share a love for nature, rainy days and growing plants respectively.
    • Storm E and Cloud E don’t have anything in common... but it’s likely that the school put them as roommates because they knew (or at least assumed) they were sisters.
    • Pillow and Peanut also don’t have anything in common, but they probably were put together for this reason. Peanut is loud, and the school must’ve figured that should help Pillow to wake up on time and get to class.note 
    • Mittens and Dyna also have nothing in common at first glance. But in Lalaloopsy Girls, Mittens is a Mellow Fellow who helps people handle their emotions and personal problems. Dyna obviously rescues people when they’re in danger. So they both come to the aid of others when they need it!
  • A hidden Black Comedy joke: as seen in the Ultimate Collector’s Guide map and implied in the Toys 'R' Us 2-pack, Rosy and Misty Mysterious are neighbors. This seems random... until you actually see Misty’s house, with trees half-cut by saws. Also accounting that a good number of magic tricks involve risking the performer’s life. So it’s fitting that Misty lives adjacent to the hospital, in case something goes wrong!
  • The map also shows that Dyna Might lives in the mountainous forest. Maybe so she can watch over Lalaloopsyland from her house!
  • Star Magic Spells seems to have written numerous books but like everyone else, she appears to be only a child. But in her single episode “Misty’s Magic Hero”, the book Misty and Star were following automatically writes itself complete. It’s likely that every time Star makes a new revelation in magic, it’s automatically inscribed in a blank book. If she does this almost every day, she’d end up with a library full of magic books in no time. This does sound a little too outlandish for Fridge Brilliance, but a reminder: Star is a wizard.
  • In We're Lalaloopsy, Ace Fender Bender becoming Jewel's crush seems out of the blue, as the two rarely interacted in the Nick Jr series and they have nothing in common. But Ace's reboot design takes cues from Greaser Delinquents in the 50s-60s. In popular depictions of the subculture, such as Grease and The Outsiders, we have upper-class girls falling head-over-heels for greaser boys.
    • A less obvious one, but diamonds have two usages: in both jewelry for its lustre and rarity and in hardware for its hardness. Essentially that’s what unites the two characters’ motifs together!
  • Bea is known for being The Smart Guy and a huge rule-follower. But in “Welcome to LALA Prep School”, she’s barely seen obsessing over her studies and the rules. We see her as the head writer for the gossipy (but not filled with Malicious Slander) newspaper The Daily Stitch. Because the film needed an expositor while Suzette was sleeping. And if they were going to have Bea be a complete teacher’s pet, they would have to show the teachers.
    • On the topic of this, why didn’t Bea run for Student Council President? And Jewel running was met with positive reception? Bea most likely didn’t want to handle being running the Student Council and the school newspaper at the same time, this is high school after all and so many responsibilities would overwhelm her. In addition, LALA Prep is more focused on the arts than actual academics. Hence why a fashionista like Jewel or a guitarist like Storm E was able to run.
  • Matey Anchors was originally going to be named “Captain Anchors”. They likely changed it because out of context it sounds like he is the older sibling when he’s really Marina’s younger brother.
  • In the budget Princess line, the roster saw Sugar Fruit Drops' large doll release. Sugar's not royalty, but she often overreacts. She's a drama queen.
  • Blanket Featherbed's sole episode "Sleepless in Lalaloopsy Land" is about her older sister Pillow trying to handle her sleepwalking habits. Intentional or not, this contrasts with Pillow's implied narcolepsy in the first Lalaloopsy movie "The Search for Pillow", which led to her disappearance.
  • Dot wasn't present in the webisode "Pillow Featherbed Up All Night". She's The Sleepless of the main cast. And as close as she is to Pillow, the resident stargazer probably doesn't enjoy sleepovers.

Fridge Horror

  • There are only two farmers in Lalaloopsyland, Sunny Side Up and Berry Jars 'N' Jam. Considering there are a lot of chefs in Lalaloopsyland (Crumbs, Pepper, Pickles, Cherry, Whirly, etc.), they must be the providers of their ingredients. Meaning Sunny and Berry are the most successful Lalas and are the society's primary source of food. Good lord knows what happens if they stopped providing.
    • And it might have happened already, "Festival of Sugary Sweets" is about a sugar shortage and Whirly tries to source sugar by herself.
      • Honestly, that raises a deeper question. As they weren't mentioned at all in the movie, what happened to Sunny and Berry?
    • On the topic of this, this means all the eggs and milk consumed in Lalaloopsyland all come from their pet chick and pet cow. But the chick and the cow appear young... (Unless Sunny and Berry have a barn full of chickens and cows that exist offscreen.)
  • The Netflix reboot reveals that Lalaloopsy dolls can be created without being sewn. How? In a later episode, Jewel mentions that her cat was craving weird foods and acting moody before said cat went missing, and then in the final episode the cat has kittens with Storm E.'s cat and has to go to the hospital to get that done- implying Jewel and Storm E.’s cats mated.
  • Pillow Featherbed is in only one scene at all in the Lalaloopsy Girls movie, and she was sleeping under the covers. Assuming that she was in the bed all day in the film and that L.A.L.A has grading systems similar to actual schools, Pillow is more than likely going to fail, if she doesn't realize that she's tanking and/or doesn't find someone willing to help her.
  • According to “Lalaloopsy Babies: First Steps”, the Lalaloopsies found their pets when they were babies. There are some outlandish pets out there, such as a dragon, a whale, a lion, an alligator, etc. The owners might have been going into biomes babies shouldn’t be in when they found their pets, assuming this story is the same for everybody else.
    • Speaking of which, whoever was running that nursery, assuming that there was at least someone running it, really needs to get better at their job.
  • Stumbles Bumps N Bruises, the Sew Cute Patient Little. The "boo-boo" mark on her forehead is a stitch mark and she comes with a cast accessory. The "boo-boo" is also a water color-change gimmick, so it appears again and again. The commercial and the toy itself suggest she has the most frequent check-ups with Rosy. That doesn’t sound good for a toddler...
  • Berry being the town gossip comes off as an Informed Flaw, since we never see her gossip in her cartoon appearances. Well... nobody gossipy would discuss rumors while around others (especially around the topic of said rumors), so she probably does this offscreen.
  • Dyna Might and Sir Battlescarred seem moderately incompetent. While they do rescue Lalas in when they're in danger, Dyna Might often gets sidetracked and Sir Battlescarred has a lot of phobias. Unless they mature into their duties, let's just hope Lalaloopsyland doesn't get hit with serious life-threatening danger anytime soon.
    • On the topic of that, there is only one firefighter, one nurse, and one sheriff (Ember Flicker Flame, Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises, and Prairie Dusty Trails). "Spot-Itis" has Rosy trying to care for numerous patients when a supposed illness spreads around. Unless some Lalas act as volunteers, Lalaloopsyland seems severely unprepared for a major crisis.note 
  • The PR release states that Pickles BLT makes up acronyms to describe current situations. Examples given are “MSS” (Marina’s Ship is Sinking) and “MMDAWCFH” (Misty Mysterious Disappeared, And We Can’t Find Her). This implies these actually terrifying scenarios have happened multiple times, to the point Pickles has made up acronyms for them when someone asks what had happened.
    • In "It's a Wrap" Holly immediately panics when Misty says she is going to make herself disappear. Holly sought her in the first place for her help, and if she disappears and no one can find her, then her situation would have to wait a while until they finally find Misty.
    • In "Saved by the Gift", Marina's boat being sucked into a current with no oars is the B-plot. Only Rosy out of the aforementioned Emergency Services came to the scene. Marina's case just provides even more support that they really have to improve.
  • The Ultimate Collector’s Guide map shows that Prairie Dusty Trails lives across Feather Tell-A-Tale. Uh...
  • There are a handful of Lalaloopsies based on awful stereotypes, namely Mango, Yuki and Feather. In-Universe, the Lalaloopsies are Living Toys. Did the creator(s) of the Lalaloopsies thought that portraying different cultures as these stereotypes was okay!?
  • Haley Galaxy is an alien, yet she has a pet alien. Is this slavery??????
    • Surely this definitely doesn’t imply that perhaps her pet alien is from another colony or planet, and Haley must’ve kept it as a pet...
      • You know there could also be different species from her planet which are not as civilized as hers, like how dogs are to humans on Earth. It's not that deep.

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