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Ho Yay / Lalaloopsy

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In a franchise with a predominantly female cast Les Yay is inevitable.

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  • A good number of official merchandise portray the girl characters holding hands, also often accompanied with hearts.
  • The 2021 reboot is set to release a “Sew Royal Princess Party” pack featuring Suzette La Sweet and new character Crumpet Hearts, alongside their little sisters. A number of fans thought it was supposed to be a wedding between Suzette and Crumpet upon first glance.

     2017 Series 
  • It’s well-interpreted in the fandom that Spot’s fascination with Storm E. is a crush. Helps matters that Spot was the first friend Storm E. made in Lalaloopsy Land.
    • Spot embraces Storm E. after they sing “Friendship is the Best Dessert” together in “Spot Gets Helpful”, squishing their cheeks together as well.
    • In the finale, Spot and Forest are presented as Storm E.’s closest connections in Town Square. Or maybe Storm E.’s two loves...
  • Jewel and Storm E. as well. Jewel’s beg to Storm E. to stay in Lalaloopsy Land in the final episode can be also seen as an Anguished Declaration of Love.
    • During the song “I Finally Get You” in “Rosy’s Quiet Tea”, Jewel and Storm E. sit atop a heart-shaped sun. Yes, it’s supposed to be for their cats’ courtship also happens during the number, but also...
    • Throughout the previous episode, “Cat and Cat are Lost”, both girls get distracted on how much they would miss the other once Storm E. leaves while searching for their pets.