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Ho Yay / The Breaker

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  • Shi Woon gets this A LOT.
    • Hyuk So Chun seems to be rather... fascinated with Shi Woon after their fight. The second time he sees him, we are treated the image of Hyuk gripping his chest over his heart, and a few stronger heartbeats. I present you this, if there were any doubts.
    "That boy was the first to make my heart race like that time..."
    • There's also Mamungi, who has called Shi Woon cute ever since they met.
    • And Chun Woo I present you with this page Where Chun Woo asks if Shi Woon is his girlfriend.
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    • Shi Woon's "fight" against the S.U.C. in 77 provokes some strange feelings in Yang Yong-Hyun.
  • Elder Kwon and one of the previous Clan Heads of Sun Woo.
  • Jin-le and Sera have a bit of Les Yay going on after the fight with Ji-Gun.

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