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The students who occupy Hope's Peak in Danganronpa: An Adventure of Mutual Killing. Props to LukeSkynoober for initially putting together the list, and StarGirl909 for initial editing.

    Male Students 

Nishiki Shigeki

Ultimate Ventriloquist

A surly and moody puppeteer, Nishiki never conceals his irritation at the antics of the other students at Hope's Peak, preferring his own company to being around others. He nevertheless becomes a de facto leader due to his intelligence and quick-thinking during the trials.

He is the victim of Chapter 5, tricking Monokuma into killing him so that the survivors have a chance to take on the mastermind in a class trial.

Written by MentosGoBoom.

Kyo Hirayama

Ultimate Card Battler

Friends with everyone, but good friends with no one, Kyo is somewhat shy and more than a little neurotic. Under his nervous exterior, Kyo is a born competitor who loves to win almost as much as he hates to lose - despite the fact that he so rarely has a chance to play with anyone.

Still alive as of Chapter 5.

Written by MrsTatasBalletClass.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Kyo is the most normal of the students (comparatively speaking, of course), and is a genuinely nice guy. He also manages to create a fake murder scene out of a suicide, and tricks everyone into thinking that not only was the victim murdered, but that Kyo himself was the killer.
  • Official Couple: Together with Victoria. It starts in Chapter 3, but becomes especially prominent in Chapter 4.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser

Katsuo Honda

Ultimate Hypnotist

The resident villain of the cast, in as much as it can be said there IS a villain. Katsuo is a control freak who loves to have his way. Despite this, he's ultimately crippled by his lack of self-confidence in his own ability. A lack of compassion for the killers makes him both a valuable asset in the trials, and a nightmare to confront.

Still alive as of Chapter 5.

Written by ArcticWolf2110.

  • Heel–Face Turn: After helping Tamaya look after the poisoned students in Chapter 4, he begins to warm up to the others.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Katsuo has a big inferiority complex, often feeling helpless when compared to talents such as Engineer or Pyrotechnician. The first time he's genuinely happy in the entire RP is when he manages to do something helpful with his hypnotism.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While he's still quite nasty in the way he goes about it, he's the only one who finds anything suspicious with Tamaya handing out snacks at the talent show. As a result, he is unaffected by the poison motive.
  • Verbal Tic: Has... he has a tendency to... repeat himself or... or to start over sentences in a different... in a way that's different.

Mitsuru Toyama

Ultimate Architect

A timid and shy quadlingual boy, Mitsuru picked up his talent for architecture in attempting to design a new house for his family, following his original home's destruction in an earthquake. Mitsuru is easily pushed around, but harbours a deep respect for his friends, and will go to great lengths for them.

He is the victim of Chapter 1, accidentally stabbed by Chiharu while wandering the cafeteria at night.

Created by asits9, but never actually written due to the author going MIA.

Toyozo Katsuna

Ultimate Logician

Toyozo's initially friendly exterior conceals a razor-sharp mind and an obsession with logic games. His trust in the other students shatters following the first murder, and he becomes unpredictable in his actions as he keeps trying to gain an upper hand in the killing game.

He is one of the victims of Chapter 3, killed by Kaiko in an attempt to prevent her own murder as displayed in the hacked Danganronpa game.

Written by Retroxide.

  • Sanity Slippage: Toyozo goes from being a polite, well mannered young man to a psychopath over the course of the RP.
    Toyozo: Or, better yet, why don't you drug them before you give them a nice Lye bath? I'm pretty sure we saw a bottle of Soporifics in the Infirmary...

Itsuki Inoue

Ultimate Artist

A boisterous but ultimately well-meaning boy, Itsuki rarely takes things seriously, and often jokes around. The few moments when he's concerned are in stark contrast to his irreverent attitude. In any case, Itsuki follows his instincts, and is quick to try and find ways out when they don't take him where he wants to go,

He is the victim of Chapter 2, stabbed by Rei after his attempt to murder him goes awry.

Written by ChillyPenguins for a grand total of nine posts before becoming MIA, although he was briefly written by MentosGoBoom in Chapter 2.

Nicolas Aikawa

Ultimate Presenter

An erratic American immigrant, Nicolas has a natural talent for presenting information in an easy-to-understand manner. His autism and depressive episodes can make him act in unusual ways, but he nevertheless gives his all to help out his fellow students in any way he can.

He is both the victim and culprit of Chapter 4, committing suicide so as to cure the rest of the students of Monokuma's poison.

Written by Icemeteor.

  • Disability Immunity: Nicolas is practically immune to hypnosis, as Katsuo learned the hard way, as his successful battle with his Autism has given him the willpower to fight off any attempts to control him.

Rei Ueda

Ultimate Paranormal Investigator

A paranormal expert and part-time ghostbuster, Rei is eccentric to say the least. He's ordinarily quite amicable, getting on well with the other students. However, so much as hint that a paranormal entity is nearby, and he'll pursue it with his specialised equipment and incredible determination.

He is the culprit of Chapter 2, stabbing Itsuki in self-defense. Monokuma executes him by having skeletons drag him underwater and drown him.

Created by kouhaistar. Written by Razputin 7 due to kouhaistar going MIA.

    Female Students 

Nao Miyasaki

Ultimate Riddler

A wild, unpredictable girl, Nao is the definition of unstable. Her issues with relationships and attachments (particularly with men) can make her very difficult to talk to. However, she ultimately means well, and gets on with her friends like a house on fire. Her intelligence makes her a great benefit in the trials, even if her occasional vindictiveness can get in the way.

Still alive as of Chapter 5.

Written by StarGirl909.

  • Bad Liar: Nao's idea of lying is to panic and either throw things or make ridiculous excuses. She is slowly getting better at it, though.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: How in the world does she get from point A to point B? Nao's mind works in crazily strange ways, leading her to odd conclusions.
    • When trusted with the knowledge that Chiharu has taken over the laptop, she feels the need to act like a secret agent.
    • She plans to have Tamaya hypnotised into thinking Nishiki is a duck in order to ruin her date with him.
  • Ditzy Genius: Nao’s clashing personality traits of childish and intelligent often make her appear to be stupid, however she is shown to be a smart person; being both witty and a quick-thinker.
  • Friendless Background: It is implied by Nao never speaking of other friends before Tamayo due to her lack of confidence when she was younger (though, it's about the opposite now...)
  • No Indoor Voice: Nao tends to shout at people. A lot. Tamaya and Nishiki's relationship definitely doesn't help things.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Due to Tamayo's hatred of swearing, Nao used to cuss in therapy in spite but it later became just a bad habit.
    "So stop being a little bitch and be our friend!" Nao smiles, sweetly.

Chiharu Akio

Ultimate Makeup Artist

Chiharu is nothing but friendly and cheerful, with an utterly undying optimism. Her makeup skills lend her great attention to detail, and while she can be a little naive, she genuinely tries to find the good in all people. Her upbeat personality may be in strong contrast with her surroundings, but she tries her best to lighten the atmosphere.

She is the culprit of Chapter 1, accidentally stabbing Mitsuru when startled while preparing food. Monokuma executes her by mutilating her face with a saw and drill. Due to a ritual performed by Rei, her spirit possesses Nicolas' laptop, and later the robot Beta. She is executed a second time in Chapter 4 as part of Monokuma's efforts to remove all ghosts from Hope's Peak, and her robotic body is disassembled before being incinerated..

Written by queenofmelons.

Saori "Victoria" Ikeda

Ultimate Southern Belle

A lover of Gone with the Wind, Saori - taking the name Victoria - learned English and did a homestay in Southern America, in an attempt to refine herself to be like the beautiful belles she so admired. While she has a tendency to be somewhat condescending, Victoria is generally upbeat and cheerful, and her utter determination makes her a strong-willed leader.

Still alive as of Chapter 5.

Written by LukeSkynoober.

  • Official Couple: Together with Kyo. It starts in Chapter 3, but becomes especially prominent in Chapter 4.

Reiko Tamaya

Ultimate Pyrotechnician

Brash, confrontational and more than a little temperamental, Tamaya's mastery of explosives is matched only by her short fuse. A tomboy through and through, her blunt speech and occasional cluelessness complement her devotion to her friends, and her genuine friendliness to many of the students. While her contribution to the trials isn't always right, she tries her hardest to defend her allies.

Still alive as of Chapter 5.

Written by Razputin 7.

  • Boisterous Bruiser: In complete contrast with most of the other students.
  • Every Scar Has a Story: The burn mark on her right hand, earned in an accident where she accidentally crippled her younger sister.
  • Last-Name Basis: Even her boyfriend calls her Tamaya, by her own insistence. The only two people who don't are Nao (who thinks Reiko is a prettier name) and Katsuo (who does it deliberately to irritate her).
  • The Nicknamer: Pretty much every student gets a nickname from at some point. Most notably:
    • Chiharu becomes "Chi".
    • Nishiki becomes "Nish".
    • Sentoki becomes "Sen".
  • Official Couple: Together with Nishiki starting in Chapter 3.
  • One of the Boys: In terms of characterisation, at least. She hangs out with the female students just as much, if not more so.

Kaiko Ohno

Ultimate Cult Leader

The saying goes, "still waters run deep", and this is entirely true for the frightening Kaiko. While she seems outwardly calm and collected, the peace cult leader has a definite wicked streak, being very forceful and commanding. Her love of peace and hatred of rulebreakers, coupled with her surprising strength, make her a formidable student.

She is both one of the victims and one of the culprits of Chapter 3, murdering Toyozo in an attempt to stop her own death, as foreseen by the hacked Danganronpa game, only to be caught and killed by Shinobu in retaliation.

Written by MrsTatasBalletClass.

  • Nun Too Holy: Kaiko is a part of a non-violent peace cult. However, she is given the nickname ‘Kooky Cultist’ due to her sensitivity regarding her beliefs, and how far she will go to show them and then make excuses for her actions.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Her attempts to avoid her own death by killing Toyozo herself leads to Shinobu discovering the crime, and knocking her to the ground.

Shinobu Kurosawa

Ultimate Engineer

A stoic girl with a dark history, Shinobu's love of technology and machinery is matched only by her disregard for any sort of ethical boundaries. Rigging booby traps and creating robots with weapons systems, Shinobu is highly intelligent and detached, though she does eventually begin to warm up to the other students. Shinobu likes crises to be dealt with as quickly as possible and therefore results in Shinobu resorting to drastic measure very quickly. Shinobu tends to be blunt in how to speaks to people and doesn't stray from telling off other students if she feels its warranted.

She is the one of the culprits of Chapter 3, knocking Kaiko onto the concrete floor in an attempt to save Toyozo from being killed. Monokuma executes her by firing every weapon she created at her simultaneously.

Written by Dardargo.

  • Emotionless Girl: She grows out of it as the killing game progresses.
  • Gadgeteer Genius
  • The Sleepless: Shinobu works on various projects into the night to the point of getting only around 2 hours of sleep a night. She relies on an energy drink called 'Blu Bison' to keep her awake.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Shinobu is one the youngest students in the school, being 14 years old. However, she has a taser, a robot arm that shoots lasers and a 6 foot robot at her command, making her one of the more powerful students in the school. This has lead her to never be scared or intimidated by any of the students. This was shown when Toyozo thought Shinobu was the mastermind and threatened to punish her by beating her up with a hammer. However, Shinobu stood her ground, ready to arm all her weapons.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Several times.
    • Shinobu attempts to help when Nao began to rage about Tamaya and Nishiki's relationship by sending her robot to suppress Nao. This situation ends with Nao nearly being beaten up half to death by the robot.
    • When Nicolas began acting 'irrational', Shinobu suggests locking Nicolas in his room until he calmed down. However, this incident became Shinobu's turning point as she attempted to deal with situations more rationally from then on due to the backlash on her suggestion.

Sachi Mura

Ultimate Flute Player

An expert flautist, Sachi has a deep complex forcing her to act "proper" at all times. As a result, she is utterly indifferent as to who lives or dies in the killing game, as long as she (or Tamaya) isn't one of them. She flips back and forth between being sugar-sweet and violently angry, with her darker side being quite persuasive - a large advantage during the trials.

Still alive as of Chapter 5.

Written by queenofmelons.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Sachi punishing Katsuo for his 'improper' actions in Chapter 2.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Sachi was physically and verbally abused by her parents in order to make the most proper, most perfect child. Unfortunately, this left it's mark on Sachi, and she became obsessed with being proper. Her misery didn't stop there, as she ended up with an abusive boyfriend. And finally, she got caught up in the adventure of mutual killing. All the mental (and physical) scars left her as the person she is today.
  • Forgotten Phlebotinum: Sachi's calm, dark and 'psycho' personality is only let out once in Chapter 1, and is never seen again.

Sentoki Kemono

Ultimate Deadringer

Sentoki picked up her skill at imitation as she began to physically transition from male to female, able to mimic people from either sex with impeccable attention to detail. Friendly and outgoing, Sentoki is one of the more optimistic of the students, and is very strong-willed besides - though her reliance on her hormonal treatment can become a source of trouble.

Still alive as of Chapter 5.

Written by Retroxide.

  • Dead Person Impersonation: During Chapter 2, she disguises as Chiharu and manages to fool Rei into thinking she was a ghost.
  • Informed Ability: Sentoki justifies her ability to craft metal contraptions as having been learned from a mechanic she was friends with before arriving at the school.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: As the Ultimate Deadringer, she really tries to nail her target's abilities as well as their appearance whenever she impersonates someone. As a result, she has a large reservoir of skills she can draw from when they are needed.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Sentoki could fool Tamaya into thinking she was Nicolas by simply changing her hairstyle and voice. Never mind the fact that she was still wearing her own clothes.
  • The Pollyanna: So much.
  • Transgender
  • The Woobie: She is affected the worse from the sickness Monokuma had Tamaya spread in Chapter 4.


    Other Characters 

This section details characters who either don't belong in the above two folders, or who don't make a physical appearance.


Ultimate Headmaster

The sinister bear himself. With a love of despair and a penchant for locking students in schools, Monokuma serves as the overseer of the killing game, as well as its executioner. He's just as vile as he ever has been, although this time, his controller is one of the students he lords over.

Written primarily by MentosGoBoom, although he is written by Razputin 7 for a brief section of Chapter 3, as well as Chapter 4's trial.


A self-aware artificial intelligence, accidentally created by the students after Nicolas receives an "AI for Dummies" book from the Mono-Mono Machine, and kept alive due to Monokuma blurring whether she counts as a student or not. After fully awakening in Chapter 3, she progresses from emotionless to psychotic to regretful, and becomes an ally in the fight against Monokuma.

Initially written by queenofmelons. Taken over by Razputin 7 when she becomes a fully fledged character.


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