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Characters / Axis Powers Hetalia Other Humans

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Noto Kanazawa/Noto-sama

  • The Multiverse: Considering how Noto-sama met the countries during the Christmas 2007 Aftermath and Noto-sama 5, yet Hoke Tsukomi (representing Osaka) of Barjona Bombers is (apparently) different from Osaka-han, and Noto-sama's victim in the fourth game was Tsuko...
    • The two Kitakou comics (the original series and PURE) were meant to be alternate versions of each other, so both Notos could be seen as separate people. The Noto of the Noto-sama games seems to combine elements from both universes.
  • Tsundere: The evolved Noto-sama we know and love today.

Yamato Nara


  • Fan Nickname: He wasn't given a name at first, so the fandom called him "Bartholomew Workbitch", or just "Workbitch".
  • Naïve Newcomer: Seems to be a newbie to his job, as he didn't know about England and Sealand being brothers.
  • Right-Hand Hottie: To England.
    • Generation Xerox: He's the grandson of Howard, an aidé that England had in World War II. The only difference is that his hair is a little darker when compared to his grandfather's.



Voiced by: Yuki Kaida

The French Soldier And His Wife

Voiced by: Takashi Kondo (the French Soldier), Rina Sato (his wife)


Alternative Title(s): Other Humans


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