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  • Arthas (as a Paladin). Was he a good but flawed person who fell prey to corruption, or was he always a bad person? Was purging Stratholme a Shoot the Dog moment to prevent the spread of the plague, or did he reach the decision too easily? While it's generally agreed that he crosses the Moral Event Horizon over the course of his WC3 campaign, not everyone agrees whether it was by purging Stratholme, having mercenaries burn his ships before using them as scapegoats, leaving Muradin for dead, or killing his father.
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  • Thrall as of Cataclysm. A common fan sentiment is that they "like Thrall, but hate "Go'el"".
  • Lesser example but flying mounts, not being allowed to use them in Pandaria until level 90 or even whether or not they should even exist.
    • Worse in Draenor, as the developers had tentative plans to allow their use at all (in spite of still offering new flying mounts as rewards), and only made it unlockable three raid tiers in after a significant grind post-level cap - the latter of which is a model that they announced plans to recycle in future expansions.
    • The model was far better accepted in Legion, due partly to the fact that Blizzard didn't go back and forth on whether there would even be flying, and partly because the unlock process was spelled out in advance, so players knew what they had to get done in advance to be ready for flying. It also allows the playerbase to get a really good, appreciative look at the new areas, and flight comes along just as they are done paying attention and just want to accomplish whatever it is they're there for.
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  • Sky Admiral Rogers quickly became one in Mists. Either she's a badass Alliance leader who actually values the safety of her own soldiers over the enemy's, while to others, she comes off as a war criminal for killing (apparently) surrendering Horde soldiers (who may very well have been drafted by Garrosh).
  • Sunwalker Dezco: a cool tragic character, or a poorly written character that ruined the dynamic of Sunwalkers, and acts exactly like a human paladin?
  • Rhonin is either an overly powerful Creator's Pet of Richard Knaak who happened to hook up with one of the Windrunner sisters or he's awesome. That said, his Heroic Sacrifice in Tides of War, which saved many lives, did help endear him to some of his former haters.
  • Varian Wrynn and Garrosh Hellscream are the two most prominent cases, one for being an angry post-Literal Split Personality with one half being a slave to Orcs for quite some time, had his home destroyed by the orcs and his father betrayed by one even earlier and rather expectedly, is none too happy about them, and has recently being shilled to a ridiculous degree by Blizzard. The other is a racist warmonger of questionable leadership skills taking over from the level-headed, peace-seeking, Thrall who somehow was a Emo Teen beating himself up barely a few years ago. Each is appointed the leader of their factionsnote  just so (as the developers have confessed) there would be a reason to justify an all-out war between the Horde and Alliance.
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  • Jaina Proudmoore after Mists of Pandaria. Some thinks that her Character Development made sense as she saw everything she worked for peace destroyed in moments, because of the side she trusted as well. Others believe that it's a Character Development gone wrong that it was delivered in breakneck speed and is always shoved to the players' throats, in addition of really going against her characterization in WC3, being the woman who would be okay with her father being dead in order to ensure peace, now she's considered to be an insult to that. The anti-camp is more likely to be glad with the presence of Heroes of the Storm whereas Jaina there hasn't progressed to this base-breaking Jaina.
  • Sylvanas being made Warchief. Some feel that she was the next best candidate, while others think it should have been Saurfang or even Lor'themar, and others are mad that since as Warchief, Vol'jin just warmed the chair Sylvanas would sit on due to being Out of Focus in Warlords. As of Battle for Azeroth, the base is broken between those who think Sylvanas is doing what is necessary and those who think she is becoming Garrosh 2.0.
  • Xe'ra is either a wasted potential well-intentioned extremist ally with a deep past who was killed by the selfish magic addict she was trying to save (some fans have compared Xe'ra forcefully infusing Illidan with the Light to remove his fel magic to intervention and rehabilitation for a drug addict) or a manipulative, controlling Knight Templar who brought her fate on herself. In a case of Watsonian vs. Doylist, some despise her for shilling and whitewashing Illidan, others blame Blizzard for poorly writing regarding her actions and Illidan's story note , and some blame both.
  • Taran Zhu was by far the most controversial and divisive of the new characters added in Mists of Pandaria. While his grievances against the Alliance and the Horde bringing their war to Pandaria are completely valid (especially in regards to the Sha), many players took umbrage with how caustic, condescending and stubborn he was shown to be. Many Alliance players and fans also took issue with his repeated claims that the Alliance was just as responsible as the Horde for Pandaria's current crisis despite the Horde appearing to act far more aggressive and destructive throughout the expansion.
  • Priscilla Ashvane. While some think it's nice to finally see another human villain who wasn't corrupted by someone else (the first since VanCleef) in comparison to the other evil heads of house, others, however, think she's too Obviously Evil with her Gonkish design and she was defeated too easily. However, Tides of Vengeance reveals that she's not quite done...

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