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For a franchise about a children's card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! has a surprising amount of epic tunes in both Japanese and English.

Yu Gi Oh Toei series

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

  • Genki no Shower, the first ending for the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.
  • If Duke Devlin's theme was turned into dialogue, this is what it'd be: "Hello, ladies. As you can see, I'm the absolute shiz, am I right? What's that? You want to challenge me? Bring it."
  • The dub has "Face Up, Face Down" and it's awesome.
  • From the US version of the movie, we have "You're not Me." Also "One Card Short".
  • "No Matter What" practically defines the bond between Yugi and Joey. Especially helps with the flashbacks of their friendship and how far it went to get them to this spot.
  • The highly ominous Japanese Seal of Orichalcos theme. Whenever this started playing up you knew things were going to get bad soon.
  • Thief King Bakura's theme, an ominous, highly catchy piece that suits his character perfectly.
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  • Toon World, which sounds so deviously mischievous that's it's absolutely perfect for the creator of Duel Monsters.
  • Noah Kaiba has a pretty creepy, yet at the same time intriguing theme. Noah Kaiba's Japanese theme is even more beautiful.
  • Dartz' theme and Movement of Doma from the Japanese version are some of the most beautiful tracks and fit the tragedy of Dartz and Atlantis.
  • Marik got several different theme songs in the dub, all of which are excellent and highlight different aspects of his personality.
  • Rising of Shadows, the music used when Yami Bakura defeats Bonz and his gang. It's a mix of awe-inspiring power and the feeling that something horrible is happening.
  • Yami Marik's Japanese theme, The Darkness Wakes. The first 30 seconds are highly ominous and immersive before dropping into a calmer, mysterious
  • Timaeus Awakens is easily one of the most epic and inspiring themes of the series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • The first ending, Genkai Battle by none other than good old Jam Project. Fantastic bit of hot blood right there.
  • The second ending of the Japanese version, Wake Up Your Heart. Bonus points for being sung by Judai's voice actor.
  • The attack! and A miracle both start off sounding ominous. The former turns into badass rock and the latter is an uplifting piece that plays during Judai's comebacks in duels.
  • Sad duel, badass theme of the Supreme King.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • 5Ds introduces a slew of hot blooded music that continues to pump you as you watch.
    • The first track "Speed World" sets the standards by itself but then after that in episode 5, you get hit with Jack Atlas' battle theme which FAR exceeds our expectations. Then Izayoi Aki shows up and we get blown back further.
    • "We Ride to Survive" deserves honorable mention, even though it didn't make it to being a theme song. This and the winner as stated above had a very close call in the contest to pick the theme song, with only one vote difference.
  • There's also the theme song contest that 4Kids held to determine the actual theme for the dub. The winner? "Hyper Drive".
  • Either track from the 5D's OSTs to bear the title "Yusei Battle".
  • The later OP for 5Ds. BELIEVE IN NEXUS, sung by none other than Masaaki Endoh. Be forewarned: keep a clean pair of pants within reaching distance.
    • Here's the full version.
    • And if you thought that was awesome, you ain't seen nothing yet. In Episode 109, something happened that doesn't happen often in Yu-Gi-Oh!: a vocal song played during an episode. This song is ''Clear Mind''. Its awesomeness is matched only by the Moment of Awesome that happens when it first plays.
  • Pretty much all of the opening songs (Including surprisingly the dubbed openings).
    • For BGM, there's Jack, Aki, and Yusei's battle themes, the preview music and Clear Mind (which is performed by the one and only Masaaki Endoh who also did the 4th Opening).
    • Speaking of Masaaki Endoh, "Asu e no Michi ~Going my way!!~", the fifth opening, is on the fast track to being this as well.
    • Jack Battle 2.
  • Lamentation, which plays during some of the most tearjerking scenes. Damn shame it was never released on a Sound Duel.


Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  • Sound Duel 1:
    • "One Step", the first ending, is very cute and catchy. It never goes away.
    • Swing! Pendulum of Souls, used to great effect during Yuya's first Pendulum Summon and many other awesome summoning moments throughout the show.
    • DDD is haunting and powerful - your rival might just be about to do something that blows you away.
    • Reiji's Desire is calm and compelling and reminds you of the mystery shrouding Reiji's motivations.
    • Yuya's optimistic theme is a happy and passionate theme. Can't you just feel Yuya trying to entertain you?
    • Gongenzaka's theme, Steadfast Duel, sounds traditionally Japanese at first. After a while, it goes into a calm yet powerful beat, befitting a style that specializes in holding one's ground against all odds.
  • Sound Duel 2:
  • Sound Duel 3:
    • Duel of Rebellion is emotionally powerful and gives the sense of urgency and strength in the face of adversity.
    • Yuto's Passionate Soul hits you straight in the feels about Yuto's death, mixed with the impression of just how powerful Yugo is.
    • The Evolving Falcon reminds of the losses suffered by The Resistance and the willpower they have to keep going. It sounds something like a bird of prey circling, waiting to go in for the kill.
    • Breathtaking Offense and Defense. Its title implies you're seeing a great combo, but it sounds more like you're seeing a hopeless situation that's becoming increasingly dire. Special mention goes to when it's first played, where Yugo sees Obelisk Force finishing off a group of Red Shirts.
    • A Battle Beyond Imagining. An intense battle theme that gives the feel of a difficult opponent. It makes one want to brace themselves for the onslaught.
  • Sound Duel 4: The fourth OP, "Trump Card" by cinema staff, and the fourth ED, "Speaking" by Mrs. Green Apple, are catchy and upbeat songs that contrasted to the relatively dark plot happening during their run.
  • The dub of the Synchro Arc re-uses some tracks from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, the most prominent being in any duel involving Jack Atlas.

Yu Gi Oh Vrains

  • Sound Duel 2: The One Who Seizes The Storm, an energetic and triumphant theme that perfectly captures the feeling of Yusaku's winning strategy being put into action.


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