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    Etrian Odyssey 1/Etrian Odyssey Untold 
From the original:

From Untold: The Millennium Girl:

  • In general, the whole game made the music from the original game come alive and it shows.
  • Try listening to A Sudden Gust of Wind Before Your Eyes and not feeling tense when you have to fight a F.O.E.
  • Red and Black is back and it's sinister as ever.
  • Speaking of songs being back, words still cannot describe how great Destruction Begets Decay is.
  • Emerald Woodlands is one of those songs that you wouldn't mind having to listen to for the whole first section of the game.
  • Initial Strike, the first battle theme, has that incredible guitar solo.
  • The Roadside Trees Outside The Window is a relaxing town music fitting the city at daytime.
  • The Lounge Where We Speak of Tomorrow is very funky and fitting the city at night.
  • Untold doesn't disappoint when it comes to brand new music either; the final boss of the new Gladsheim dungeon gives us the absolutely rocking The End of the World.
  • Furnace of War, a more unsettling, darker version of "Initial Strike".
  • Towering Pair takes "Rising Again" and makes it even better.
  • Originally a composition cut from the original game, Battlefield's Awakening makes its official debut as the theme for the final battle; it is also known as "The Battlefield that Never Sleeps" and "With Much at Stake" across different translations, and it lives up to all of these titles.

    Etrian Odyssey 2/Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold 
From II: Heroes of Lagaard:

From 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight:


    Etrian Odyssey 3 

    Etrian Odyssey 4 
In general, thanks to the live orchestration, it's a little tempting to link the whole thing. Yuzo Koshiro really blew it out of the park this time.

  • Battlefield - Storm is the normal fight music for the early dungeons. And when that's just the normal fight music...
  • The second battle music, Battlefield - Faith is my Pillar is even better, with a great mixture of moods interwoven with incredible composition that makes the piece tireless to listen to.
  • The Burning Crimson Sword Dances is easily one of the best boss themes in the series.
  • All of the music in the Scarlet Pillars land is great; The Red Stone Forest lets you know you aren't dinking around in kiddie land anymore, Led Astray In The Lost Woods is suitably grim-sounding for places like the poison-filled first cave where you must find the fuel to make the skyship go higher, and The Misty Ravine balances the mystery, wonder and danger of the second dungeon perfectly.
  • On that note, of course, Windy Plains is also fantastic as music for the first overworld area; you've got an AIRSHIP! And you're going on ADVENTURES! And then you get punched by a kangaroo.
  • The fourth dungeon theme, Library of Puppets, is an extraordinary piece that opens with a synth line before introducing a hard rocking guitar melody as the synth fades into the background, then the guitar is replaced by a saxophone before the synth comes back into prominence. It's fitting accompaniment to the raised stakes of the story's penultimate dungeon.
  • The Legend's Successor, the theme for The Heavenbringer.
  • What better way to introduce players to the Difficulty Spike that is the Hall of Darkness than With Eyes Blazing as the normal battle music?
  • The frantic pace of The Fall of The Final Enemy, especially in the opening, perfectly sums up what it feels like to run afoul of a FOE.

     Etrian Odyssey 5 
If you missed the FM synth soundtracks of the DS games, fret not; in addition to the live-instrument soundtrack, there's DLC that allows you to switch it out with FM arranges.

    Etrian Odyssey Nexus 
As the game features returning dungeons and themes, a fair amount of its soundtrack is reused from 3DS versions of the games. That said, several tracks stand out, including tracks from the third game which never had a 3DS remake.

    Etrian Mystery Dungeon 
This game takes several of the best tracks of the previous games, and gives them awesome rearranges. Special mention to The Drowned City, which didn't even have an Untold remake announced.


    Multiple Games 

    Arrange Albums 


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