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Fridge Brilliance

  • A quest in The Fafnir Knight has you explore a cave in the third stratum that a guard claims has treasure in it. whats interesting is that if you decide that the guard is suspicious, one of the dialogue options allows you to accuse the guard of being a fraud. To quell your accusations he produces a guard ID which proves he's legitimate, but after resolving the quest you find out that the guard actually was a fraud and was an outlaw in disguise. but then the question remains, if he wasn't actually a guard then how did he get his hands on a guard ID? earlier in the game you can take a quest that involves you looking around town for an ID card that a guard lost. During that quest you never actually find the guard's ID card, you simply inform the guildmaster and she issues him a new one. Its entirely possible that the lost ID card ended up in the outlaw's possession and is what he used to deceive you!
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  • How does the Megamix Game feature of Nexus eventually get explained? The Lemurian Yggdrasil is created by splicing genes from the Yggdrasils of the first four games. This has a side effect of its surrounding biomes mimicking the previous games' strata. The fifth game's Yggdrasil gets no representation because it's from an entirely different world.

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