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  • Bad Export for You: The English releases for Beyond the Myth and Nexus both suffer from broken QR code generation rendering it difficult, if not impossible, to scan other players' guild cards.note  The North American and European versions of the game are also arbitrarily and completely incompatible with each other's codes as well. Combined these problems make it exceptionally difficult to get a good collection of guild cards, and in the case of Nexus makes unlocking Vampires much harder than originally intended.
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  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: A visual example. The music video by IOSYS was so influential that those who haven't played Etrian Odyssey yet automatically assume F.O.E.s have faces.
  • Content Leak: The existence of the North American and European localizations of Beyond the Myth was prematurely revealed as a result of a few pages being published onto Atlus USA's website by accident. The same leak also revealed localizations of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux and Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • F.O.E. stands for "Field-On Enemy" in the Japanese versions, and for whatever reason, Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens (which is Latin for "the pursuing dread that will attack") in America, and Foedus Obrepit Errabundus ("the vile, wandering one sneaks up") in Europe and the first game's BGM player. Given their ridiculous power, fans have come up with their own interpretations, including "Freakishly Overpowered Encounter" and "Ferocious Orange Enemy."
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    • Ragelopes, the very first F.O.E.s in Etrian Odyssey and players' introduction to the concept, are better known as Rapelopes.
    • Landsknechts tend to get the nickname of "Landshark" due to how hard it is to spell their name. This results in the secondary female Landsknecht of Legends of the Titan being called the Bandana-shark due to her headdress.
    • The blonde female Protector also tends to be nicknamed 'Teacher' (ししょー or Shishou) due to the Explorer's Log comic. The nickname carries to one of the representatives of the last class in Legends of the Titan due to how similar they look like, some even joking that it's the same Protector in disguise.
    • The female Medic with short brown hair is often called Medigirl or Mediko (which is the Japanese equivalent).
    • The Mascot Fortress from Legend of the Titan is sometimes called "Flatress", usually in a complimentary way by people who love their girls petite (and because, hey, her build actually makes sense for an armored tank). The Japanese fandom calls her "For-chan" instead.
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    • The smaller, blonde female Warmage in Heroes of Lagaard and Knight of Fafnir is known as Fang-chan on the /vg/ general threads.
    • The Awesome, but Impractical Nine Smashes skill from The Drowned City sometimes gets called "Two Misses". The Gladiators' low Agility impairing their accuracy doesn't help.
    • Beyond the Myth:
      • The mascot female Fencer has been commonly called Nene due to her resemblence to the anime character. The other female Fencer is known as "Braids", and as a lesser note, several of the other female portraits bear some resemblances to other New Game! girls.
      • Much of the fandom generally accepts the oldest female Rover being addressed as Granny, especially given how there's a voice set that's blatantly angled toward being for her.
      • Blade Dancer Masurao are also known as "4kats" due to their ability to wield 4 katana, whereas Blade Masters are often called "1kats".
      • Thanks to their low INT growth, Therians often get nicknamed "dumb bunnies" by the EO General thread on /vg/.
      • Brounis are sometimes called "potatos" by the same /vg/ dwellers, due to their similarities to Lalafells from Final Fantasy XIV and Harvins from Granblue Fantasy.
    • The Forest Folk and Arken are both called Salads by /vg/ dwellers.
    • The female Highlander is sometimes affectionately called "Shiitake" after her mushroom-shaped hair decorations.
    • All the adventurers in general are sometimes collectively referred to as "Etriams" by some of the /vg/ general thread regulars.
  • Missing Episode: The obscure Etrian Odyssey Mobile game released for i-αppli mobile phones. The only proof of it's existence is some of it's soundtrack uploaded in Youtube and Nicovideo, and a walkthrough with screenshots.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Dub for You: Nexus was released overseas with the original Japanese language, breaking a trend as the two Untold games and V before it were dubbed.
  • No Export for You: Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 was skipped over for non-Japanese markets. Same for the two mobile games.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Unused themes for the first game were later released in an album "Sekaiju no MeiQ PROTO-TYPE". A few of these themes would eventually be reused in the 3DS releases.
    • Artbooks for The Drowned City show that there was a job class that never made it past the concept art stage, a Doll-themed Summoner.
    • The Frost King and Thunder Queen in The Fafnir Knight are scrapped Ginnungagap bosses — they now appear as DLC bosses instead.
    • Princess Gradriel was intended to be a Guest-Star Party Member for The Fafnir Knight using the Imperial class, which would have also made an appearance.
    • The Untold artbooks have some unused sketches of Ricky in the jacket and hat of the Mascot Gunner from Heroes of Lagaard, and Chloe was originally planned to be another one of the Midgard library explorers.
    • The Legends of the Titan artbooks show that there was concept artwork for Ricky that might have placed her in Tharsis. They also carry a concept sketch for the Blade Dancer Masurao, with one katana in each hand, a third strapped to her wrist in the same fashion as in the final portraits, and a fourth gripped between her teeth. Furthermore, there was a sixth race in the concept art that was never used.
  • The Wiki Rule: Etrian Odyssey Wiki and Etrian Odyssey Wiki.


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