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  • Pinkie Pie pulling a You Shall Not Pass! against the hornets to save the group.
  • What Twilight sees in her Soulgaze with Harry: a lonely warrior, bloodied but unbowed and treading the line between light and dark, marching alone to defend his city from the monsters who would destroy it. Bonus CMOF when the warrior faces the monsters: he laughs mockingly at them, flips them the bird, and charges headlong at them before they can do anything. Yeah, that's Harry in a nutshell. While obviously non-canonic, it describes what Harry does very well.
  • They each have their moments. Notable ones include, but are not restricted to:
    • Applejack and Rainbow Dash destroying the foci of the wall-closing trap, despite the snake-like guardians constricting them and delivering electrically-charged bites to both of them.
    • In addition to the one mentioned above, Pinkie using Offscreen Teleportation, Hyperspace Arsenal, and her Pinkie sense in the battle against Trixie.
      • Keep in mind that she does this while suffering massive internal injuries, thanks to the hornet venom.
    • Rarity instantly noticing a concealed trap door in a room, because of the way the decor doesn't match that of the other rooms. Her skill in illusions also gives Trixie a lot of trouble.
    • Fluttershy can stare down an animated stone statue.
    • Last, but not least, Twilight Sparkle disarming a razor-wire trap with one cut. Oh and the highly effective magic use.
  • Harry using the power of the Elements of Harmony to supercharge his fire spell to kill the Nightmare. This was after actually noticing that he was possessed to begin with, and mentally caging the Nightmare first. Something that Luna, a GODDESS (or at least equivalent to a Fae Ladynote ), admits to being a little envious about.
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  • In Chapter 6 of False Masks, Harry vaporizes a runaway cart that's about to crush him and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, leaving nothing but a crater. Even he's a little surprised by how powerful his spell was.
  • Harry and Rainbow Dash fighting a Hydra in False Masks 7 and defeating it with the power of poisoned candy.
  • Pinkie Pie cheerfully tricking the palace guards sent to guard Harry, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike and the triumphant return of sleeping candy at the end of False Masks 12.
  • Also from that chapter, Bon Bon manages to tank Harry's Soulgaze and then deciding to help him find Twilight. Considering that Twilight herself FAINTED from what she saw in the Gaze, this is quite an impressive moment for such an ordinary looking pony.
    • What I love even more is her reaction to it.
    Bon Bon: You’re a man of iron and blood, stone and fire. Touched by darkness, but not overcome by it. Beaten and damaged, but unbowed. Unrelenting in word and deed, in thought and creed. You would lay siege to Tartarus itself if that’s where Twilight had been taken. And all because she’s your friend. Because you would do anything to keep her safe. Because you care.
  • Rainbow Dash taking the Flechette Storm for Pinkie Pie.
  • Harry's "World of Cardboard" Speech to Trixie.
  • Even if it's only temporary and Celestia is injured in the process, in chapter 18 of False Masks, the Princesses vs He Who Walks Behind. Luna drives ice and shadow spikes into its body and Celestia insta-banishes the Demon by driving her hoof through its skull. Don't mess with the Princesses of Day and Night.
    • A small one for the Order Triune: they summoned HE WHO WALKS BEHIND. HOLY SHIT.
    • He Who Walks Behind gets a few as well. His bite lays Celestia low for a while, and when the two of them have a rematch, with Harry assisting, He Who Walks Behind is winning until he's hit with the Harmony Beam. Which he proceeds to resist for several seconds, something no villain has ever done before.
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  • Credit where credit is due: if not for the Princesses throwing spanners left and right, Novel Notion's plan would have worked.
  • Luna's Big Damn Heroes moment in chapter 22 of False Masks. She saves Big Macintosh, chokes his captor with a shadow and then teleports behind Vigilant Watch's captors to free her. With the Dark Order now successfully distracted trying to re-capture Watch, she captures a few with telekinesis. She then magically nooses Novel Notion and threatens to Mind Rape him in horrific ways if he doesn't tell her how to banish the Gigapede Demon. Novel Notion relents. ALL HAIL THE PRINCESS OF NIGHT!
  • Chapter 24 has one awesome battle that sadly takes place offscreen. On one side: Michael, Sanya, Morgan, and the Gatekeeper. On the other side: the real Obsidian the Undying and his lesser demons. How could it not be awesome?

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